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American Gothic - Recap

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Daphne wakes up and explores, looks out the window to see an awesome pool. She is happy. Bay knocks on the door and she invites them to breakfast and other healthy food. Daphne comes inside and eats popovers. She is overwhelmed trying to speak to them all at once. She said that she makes butterscotch brownies. There are some communication issues. Emmett pulls up and they go to speak to him. She gets on the bike and leaves. They want to make sure she doesn't get on the bike again after a while. They are "definitely going to fix that".

Emmett and Daphne end up at school. John wants to sue the hospital. He wants to make sure nothing like that happens again. Bay's mother wants her off the bike. Bay wants to act like nothing happened. He is upset that she won't tell him what is going on.

Regina is scraping the wallpaper off of the walls and they talk about the bike. She wonders if they worry about the motorcycle. She tells them that they barbeque every Thursday. Bay's mother is having second thoughts. She can't undo it.

Emmett is reading a book and Liam goes looking for Daphne at her school. She decided to stay at the deaf school. They bond over the fried zucchini that is made at his father's restaurant. They want to hang out. They are obviously into one another. Emmett is jealous.

Bay wants to go to the art store and they are arguing. Her mom won't let her. She decides to ask Regina to let her go to the art store. Regina tells her that she would have grounded her for a month. Liam leaves the school and Emmett is worried that he is superficial.

Regina wants Bay to help her repaint the guesthouse. Daphne goes in to enjoy the kitchen and she talks to Toby about how it is her dream kitchen. Bay helps paint and talk about art. They bond over being artists. She asks about AA chips and explains how you earn them through being clean. She lets her ask her anything she wants.

Regina tells Bay she is an alcoholic and always will be. She does not want to go back. She tells her that she does not have the luxury to have a beer or two every now and then and she says that it is clearly hereditary. She will make sure it does not happen to her.

Ty drops off mail and he eyes up Bay. They clearly like one another. Regina makes up an excuse to leave. She asks how the painting job is and he says it is not what he digs. He still has no idea why they live on the property.

Bay's parents are at the law office and there may be a deal. If they attack one another, it will turn into a blood bath. If they are together in this, the case will be stronger. They all have a barbeque and they want to talk about the motorcycle before dinner. They tell her they'll drive her to the school every morning and argue over whether Emmett driving a motorcycle is an alright idea. Things get a bit tense, but Daphne tells them it is time to eat.

Dinner is awkward and Regina says they are atheist. Daphne says that she is agnostic. Regina has a problem with saying grace, but does it anyway. They argue over the bike and they want to have a general discussion about decisions. They do not align with morals and the same ways to raise their kids.

Regina starts packing and she wonders why she doesn't like them. She says that they are arrogant. The mothers do not get along and Bay thinks that if her mother hates her real mother, then she may hate her too. That is not what her mother meant.

Bay goes to talk to Toby and asks him to cover for her. She needs some air. Toby worries a bit about her. Regina's mother comes to speak to her. Regina is worried that she is going to completely lose her daughter. She is intimidated.

Bay goes to visit Ty and she needs a lookout while she is putting a poster up. Liam and Daphne go to the record store and flirt with one another. Bay and Ty talk about graffiti and the rules about covering other people's work. He wonders about why ax girl is so angry.

Daphne shows Liam how hard it is to read lips and they have a great time getting to know one another. Daphne's birth parents speak about wanting to have say in Daphne's life. They get that she is upset because everything changes. John wants to get custody.

Liam's friends meet up and are really immature. She teaches him to do "I am a douchebag" and uses an excuse to leave. Bay and Ty do a great job doing art. She wonders why this had to happen and he asks her what she would have to paint about. They then have their first kiss.

Daphne is sitting alone and gets picked up by Emmett. She tells Emmett that she can say it, that he was right about hearing people. Bay slips into her house and sees Emmett pull up and drop off Daphne. They hug and he goes away. They meet up and talk about how this is never going to stop being weird.

Bay sneaks in through her window to find her father in the downstairs. She says "oops" and she was thinking he'd be asleep by now. He is understanding and she feels like it is her fault. She worries that it may not work out, because the parents do not get along. He covers for Bay.

Daphne shows up and Regina wants to speak to her. She's not okay. They hug. She worries about them fighting, because they never used to. It is a hard situation and she wants to try to stop being so difficult. She tells Daphne to teach them, not just tell them what they want to hear.

The next morning Regina comes in to speak. She tells them that she resisted for months about the bike and she begged. She still secretly followed them for a week and Emmett is a really good driver. She wants to embrace the whole thing the right way. She tells them to speak slower, look at her when they speak, and be patient. She teaches them the sign for squirrel. Her birth mother is not okay with it.

Regina tells them off and says that Daphne is not their responsibility. Regina does not want to sue the hospital, because she's "not that kind of person". She's hiding something.