Operation Thunder Dome - Recap

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With the shocking elimination of Brandon last week, it is down to Gota: Michael, Eddie, Julia, Matt, Sherri and Reynold, and Bikal: Malcolm, Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Phillip, Erik, Andrea and Corinne to make it to the end. The Bikal tribe gets back to camp and Phillip says that Brandon is a traitor and says that he was really mean. Corrine says that he deserved to leave and Phillip says that he never had an argument and says that it was all in his head. Corrine feels that Dawn could have defended her and Phillip on this. Phillip tells the tribe that they are going to have to make sure that they keep their head in the game. However, he has plans to vote out Corrine next.

Day 14

It is a new day and on the Gota tribe, Reynold reads tree mail and says that he and Eddie are on the chopping block. The tribes make their way to the Reward Challenge and Jeff asks Michael how it helps them come together. Michael says that it was positive. Matt says that the Favorites are not what they seemed and feels bad for Phillip because that reaction from Brandon was uncalled for. However, they are switching Tribes. The new tribes consist of Gota: Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Sherrie, Malcolm, Eric and Brenda and Bikal: Phillip, Corrine, Julia, Matt, Michael, Cochran and Dawn. The game has now started over.

At the newly formed Gota tribe, the new members are welcomed and Reynold says that they are the Gods of Challenges now. Eddie says that his chances of going further have increased. Reynold tells Malcolm and Eric that Sherrie is bad in the camp. Eric sees this as a red flag. Sherrie talks to Andrea and Brenda that Reynold is like a used cars salesman and Andrea is still thinking of Fans vs. Favorites. The newly formed Bikal tribe gets to camp and Phillip talks to Julia on how he could play the Double Agent. Julia is hearing him, but is also taking it all in so that she can use it later. Back on the Gota Tribe, Andrea and Malcolm talk and she tells him that there is division amongst the tribe.

Back on the Bikal tribe, Michael and Julia talk about what they are going to do and Phillip and Corrine talk about how Julia could align with them. Corrine says that they don’t need anyone to flip. Corrine goes to Dawn and says that Phillip is talking to Julia to flip. Dawn says that they don’t need that because they have the numbers. They don’t know what is going on with Phillip and wonder if they are going to have to vote out Phillip because of the things he wants to do.

Day 16

Immunity Challenge time and the tribes make their way to their spots. They are told that they are going to have to roll 6 crates and make stairs that say Fans vs. Favorites. The winner will not go to Tribal. The challenge begins and Eddie & Erik move the crates easily. Phillip & Julia are slow. Malcolm & Andrea move the crates easily while Dawn & Michael are slow too. The challenge continues and Gota tribe is ahead by 1 crate. Gota starts putting the crates up. Bikal is exhausted and Gota is moving while Bikal argue. In the end, Gota wins the challenge before Bikal even gets one piece on.

The Bikal tribe gets back to camp and Phillip says that they did their best and says that some days, the better team won and Corrine says that she doesn’t care about him and says that he is not the leader. Phillip continues and Corrine says that she knows that Phillip won’t flip. Matt talks to Phillip and he says that Julia is going to go. Michael comes over and Phillip says that he has Stealth R Us. Matt holds his laughter and says that he will just hold his tongue to get further. Matt and Michael talk when Julia comes up. She says that Dawn should go. They agree, but in reality, they are voting for Julia.

Corrine talks to Michael and Matt and they say that they are voting with them. Cochran says that Michael and Matt are like a power couple. The Favorites get together and discuss who has the idol and if they do. Cochran says that Matt doesn’t have the idol and Phillip says that Julia needs to go. Corrine says that she likes Matt and says that Julia hasn’t attributed anything to camp.

Tribal Council Time and Matt says that he likes the new group. Julia says that it is normal to think that the Fans are in trouble and Michael says that there is no question that a Fan is going home. Corrine says that she was thrilled for the move and says that they are great people. Phillip says that the number one thing is if they are loyal. Corrine says that she is paranoid about the idol and it is possible that one of the Fans has it. Matt says that he knows that he doesn’t have it and says that he would have told Corrine if they had it. They vote and no one has a hidden idol. The votes are read and it is Julia with 2 votes, Dawn with 1 vote and Matt with 3 votes. The 7th person voted out is Matt.