Write A Lonely Soldier - Recap

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The scene opens with Bay coming into the house to find Daphne and Regina watching the news report on a helicopter going down in Afghanistan. The helicopter was holding members of Ty’s division in it. Suddenly, Bay’s expression changes to a shocked look. Later, Emmett goes up to Daphne and says that she missed first bell. She tells him that she was watching the news about the helicopter crash. She is surprised that Bay didn’t tell him and he says that they are in a fight. He asks about it and she tells him to talk to Bay. Meanwhile, Craig says that Britia has run into some money recently and says that Angelo must have given her money. This means that Britia is not a credible witness and that they are going to have to either find a different way or hope the hospital doesn’t find out anything. Kathryn says that she was the one who gave her the money and says that they have to find a different way to proceed with this. Daphne practices when another Deaf kid named Travis comes up with the towel cart. She tells him that she has a towel and tosses it on the ground. He tells her to pick it up and then says that she thinks that she is better then everyone. She says that he doesn’t know what he is talking about and says that she came back to help the team. He says that someone is benched because of her returning. She leaves upset.

She goes outside to find the Principal there. She says that Travis is being mean to her and she says that she will talk to him. Later that night, Emmett goes to see Bay, who is still emotional at the fear that Ty is hurt. He says that he is there for her. She asks Emmett if he would just leave like Ty did and Emmett says that Deaf people can’t serve. Bay says that Ty normally responds quickly to her emails. He gets upset that Bay has been emailing Ty. The next day, Emmett talks to Daphne about Ty and Bay’s emailing and she tells Emmett that Bay is crazy for him and not Ty. However, he is clearly upset about it. Travis comes up to Daphne and says that the Principal fired him. She tells Travis that he did that to himself. He says that not everyone is rich like her. Simone goes up to Daphne and asks how things are going for her. She says that they are great. Simone goes up to Toby and tells him that she has gotten him a gig at Top Five. He says that Guitar Face is playing at a party and that he can’t make it. She tells him to drop it and go with the dig that she organized. Bay and Daphne go to John at the same time. Bay asks John if he can call the General he knows to find out about Ty. John says that he did already and that he is waiting for a call back. Daphne asks John to give Travis a job and he says that if Daphne vouches for him, then it is good enough for him.

At school, Toby tells Wilke that he has to bail on him. He says that he has a gig lined up that will take them across the college campuses. After a guilt trip, Wilke convinces Toby to go back to the original plan. Meanwhile, Kathryn wonders why Britia told Angelo what happened. John says that there is something that they don’t know and Kathryn says that she is going to find out. John tells her to take Craig with her. Bay gets a book from Emmett and he says that it is for inspiration on her art. She thanks him. John comes up and tells Bay that Ty is fine. She is overjoyed and thanks John for the information. At the car wash, John shows Travis around and tells him what to do. He signs and John has Daphne translate. She tells Travis that he better take the job seriously. Wilke comes by and kisses Daphne. Travis says that it is nice to meet you to Wilke, but he doesn’t understand the sign. He laughs about it and Daphne tells him that they have to go. Simone goes up to Toby and he says that he has to play with Guitar Face. She says that she understands and that he should play with his friend. They kiss and Toby is happy that Simone isn’t interfering.

Craig and Kathryn go to Angelo’s lawyer’s office and the secretary asks them if they have a date set and Kathryn says that she is Kathryn Kennish. The secretary remembers and apologizes. Craig and Kathryn wait and Craig isn’t too sure that this lawyer is so good. Kathryn is still gloating that the secretary thought that she and Craig were married. He jokes and says that he has been partial to red-heads ever since Mary Jane from Spiderman. However, Kathryn is confused. Connie, the lawyer will see them now. Meanwhile, Wilke tells Daphne about the part and she asks if Simone is giving her a hard time, but she says that they have no problems. He says that he is interested in going to Daphne’s games and says that he is her “BF” (Biggest Fan). She gets a text and Daphne goes to the car wash. John is upset with Travis and tells Daphne that Travis flipped off an important client. John tries to fire him, but Travis says that he will sue if he fires him.

Daphne goes out and asks him what his problem is. Travis says that the guy that was rude to him started it. Daphne tells him to find another job and Travis quits. Kathryn and Craig meet with Angelo’s lawyer and he says that Angelo had a source that had enough dirt on the hospital to have them give out a lot of money. In the car, Kathryn finds out that they are Craig’s only clients. Later that night, Bay tries to get Emmett interested in what designs Bay has, but he can’t stop thinking about Bay emailing Ty. She shows him her emails with Ty and they see that Ty has a street art design for him on the tank. Emmett is upset and leaves. The next day, Emmett and Daphne study and Daphne can’t help but think about Travis and how he has been a mean person. Emmett tells her not to worry about it. Emmett reveals that he dropped Speech Therapy. Kathryn goes to Regina’s and asks if she has been in contact with Angelo. She says that he tried to call, but she missed it. She tells Regina that she will tell her if they get a hold of him. Wilke meets Toby in the gym and tells him that their gig is canceled. Someone ratted out the party thrower. He says that is horrible. Daphne goes to Travis’ house and finds out that none of his family sign and that he is treated as an outcast. She tells Travis that John isn’t bad and that he tries. He says that she is right and apologizes.

Simone asks Toby to help her and he brings up the question is to if she ratted the party out. She says that she did and now he can play at her gig. He says that he doesn’t know what to think of that and walks away. Travis goes back to the car wash and asks for a second chance. John allows it. Later that evening, Kathryn says that John has to be mad at her and he says that she has been acting like a free agent. Meanwhile, Daphne tries to get Wilke to communicate with her in sign language and she gives him his name sign. He says that he wants to know how to sign “I want to make-out”. She signs it and he says that he will allow her. She turns off the light realizing that it is not going to happen. Toby comes downstairs and asks Kathryn about the situation about forgiving someone. She says that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Kathryn asks Toby who Mary Jane Watson is and he says that she is a hot red-head. Bay gets a phone call. It is Ty. He says that he has missed her and she reveals that she is dating someone. He is silent for a moment and says that it is fine. She feels good about telling him about it. The episode ends.