The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters - Recap

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The scene opens with Emmett and Simone after they did indeed do “the deed”. Both are appropriately shamed by their actions and admit it was a mistake, and that they let their emotions get the better of them. They’re almost busted by Daphne at the hotel, but manage to get away with no obvious witnesses, thus managing to keep the whole affair as discreet as possible. Returning home, the first thing Emmett does is apologize to Bay for being so angry with her; as he is clearly riddled with guilt, and thus wants to make it up to her by apologizing. She’s a little confused by his about-face, and finds it very unusual and out of the ordinary, but agrees to an intimate birthday dinner, not wanting to tempt fates. Bay and Daphne, who are bonding more and more like sisters, discuss Emmett’s new mood and Daphne casually mentions that the two wrote a deaf-horror movie script, “Dawn of the Deaf”, together.

Recruiting all of their friends and family, the girls decide to produce the movie as a birthday present for Emmett; hoping it would be a pleasant surprise and an apt birthday gift for him. Daphne continues to work with Wilke on sign language, this time for his part in the movie. Although he’s probably still not as eager as she’d like him to be, he does take the time to learn some signs for the part. It’s actually very informative for hearing viewers, as we learn about facial expressions (raised eyebrows for a question) and phrasing (main topic word is signed first). The movie shoot begins, its being filmed on the Kennish property, and looks pretty nifty for something thrown together in a week. Regina seems a little taken aback by the money being spent, with props, make-up, wind, and smoke machines; she clearly feels all of it is a bit much. Daphne is also a little reserved, but it’s clear she’s noticing little things around the house that reflect the childhood she didn’t have, such as Bay and Toby’s handprints in a garden stone; she clearly seems to be feeling deprived of such a childhood.

Filming is set to begin, but Toby can’t figure out how to work the borrowed (from Simone/Buckner) video equipment, as he has never used such equipment before, so Simone is brought in to shoot the movie, as she has prior experience in handling such equipment. Emmett and Simone play off barely knowing each other so as to not raise any suspicions, but he texts her to leave (since she doesn’t know sign); as they both seem uncomfortable in each other’s company and are both riddled with guilt. Meanwhile, Wilke is surprised when he finds out Toby didn’t go to the tournament, having heard that Simone had someone in her room. His suspicions are already on alert, he clearly feels there is something amiss, and then they are definitively confirmed when he accidentally picks up Simone’s phone; and sees the messages sent by Emmett. It seems she and Emmett, beyond his request for her to leave (which she did try her best to do, as per his instructions, but couldn’t manage), continued texting admitting their mistake and their desire to keep it a secret; Wilke is shocked to know all this. Wilke confronts Simone about the whole affair, who begs for his silence, and is hugely embarrassed at Wilke knowing about the whole affair. He’s torn, since Toby is his best friend and Bay is clearly like a sister; thus he is in a quandary as to what he should really do, in the given situation.

But for the time being, he keeps his mouth shut; as he probably decides to ponder over the whole thing, before he takes this a step further. Meanwhile, Emmett is having a hard time keeping his guilt a secret; he is clearly bothered to no end by his guilt about the whole affair. After Bay, regarding his being a zombie for the film, jokes about possibly looking dumb for not figuring it out, he goes to collect himself; so he can look and behave normally, despite his guilt eating him from the inside. Melody, who admits her err in judgment about Bay, finds him. He initially snaps at her, but immediately apologizes for his behavior. Without saying who, he admits to his mom that he made a mistake with another girl and he’s upset that he’s ruined everything with Bay. Melody, pretty calmly, tells him he has to live with it, but wonders if Bay really has to.

As someone who was probably cheated on, she’s coming for her heart, wondering if telling Bay will actually help anything; as what is done is done. At the end of the shoot, after Bay has killed Zombie Emmett, they all celebrate with a birthday cake for our troubled teen. He and Bay take a drive, stopping to smooch, but Emmett can’t get his transgression out of his mind; he is too guilt ridden to think about anything else. When he pulls away, Bay, somewhat angrily, reminds him that they’ve made it through the deaf/hearing thing, Ty, the custody battle, and declaring their love, so now he has to decide if he’s really with her. Forsaking his chance to come clean, Emmett opts to keep his secret, declaring he is with Bay; he hides the truth from her, as he is clearly afraid of hurting her, if he admits the truth. Things might blow up soon, from the way they are shaping up.

Elsewhere, Daphne admits to Regina that it’s not a lack of money to live like the Kennish family that bothers her, its learning and wondering about the childhood she might have had; if she were a part of that family. She still wonders why Regina never came clean about the switch when she was younger. Regina admits she (Regina) wasn’t sure that she could handle it; and thus it all probably for the best. The two form new memories with a late night swim in the Kennish pool; as they bond with each other. Kathryn gets an advance copy of Sarah Lazar’s first chapter of her competing book about the switch. She’s horrified to find mention of a long-ago miscarriage in there. She rails at John for sharing private details of their lives with Sarah and we find out the John and Sarah have a past history of talks, which he claimed were about baseball; but it turns out they were about this very topic.

Kathryn clearly believes that there was more than intimate conversation going on (she mentions a press photo) and John has clearly been denying this for a long time. There’s friction between the two, as he challenges her to trust him; as he claims he was telling her the truth, and hence he claims he isn’t in the wrong. There might be more to the whole thing than meets the eye, from the look of things. Meanwhile, Regina finally agrees to be part of Kathryn’s book. The two also rummage through Angelo’s old storage locker, finding photos of him with another woman, an abandoned cell phone, and skis. The episode ends with their unexpected discovery.