The Art Of Painting - Recap

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The scene opens with Emmet putting in his hearing aides. He practices his speech therapy in the mirror when Bay comes in. He says that she can’t sneak up on him like that. She asks if he wants some help and Emmet says that he just needs to practice on his own. She says that she knows what he means and likens it to ice-skating and how she wanted privacy when she practiced. The phone rings loudly and Olivia apologizes. She doesn’t want to talk to the person on the other end though and hangs up. Bay asks if Olivia had to do speech therapy. She says that she didn’t, but was forced to learn sign language. Olivia asks Emmet if his hearing aides are bothering him and tells him to take a shot of Bourbon to “loosen” him up. Bay asks Emmet if Olivia is going to give him Heroin when he is studying for his SAT’s. Meanwhile, a game is on and Simone is purposely ignoring Daphne as she passes the ball to someone who is clearly not open. Daphne says that they are on the same team and that they are going to have to still work together. She agrees.

Regina is positioning a piece of art at the Gallery coming up when Patrick comes up behind her. She tells him that the right “tilt” will make them look good. He says that they are not always what other people think of them. He says that in High School, people pegged him as a Clergyman. He asks if Daphne is coming along with Bay. Regina says that she hasn’t asks Bay yet. Meanwhile, Kathryn talks to Britia, the nurse that admitted to switching the babies. She tells her that she was fired from the hospital for missing too many days, but it is clearly because she is participating in the law suit. She says that she has an interview as an Ultrasound Technician and if it doesn’t go well, she is going to have to back out of the law suit. Kathryn tries to tell her that their case will fall apart without her, but she says that she has to think of herself and her family. Wilke comes up to Daphne and congratulates her for being best athlete of the month. He says that he got it too. She asks what this means and he says that they get a steak dinner, tickets to a game and some XS Rush, an energy drink. Daphne says that she has problems with Simone and wants to be part of a basketball team that likes her for who she is.

Regina goes up to Bay, who is listening to music really loud. She says that she wanted to see what it feels like not being able to hear her voice. Regina says that she held her head underwater to understand how Daphne felt. She gives Bay the invitations to the “Voices of the Prairie” art Gala and says that it would mean a lot to her if she came. She agrees to come for Regina. Daphne goes up to Melody and sees that she is having a garage sale. She says that she is getting rid of some junk. She tells Daphne that she could use the money because Girl’s Basketball at Carlton is getting cut because of budget. Daphne says that if she would have stayed, then that wouldn’t have happened. Melody tells Daphne that it is not Daphne’s fault and that they got cut from the budget. Daphne looks at a picture of her on the basketball team a long time ago. Toby is practicing when Wilke comes in and says that he got athlete of the month. That means that Guitar Face can practice again in Wilke’s garage. He says that since Toby is with Simone, maybe he could tell her to lay off Daphne. Toby tells him that it is not like Wilke to get in the middle of a chick fight. Toby gets a call and tells the other person that he is writing it down, but he clearly is not.

Kathryn sits down with Kyle and John and tells them that Britia texted Kathryn about her job prospects and says that they have to do something. However, Kyle says that would be bad because the hospital could use that against them and say that they are paying Britia to testify on their behalf. She says that she has to do something, but they tell her to leave it alone. Wilke comes by and shows her Daphne all the cool things that they get for being Athlete of the Month. Daphne is in shock that the school would give them jerseys that are worth $200. Wilke says that they are going to have to go over their speeches because the school is still $100,000 short of building the new aquatics center. He goes over the other things that the school got money for too. Daphne starts to see that it is an issue is forming and that it is not fair that Carlton is struggling while Buckner isn’t.

Regina goes over to Melody’s and Melody asks Regina if she is going to sale a painting at the Gallery. Regina says that Patrick is selling her piece for $500. Melody asks if Bay is going and she says that she is, but thinks that she doesn’t want to. Melody tells her that they need to stop allowing their kids to dictate everything they do in their lives. Regina asks about Emmet, but she says that he is shutting her out. Bay talks to Emmett about the Gallery and he says that it is important. He shows her that he made her artwork into a sticker and she is impressed. He says that he stayed home working on it. Bay asks if he missed a lot of days of school since moving to his dad’s. Emmett says that he is thinking of quitting and that he is going to be a photographer. He says that he could get his G.E.D. and it is the same. She is clearly upset about it, but says that she doesn’t care. Kathryn is loading up the car with paint buckets and Bay comes up with questions about Angelo. She asks why they didn’t call Immigration on Angelo. Kathryn says that it was the right thing to avoid because it meant that they would hurt Bay in the process. Bay says that she needs to rules about butting-in. Kathryn asks if she is planning to butt-in somewhere and she says that she isn’t.

Emmett and Daphne get together for their Trig-Study time, but Emmett just wants to take pictures. Daphne says that Trigonometry is more important then Yearbook Pictures. Emmett says that he is quitting Yearbook. She tries to tell him that Emmet is the best photographer that Carlton has. He says that Daphne was the best basketball player they had and she left. Bay goes up to Melody and says that Emmett might be in trouble and tells her that Emmett isn’t eating properly and that he is thinking of dropping out of school. She says that she will take care of it and that Emmet doesn’t have to know. Meanwhile, Emmett is practicing his speech therapy and taking shots of Bourbon as well. Later at the “New Voices From the Prairie” Gallery, Bay attempts to get some champagne, but Regina takes it away. Patrick comes up and says that people are looking at Regina’s artwork. He makes an effort to talk to Bay, but it is clear that she is not interested. Melody tells Regina to mingle or they will talk on how Patrick looks like Spartacus. Bay posts a sticker next to a woman’s artwork of her own artwork.

Regina mingles and overhears a couple talking about her work and hears that they know about “the switch”. She goes to the programs and reads her personal life. She is not happy with it at all. Wilke and Daphne meet with boosters to convince them why they need a new Aquatics Center and how they are the school to give their money too. Daphne breaks protocol and mentions Carlton: The School for the Deaf. They are not that happy at hearing a Buckner basketball player pitching another school. Wilke gives her a glare and she stops. Back at the Gallery, Bay sees a mask with wings that Regina made and sees that it is not for sale. Melody asks how she is doing and Bay tells her that she is not having fun at all. However, she sees Emmett come in. The bad news is that Cameron and Olivia came too. Back at the school, Wilke asks what Daphne is doing and she tells Wilke that the school has so much and that he doesn’t understand. Bay kisses Emmet and Melody asks why he hasn’t returned her texts. He says that he has been busy. Melody smells the alcohol on his breath and he says that it was lying around. She goes up to Cameron and tells him that Emmet needs boundaries and Cameron says that Emmett is enjoying life. The conversation starts to get heated.

Regina goes up to Patrick and tells him that he had no right to tell her personal life to the world. Bay comes up to Regina and tells her that they have a problem. She sees that Cameron and Melody are arguing. Melody tells Cameron that Emmett is thinking of dropping out of school and says that if Emmett doesn’t move back in with her, she will fight for Full Custody. Bay tries to stop him and he says for her to “just don’t”. He asks if she is happy that she heard him talk. He leaves angry. Later at home, Regina comes in for coffee and Bay asks if Melody talked to Emmett and she says that she hasn’t. She tells Regina that she really liked her piece with the wings and mentions that they were made from Bay leaves. Regina says that she did the piece when she found out about the switch.

The next day, Kathryn meets with Britia and she gets a call from her kids asking to go next door. She is clearly struggling to manage. Kathryn offers her money and says that she has to get rid of it or John will just spend it on junk. She reluctantly accepts the money. Patrick apologizes to Regina for putting in her personal information, but says that is what people want to know about. Real people, real experiences. He says that he sold the painting. He gives her a check for $500. She is happy and he offers to take her out to dinner. She accepts. Later Kathryn comes home with a new car. She says that it has a lot more feaures then the SUV. He asks why she did this and Kathryn admits to selling the SUV and getting the car while giving the difference to Britia. John is not happy about this at all and says that was a stupid thing to do. He says that she might have cost them the lawsuit. She says that she couldn’t stand off and watch Britia fall apart.

At practice the next day, the Coach at Buckner goes up to Daphne and asks why he got a call from a booster telling him that Daphne was promoting another school. He says that she plays for Buckner and that she needs to be involved in the team or not have a place on it. Daphne goes up to John and Melody discussing plays that they could run. She walks up to them and tells them that she is done playing basketball for Buckner and that she wants to come back to the team at Carlton. The next day at school, Emmett shows up and Bay says that it is good to see him. However, Emmett is not happy to see her and says that she should have talked to him first before telling his mom about him. She says that she was worried about him. He says that for once, he was happy. Bay says that he may say that, but to her, he was miserable. He says that he has to get to class and leaves. The episode ends.