Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Recap

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With Michael voted out of the competition, it is down to Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Sherri, Malcolm, Eric, Brenda, Phillip, Cochran and Dawn remain on the island. On Night 25, the Enil Edam tribe gets to camp and Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie talk about how they are going to have to hunt for that idol again. Phillip and the rest of Stealth R Us talk about how Dawn’s double agent days are over. They all agree that they don’t have the idol anymore and that Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie are good as gone.

Day 26

Phillip and Cochran talk about how Dawn has betrayed a lot of people and that she would be easy to take to the end and beat. Suddenly, Dawn screams for someone to come to her quickly. Brenda runs to her and Dawn is hysterical and crying all over herself. She tells Brenda that she lost her retainer in the water while drinking some from the container and that she will pull herself from the game if she doesn’t find it. Brenda dives in the water and searches for it. She eventually finds it and gives it to her. Dawn realizes that people are still friendly in a cutthroat game like she is playing now.

The tribe members make their way to the Reward Challenge. They are going to be divided into two teams of 5 and they are going to have to search for balls to throw into a cage. The winning team will go to a resort and have a feast. The Purple Team: Reynold, Eric, Dawn, Cochran and Phillip and The Orange Team: Eddie, Malcolm, Sherri, Andrea and Brenda get ready to start. The game begins and the Purple Team gets the lead. Malcolm tries to find all the bags for his team, but he struggles. The Purple Team gets a huge lead on them and eventually makes it with all their team to the ball toss. The orange team continues to struggle as the Purple Team wins it before the Orange Team has their teammates to the platform for the ball toss.

Dawn, Cochran, Phillip, Eric and Reynold walk into their resort and they have a huge feast. They take a shower and Dawn says that she feels kind of schizophrenic as she plays the game and that she can’t really control it. Phillip decides to dive right into the pool without showering off first and Eric has his eye on him to get him out of there. Later that night, Dawn isn’t sleeping and she is nervous that she is going to be blindsided. She doesn’t like how things are going in the game.

Day 28

Dawn says that she slept and sits next to Eric. She says that she is rebooted and says that she feels good about their alliance. Cochran sees this and the Stealth R Us talk about who they are going to be voting for. They all agree that Reynold is the best bet to go with because he is the biggest threat. They worry that Malcolm might have an idol, but are not too sure that she is going to play it or not.

Immunity Challenge time and they are going to have to race in the ocean and grab a ring. First two people who get through this go to the final round. First round is Reynold, Cochran, Dawn, Andrea and Sherri. The two people who make it to the next round are Reynold and Andrea. Phillip sits out of the challenge. Brenda, Malcolm, Eddie and Eric go through. The two through to the final round are Malcolm and Brenda. The final round with Reynold. Andrea, Malcolm and Brenda begins and the winner of the challenge is Reynold.

The tribe gets back to camp and they begin to scramble to see who they are going to vote out now. Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie all decide to go look for the idol. Phillip tries to explain to the other tribe members why he declined to participate in the challenge and Dawn and Andrea are more focused to finding the idol. Malcolm looks for it and eventually finds the idol. Dawn and Andrea take the news back to everyone in their alliance that Malcolm found the idol. They feel that the vote is going to be for Malcolm and Eddie regardless.

Tribal Council time and the tribe members gather. Reynold says that he needed to win or else he would have gone home. Phillip tells Jeff that he was little when he got trapped under a deck in a pond and that is why he is fearful of going under water. Malcolm shocks everyone by pulling out another idol and gives it to Eddie. He tells the tribe that all three of them are safe now. The tribe tries to tell each other to vote out Andrea, but Malcolm says that they are voting for Phillip. However, Phillip says that his team will vote the way they were supposed to in the beginning. The votes are tallied and both Malcolm and Eddie play the idols. The votes are read. It is Malcolm with 2 votes (don’t count), Eddie with 4 votes (don’t count) and Phillip with 2 votes. The person voted out is Phillip. The episode ends.