The Beginning of the End - Recap

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With Malcolm voted out last week, it is down to Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Sherri, Eric, Brenda, Cochran and Dawn to take the position of Soul Survivor. On Night 30, the tribe members get back to camp and Reynold says that he has been winning a lot. Eddie says that anything can happen. Andrea talks to Cochran and he says that he wants to take control of the game and says that he is not the Harvard Nerd like last time.

Day 31

The contestants get tree mail and they are going to have to go to immunity challenge right away and fight to not get voted off. They get to their first immunity challenge. They are going to have to balance on a platform and will have to eventually move to the top and hold it. They are playing for a reward as well for information. The challenge begins. Jeff taunts them with doughnuts and milk and Eric and Eddie jump for them. After 15 minutes, they go to the second perch. Jeff taunts them for Hot Dogs and a Soft Drink and Cochran gives up. After 30 minutes, they move up to the top of the platform. Dawn falls out, Sherri falls out. It is down to Andrea, Brenda and Reynold. After several recoveries, Reynold falls off. Andrea and Brenda are perched for 3 hours. They make a new rule where they lift their leg. Brenda falls and Andrea wins the immunity and reward.

The tribe gets back to camp and they are all happy besides Reynold. Brenda and Andrea go read the clue and it is a clue to the idol. They search for it and Eric finds it. He gives it to Andrea. Later, Andrea, Sherri and Cochran talk about the possibility of sending Brenda home. Cochran says that this game is all about timing. Dawn talks to Andrea and says that Brenda is the biggest threat to them. Dawn says that the biggest obstacle is her mind and what she is going to do with the information that she has.

Tribal Council time and Eddie says that he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to be on that platform for a while and gave up. Jeff asks why Brenda and Andrea stayed up there. Brenda says that she is happy that she got beat rather than quitting. Reynold says that he could be a great instrument. Cochran says that it is about making the move right before. Dawn says that the longer she plays, the harder it is to trust people. Andrea says that they could question each other and Eddie says that is a good thing. They vote and the votes are 1 vote for Erik, 1 vote Sherri, 3 votes Reynold, 2 vote Eddie. The 13th person voted out is Reynold. Later that night, the tribe gets back to camp and Andrea is happy that they are at the Final 7. Andrea talks to Cochran and says that the blindside is going to be between Brenda and Dawn. Cochran doesn’t like it and tells Dawn and Brenda about it.

Day 32

The next day comes and it is another Immunity Challenge. The tribe gets in and they are told that they are going to have to make their bouey through a obstacle course. They have to then build a ladder. The challenge begins and Brenda and Eric are moving through it. Everyone works through it and Eric is first through followed by Andrea. Brenda and Andrea are moving through the puzzle and everyone tries to catch up. Eric flies through it. After flying through the challenge, Eric wins the immunity challenge.

Day 33

The tribe gets back to camp and Andrea talks to Dawn and says that it is important to get Brenda out. Eddie says that he feels a little different now and feels that Andrea keeps telling Cochran to vote for Brenda, but Cochran feels that Andrea has Eddie in her Final 3 and he doesn’t like it. Cochran feels that they need to split the vote and that is just in case Andrea plays the idol. Andrea talks to Eric and says that he can shake things up and says that he is in control of the game now.

Tribal Council time again and the tribe gets in. Everyone feels that they have been lying to everyone and have promised a lot of things. Andrea says that they all have their own Final Three. She says that she may play the idol. Andrea holds on to her idol. They vote and it is 2 votes for Brenda, 2 votes for Andrea and 2 votes Eddie. The 14th person voted out is Andrea.