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Tubby Lunchbox - Recap

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With Matt voted out last week, it is down to Gota: Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Sherrie, Malcolm, Eric and Brenda and Bikal: Phillip, Corrine, Julia, Michael, Cochran and Dawn. On Night 16 at the Bikal tribe, Corrine apologizes to Michael and Julia about getting rid of Matt. Michael wants to build trust with the Favorites in the tribe and Corrine says that she is going to fight to keep Michael around. Phillip talks to Cochran and says that he doesn’t want to keep Corrine and says that he doesn’t trust her. Cochran says that it may be good to keep her so that the Favorites have the numbers, but Phillip doesn’t agree with that.

Day 17

On the Bikal tribe, they read the tree mail and hear that the challenge is going to require strength. Phillip says that he has this because he is strong. Phillip and Cochran arm wrestle and Phillip shows that he may be old, but he can still win. The tribes make it to the Reward Challenge and they are told that they are going to be tied together and race to catch the other tribe. They have weights on them. The winning tribe will have a sweet feast. They move around the ring and Bikal is slow and steady. Gota works at it and manages to get a lead. Phillip struggles and says that he can’t run. The other Bikal tribe members lag behind because of this and Gota eventually catches up and wins the challenge.

Gota tribe gets to their reward of sweet cakes and brownies. They are enjoying themselves getting high off sugar and Malcolm looks at the tribe. He knows that he is going to have to make sure that he knows what is going on around the camp. On the Bikal tribe, Phillip tries to justify that they lost because the Gota tribe had the upper-hand. However, everyone knows that they lost because Phillip was cocky about him being strong and it cost them the challenge. Corrine talks to Cochran and says that they need to get Phillip out of there before the merge. Cochran still wants to concentrate on getting the Fans out of the tribe first. Phillip talks to Julia and tells him that he is going to take her far in the game, but Julia doesn’t trust her. The Gota tribe get back to camp and Reynold talks to Malcolm about how they are going to have to stick together because once they merge, they are going to be the targets. Reynold tells Malcolm that he has the idol.

Day 19

Dawn talks to Julia and she says that she needs to know what Phillip is saying and Julia says that she feels a little bullied. Dawn sees that Julia is not willing to keep Phillip around if they aren’t. Dawn goes to Phillip and tells him what Julia said Phillip says that Julia needs to go.

Immunity Challenge Time and the tribes make their way to Jeff. They are told that they are going to have to retrieve a statue and collect keys. First tribe to unlock the locks and raise their statue wins. The challenge begins and Gota gets the lead. However, Bikal catch up. Reynold and Phillip are tossing fro keys. Gota gets 3 keys rather quickly. Phillip gets the keys too, but it is not enough because Reynold manages to get the keys and they unlock the lock. Gota wins the challenge.

Bikal gets back to camp and Phillip says that he didn’t want to win the challenge and that is why they lost. He says that he is like the male lion and he is killing all the cubs. Cochran doesn’t buy it and laughs. Corrine suggests that they all vote for Julia, but Phillip says that they are splitting the votes. Corrine doesn’t agree and Phillip says that he doesn’t trust Corrine. He says that is what Boston Rob would have done and says that he knows what he is doing. He talks to Cochran and Dawn about Corrine being too close to Julia and Michael when Corrine comes up and says that Michael can be a good asset. There is a lot of tension between them.

Tribal Council Time and Jeff asks Michael if it is hard to keep moral up. Michael says that there is tension. Julia says that the Favorites have the numbers and can see how they play. Corrine says that they need to look past the merge. Dawn says that they all have the same goal in the end. Michael says that he has proven that he is part of the team and wants to get to the vote. Julia says that she got comfortable and that might hurt her now. The votes are read and it is 3 votes for Michael and 3 votes for Julia. It is a tie. They revote and it is 2 votes for Julia. The 8th person voted out is Julia.