Blindside Time (The two tribes merge) - Recap

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With Julia sent home last week, it is down to Gota: Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Sherri, Malcolm, Eric and Brenda and Bikal: Phillip, Corrine, Michael, Cochran and Dawn to win it all. On Night 19, the Bikal tribe returns to camp and Michael is happy that the tribe decided to keep him. Corrine is really happy. Phillip talks to Dawn and Corrine and tells them that he threw the challenge. Dawn and Corrine talk and they clearly don’t believe that he threw the challenge and that he just can’t admit that he messed up.

Day 20

On Bikal, Corrine says that Michael is great on their team and Dawn takes some time by herself. She says that she has to be the type of player that will not allow for things not to be said behind people’s backs. She is determined to fight for the money. On the Gota tribe, a boat comes with a note. They are told that they are going to their new home. The boat makes its way to the Bikal tribe and they are now merged. They celebrate with opening a trunk full of food and enjoy a feast. They decide on the name Enil Edam, which means New Beginnings, but is also “Madeline”, Malcolm’s mom’s name backwards.

Phillip goes up to Andrea and says that the Favorites have to go all the way and he, her, Cochran and Dawn are good to go with her. Andrea feels secure, but it is a lot scarier now. Corrine talks to Malcolm and they agree that they need to take Phillip out after they take Sherri out. Corrine is happy that she is going to be involved in a blindside and says that it is “Blindside Time”.

Day 22

On the Enil Edam tribe, Cochran gets the tree mail and gets a clue to the challenge coming up and they suspect that they are going to have to eat bugs. Eddie thinks that it is going to affect the way he is going to get women after this because he will be the one who ate the bizarre thing. Reynold is not at all excited about this one because he is not happy that he will have to eat anything that is going to be bizarre. Cochran thinks that this will help his social life because it makes him more dangerous. The tribe makes their way down to Jeff for the Immunity Challenge.

They are going to have to eat a local delicacy. The winner of the eating contest will get the individual immunity. Andrea, Sherri, Corrine, Eric, Eddie and Malcolm are up first. The first 3 to finish will move on. They have to eat Beatle Larva. Andrea, Malcolm and Eddie make it through. The next round begins and it is between Reynold, Brenda, Phillip, Michael, Cochran and Dawn. They have to eat Beatle Larva too. Cochran, Phillip and Michael move on. The next round begins and only 3 will move on. They have to eat Ship Worms. Malcolm, Eddie and Cochran win the spots. The next round kicks off and only 2 spots for the final round. They have to eat Duck Embryos. Cochran and Malcolm win. The final meal is Pig Brains. The winner of the challenge is Cochran! His first Individual Immunity!

The tribe gets back to camp and everyone congratulates Cochran on a job well done. He says that he took a little bit longer because he feels that it won’t happen again. Malcolm talks to Eddie and says that he is going to have to make sure that this is going to happen. Phillip talks to Corrine and tells her that they are going to split the vote and vote for Eddie and Reynold. However, Corrine says that they should all vote for Sherri. Phillip says that he wants to take a Big Fish out of the game and doesn’t want to listen to Corrine. She talks to Cochran and Andrea and say that Sherri should go. Cochran says that would lock in the numbers to the Favorites.

Corrine talks to Malcolm that they can go along with their plan. Reynold says that he is amazed that the Favorites are not together fully. Corrine says that she will protect them. Dawn and Corrine talk and Corrine says that after this vote, she wants Phillip gone if he keeps talking the way he is. Dawn takes this as Corrine wants to take out the rest of the Favorites and keep her own alliance. She tells Cochran this and he is uneasy. They start contemplating voting out Corrine. Cochran talks to Andrea and tells her about what Corrine is going to do. She tells Phillip this and he agrees to vote out Corrine. Eric realizes that he is the swing vote tonight and that he has to vote for Corrine or Sherri to go home.

Tribal Council time and the tribe come up. Corrine says that she is open to see who is going with her. Dawn says that it makes sense that we have to open in this situation. Reynold says that he knows that he has to make some moves and is not counting the fans out yet. Eric says that there is always going to be someone on the bottom. Corrine says that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. Sherri says that the fans don’t have a shot. They vote. The votes are tallied and it is Sherri with 5 votes and Corrine with 6 votes. The 9th person voted off Survivor is, Corrine.