Les sœurs D'Estrees - Recap

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The scene opens with Daphne and Emmet studying. They joke about Trig and she tells him that he should have come to her sooner. They stare at one another and then suddenly kiss. However, it is only in Daphne’s mind. Emmet asks what’s wrong. She says that it is nothing and that it is just nice to be hanging out again. Melody comes in and tells her that they miss her at basketball. Emmet says that they are finishing up. Melody says that Daphne is family. She tells him that she has to tell him something. Emmet tells Melody to tell him now. She says that the $5,000 is due next week and she doesn’t have it. He asks if his dad will pay for it, but she tells him that he has expenses and that she can’t raise the money. She tells him that she has an idea and that he can sell something. Realizing what she means he gets upset with her. Daphne asks what he has to sell and Emmet tells her that Melody wants him to sell his motorcycle.

Later at the house, Bay comes up to Daphne and asks if there is a way of getting Emmet online when he is offline. She says that there isn’t. Bay says that Emmet texted her about his motorcycle. Daphne says that she knows that it is horrible and she can’t believe that he is going to have to sell “Ripley”. Bay is confused and Daphne says that is the name of his motorcycle after the movie “Alien”. Bay asks what she is doing. She says that she is baking 200 cupcakes and is going to sell them at $5 a cupcake. Bay tells her that the Billboard was her fault in part because it was a birthday present to her. Daphne says that she better start baking. John and Kathryn meet with Warren, another lawyer. He says that everything looks good to be able to get a settlement. Kathryn mentions the memoirs that she is writing and he warns her that it could be read in open court. They meet with another lawyer, Craig, who tells them that a book deal would be great. John asks how many cases has he tried and he says that he hasn’t tried any, but he has watched. John doesn’t feel comfortable with Craig and Craig pleads that they allow him to work the case with them.

Daphne is making her cupcakes when Regina comes in. She tells her that it is horrible about Emmet and the fact that he might have to sell his motorcycle. Daphne says that is why she made the cupcakes. Regina says that she is moving forward with the Salon idea and Daphne says that is great. Regina says that Angelo is going to invest in it too. Daphne tells her that if it brings in money, then it is not a big deal. Later at school, Bay goes up to Emmet and tells him that she can help him by driving around. He says that he was hoping to come up with some money so that his mom will get off his back. He says that she is such a hypocrite. Melody comes up and asks who the hypocrite is. Emmet excuses himself and Bay asks if she can help Melody with the money. She tells Bay that Bay lives in a world of money. She tells her that she needs to get to reality and leaves.

Wilke and Toby walk around and Wilke shows him the plan to their music video. Simone comes up and they tell her that they are going to shoot a music video. She volunteers her help. John comes up to Kathryn and she asks what John thought of Craig. He says that they don’t need a first timer to do their case. Back at school, Daphne tries to sell the cupcakes, but people are not that interested. She goes up to Wilke and tries to talk to them, but he ignores her when she asks if they are still friends. After school, Daphne goes to Bay and tells her that the cupcake idea flopped. She doesn’t like that they are surrounded by money and that they want to help Emmet out. Daphne tells Bay that they need to ask her parents and that she will tell them that she needs the money for new hearing aides. The plan works and John writes a check out for $5,000 without a problem. She gives the check to Bay and tells her that she feels bad. She says that it was like they were waiting to write the check and Bay says that she gets it.

Regina and Angelo have their spot and they celebrate the moment. Angelo sees that she is still wearing the necklace that he made for her. Angelo gets a call from the realtor and takes the call. Wilke comes in to Simone and Toby and tells her that he wants the tu-tu on the animal and Simon declines on putting an orange in its mouth. Toby thanks Simone for her help. She tells him that she doesn’t understand why Toby is with Wilke when he is clearly the better singer. John goes up to Kathryn and tells her that they still have no information on Angelo. Kathryn tells him to ask Angelo. Regina goes up to Daphne when she gets home and asks what she meant with the text “Riley’s Saved”. Daphne realizes that she sent it to Regina and not Emmet. She tries to lie and say that it is for a school project, but Regina sees through her. Daphne tells her that she got the money from John and Kathryn by telling them that she has lost her hearing aides. She tells Daphne that she is going to give back the money and telling them what she did.

She goes up to Kathryn and she tells her the truth. Kathryn gets upset with her and tells her that she can’t believe that she lied. She says that she doesn’t know if she can trust her anymore. Kathryn tells Regina later that she took away Daphne’s car keys. Regina realizes that Daphne is acting out because of Angelo and says that she is going into business together. Bay goes out and before she does, Kathryn asks her where Daphne got the idea to lie to them. She points the blame on Bay and she tells her that Daphne isn’t the person she thought and says that Kathryn doesn’t know her at all. John goes over to Angelo’s and asks him where he was for the last 2 years. He admits that he was living with a rich woman that “took care of things”. John says that he is just making sure because Regina knew that she had the wrong daughter for 13 years without letting anyone else know. Angelo is shocked by the news. John goes back to Kathryn and tells her that it is not his fault that Regina didn’t tell Angelo. Kathryn tells him that Daphne lied and that she took away her car keys for a month. John says that they are giving the kids what they need.

Meanwhile, Bay finds out that Daphne texted her mom instead. Daphne blames Bay for Emmet’s arrest. Bay gets upset and says that it wasn’t really her fault that he painted it. Bay says that this is stupid and that they are not getting anywhere. Bay says that she needs to ask Wilke. She says that she doesn’t want to manipulate Wilke. Bay says that she will drive. They go to the music video shoot and Toby is playing the guitar and making noise. Daphne asks them for money for Emmet. However, they don’t have it to give. Angelo goes up to Regina and tells her that he knows that she knew that Daphne wasn’t her daughter. She tells him that she was going to tell him. He says that he is out of this and leaves in a mood. The girls get to Emmet’s and Daphne says that she really wanted to help Emmet keep his bike. She remembers riding on it and says that it was the first time when they didn’t care what their voices sounded like. Meanwhile, Simone walks in on Toby, who is playing and singing. She tells him that it wasn’t the band that she went to see at their concerts, it was him. She kisses him.

Bay and Daphne go up to Emmet and he tells them that he is selling the bike tomorrow. They apologize and Emmet says that he is alright with it. He offers a ride and Bay tries to tell Daphne that she can have it, but she declines. Bay and Emmet ride off. Bay talks to Emmet and he says that he is alright with selling the motorcycle and says that he is still going to miss it. Wilke picks up Daphne at Emmet’s house. The next day, Craig comes over John and Kathryn’s and says that he pitched the book idea. John tells him that they are going in another direction and Craig says that he is going to push the hospital and take them to trial because he is going to make noise to get things done. They like what they hear and hire him on. Emmet goes up to Melody and tells her that he got $4,700 he says that he will owe her the rest. She tells him not to worry about it and she says that it is alright and knows how hard it was for him. He tells her that he is moving in with his father. Regina goes to her space and puts her keys down. Angelo comes up and tells her that they are not getting rid of the place and says that he understands why she did what she did. She cries and says that she is happy that someone agrees with her. They kiss and the episode ends.