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Poll Question: Is it OK for the Seminole tribe to discriminate against non-Seminole people?
Yes it is.
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Hell No!
100% (2 votes)
Yes! If they get good ratings. (for National Geographic Employees Only)
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Message Posted On Tuesday, October 18th 2011 at 9:03 am
I can't believe they get away with it. They fired the former manager of Billie Swamp Safari because "Seminole People don't want to work for non-Seminole people". Then they hired a bunch of Seminoles, and only Seminoles. Are there different rules for native americans? Are they allowed to discriminate and be racists? I don't think it's important if you work for a Seminole or not, maybe it's important at this day and age where jobs are scarce that you have a job at all, no matter what race you are.

"We were born clan that handles these Alligators and when we see someone else doing it it kind of breaks your heart a little bit, that's my roots and who I am" - Billy Walker, Seminole Employee. You know what breaks my heart? Not being able to find a job and feed your family, and that much worse if I lost my job because of my race. If they are allowed to do it what stops others from doing the same thing?

If I had my own place that fired a black manager, hired a white guy in his place, only hired white guys and publicly stated that I only wanted white guys, I would be hung out to dry, and rightfully so.

So the new guy now has permission from Mamma Bird to make a living for his family dealing with alligators; well I bet that makes the "non-Seminole" guys families that now aren't making a living for their families all warm and fuzzy inside!
"Non-Seminole" that's the term now for everyone else in the world that's outside the Seminole Tribe, there is only Seminole and non-Seminole, nothing else. The fact that National Geographic puts this on TV tells us that they condone such practices. I can't believe that in this day and age they are so public and so proud about their blatant discrimination. So now we can tune in every week to see and unfortunately hear their jabber on how nice it is to be a Seminole Indian, Bird Clan. I for one won't watch a show or a network that provides it. They are a bunch of racists, pure and simple, there's no other word for it. Them being native american doesn't change the facts. Whatever happened to equality? I'm gonna scream to everyone I know or contact that this show and network condone racism.
The whole thing is horrifying. What is wrong with National Geographic?