Cut Off the Head of the Snake - Recap

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With Corrine voted out last week, Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Sherri, Malcolm, Eric, Brenda, Phillip, Michael, Cochran and Dawn remain in the competition.

Day 23

The tribe gets up and Reynold says that this is great that a Favorite went home and not one of the fans. Reynold and Eddie talk and Reynold says that every girl that accociates herself with them gets sent home and wonder who their next victim is going to be. Reynold talks to Andrea and they giggle together. Malcolm says that he has an Idol that no one knows about. He says that the team thought that they took out the leader by voting out Corrine, but it wasn’t. Phillip says that Sherri is hot and inducts her into Stealth R’Us and gives her the nickname “Tenacity”. Sherri smiles at the new game that she is going to play with the crazy Favorites. She says that she has no problem controlling the game.

They get to the reward challenge. They are going to have to throw coconuts into nets and get past one another. They are going to play for a day of repelling and lunch. The teams are selected. The Purple Team: Cochran, Eddie, Reynold and Eric and the Orange Team: Phillip, Andrea, Dawn and Brenda are going to throw. Malcolm will be guarding for the Orange Team and Michael will be guarding for the Purple Team. Sherri was not picked. Brenda scores the first point for Orange. Eric scores one for the other team. Andrea makes another point for Orange. Dawn barely misses one. Cochran ties it up for the Purple. Phillip scores the 3rd point for Orange Team. Eddie ties it up. Brenda misses it for the orange team. Eric wins it for the Purple Team.

Cochran, Eddie, Reynold, Eric and Michael get to their reward and enjoy a nice picnic lunch. Cochran likes that he has this time to relax. Reynold puts it into everyone’s head that they should group up and have the final 5 be guys. Cochran hides the fact that he doesn’t want to have an All Guy Final and that he is actually loyal to his original alliance. The remaining members of the tribe get back to camp and Malcolm takes Andrea and Sherri to the side says that they have the numbers if they are going to be able to change the game up. He meets with Dawn, but secretly agrees with the intention to tell Malcolm’s plan to the original alliance. They agree that they are going to take Malcolm out and tell him that they are splitting the votes.

Day 25

Andrea and Eddie go to the Lagoon together and are really enjoying their time alone. However, Andrea is only playing Eddie so that she can try to get answers. The Immunity Challenge arrives and they will take positions under a grated steel barrier where they have to try to breathe. The challenge begins and after 1 hour, Phillip drops out. Sherri and Eric are out of the challenge. Dawn is out. Malcolm is out and Michael is out. Eddie, Reynold and Cochran are out. It is down to Brenda and Andrea. After fighting to breath with no room, the winner of the challenge is Brenda.

The tribe gets back to camp and congratulate Brenda. Malcolm gets with Dawn and Andrea and they say that they are all game for splitting the votes between Eddie and Reynold. Andrea is loving the new Dawn because she is the best liar. Dawn realizes that Malcolm isn’t dialed in because he thinks that he can trust her. Malcolm talks to Reynold and says that they are voting for Andrea. Reynold shows his Idol to Dawn and tells him not to screw him. Dawn says that it is shame on him. Reynold says that they are solid with their plan, but Eddie talks to Andrea. He asks if they are splitting for him and Reynold. Andrea tells him to trust her and Eddie lets it slip that her name has been talked about. She gets emotional and changes everyone’s mind to vote out Michael. Dawn tells Andrea that everything she has done to get Malcolm out would go down the drain.

Tribal Council Time and Michael says that some of the Favorites are turning against each other and that works in his favor. Phillip says that they incorporated Sherri into Stealth R’Us and says that she has a unique quality in the game. Eddie says that he is playing his own game and not be a puppet. Phillip says that whoever has an Idol, they will be voted for. Michael says that he wants to play the game. Phillip says that if they stick together, they get to the end. Andrea says that they can change the game. Phillip says that he believes that the person who is going to make a move is going to error. Before the votes are read, Malcolm asks for Reynold’s Idol because all their votes are for him. He gives it to him. The votes are read and it is Andrea with 3 votes, 1 vote for Reynold and Michael with 5 votes. The 10th person voted out is Michael.