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Come Over to the Dark Side - Recap

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With Phillip eliminated, it is down to Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Sherri, Malcolm, Eric, Brenda, Cochran and Dawn. The Enil Edam tribe gets back to camp and Dawn tells everyone on Malcolm’s alliance that it was a smart move. Erik doesn’t know when to vote for the boys or with the favorites anymore and that he is going to simply have to be on the lookout.

Day 29

The next day, everyone feels tired. Cochran is still shocked at what happened at Tribal Council. Brenda breaks down and Dawn offers to get her some water. She is really scared of what the guys are capable of now that they got rid of Phillip and that she is no longer in control of the game. Everyone is hungry and they are not doing to well. Cochran and Dawn come up with money from the tree mail. Everyone knows that the Suvivor Auction is coming and that it could mean a lot. Malcolm says that he is going to hold on to his money so that he can buy an advantage in the game.

The tribe comes to the Survivor Auction. Malcolm spends $20 for beer and nuts. Next is a covered item. Reynold wins it for $180. He gets a choice to choose from 2 other covered ones. Reynold wins one slice of pizza and lost a rotten coconut and a whole pizza. Sherri bids $500 for the whole pizza. Dawn wins a whole chicken for $500. Malcolm wins information in the game for $480. Malcolm reads about a hidden immunity idol. Andrea wins Spaghetti and Meatballs and wine, but she gives it up for Rice & Beans for the tribe. Cochran wins an advantage in the Immunity Challenge for $280. Brenda wins pig brains for $300 and she takes it anyways. Jeff sales letters from loved ones and Malcolm, Dawn and Sherri have no money to buy one. Eddie wins a big bowl of Peanut Butter to be shared. Sherri allows Cochran to lick Peanut Butter from her fingers and he says that it happens a lot more often then Jeff would think.

The tribe gets back to the camp and after scraping what peanut butter they have on their hands and face into a bowl for the tribe, the contestants who got their letters sit and cry. They love the fact that their family is supportive. Cochran for the first time cries. Malcolm talks to Sherri and Reynold and says that they could get the numbers and do what they want. Sherri is still a little unsure what is going to happen. Eric decides that he should maybe play both sides. That night, Malcolm goes on the hunt for the hidden immunity idol. He digs around and tries to find it. He continues to dig until the next day.

Day 30

Andrea sits down next to Malcolm who is in the midst of trying to find the Idol. This forces him to sit with her. He tells her that he is not going to look for the Idol now that she is there. Immunity Challenge time and they are going to have hold onto a rope. Cochran’s advantage is to have a 2 knot boost whenever he wants. Last person holding the rope is going to win. The challenge begins and after 25 minutes, they all get to the last knot. Brenda is out first. Eric is next to go. Sherri is out. Malcolm is out of the challenge. Andrea is out of it. Dawn is out of the challenge. It is down to Cochran, Reynold and Eddie. Reynold is out. The winner of the challenge is Cochran thanks to the advantage.

They get back to the camp and Cochran starts to think that he is the conqueror of Challenges and that the big guys are not. Malcolm can’t look for the Idol so he tells Reynold and Eddie that they are going to have to pretend that they are going to have the Idol and that they will make it out of this. Eric goes over to the Favorites alliance and tells them that he is with them. Sherri listens and says that she is in the lead of this game and that everyone is not in the loop that she is really in the game and is controlling it as well. Andrea believes that her name is on the list of going home.

Tribal Council Time and Reynold says that it is no longer a 3 to 6 game and that it is pretty good for him now. Sherri says that it would be smart to go with Malcolm’s alliance because she doesn’t feel that she is ranked high in the other. Andrea says that the clue was to the immunity idol and she is 80% sure that Malcolm has the Idol. The votes are read and no Idols are played. They are: Reynold with 3 votes Malcolm with 3 votes and Andrea with 3 votes. They re-vote and the votes are Malcolm with 3 votes. Malcolm is voted out of Survivor.