Venus, Cupid, Folly, And Time - Recap

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The scene opens and it’s prom time at Carlton, and Emmett and Daphne have waited until the last minute to ask their prospective dates. It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday when Daphne asks Wilke, Bay meanwhile has no problem accepting Emmett’s offer, which he did by fake proposing and have ear plugs in a ring box (deaf proms are loud). Daphne is attempting to create a banner to put on Wilke’s car, but artwork is not her forte; so she needs help. Bay helps her come up with an arresting motif, but as Wilke is eyeing his “wanted” posters and Daphne is slapping cuffs on him, he declines her offer as his dad is cracking down on him over his grades and an upcoming paper. Daphne is crushed, by his rejection. But what really stands out is the sisterly interaction between the two girls.

Besides Bay helping Daphne with her invite, she immediately invites her to come along with her and Emmett, sans date. Bay even checks to make sure Daphne is OK with Regina doing her hair. These two have really come a long way in bonding, from the look of how things have shaped up. Back to the events at hand; Daphne invites Travis (her classmate who works at John’s carwash) to attend as a friend. After some initial hesitation, he agrees. Kathryn shows her prom-mom giddiness by offering Bay a vintage barrette to wear and Daphne a fancy purse to use, for the prom. She and John have also agreed to chaperone the dance. Meanwhile, Angelo calls Regina while Bay and Daphne are there. It seems he cleared his name in Italy, but was detained by Immigration upon his return to the states, despite his name being cleared in Italy.

Regina says she’ll help him find a lawyer, to help him fight his case, but after this is all over, the two of them are done-done as a couple. Angelo still wants to be with her, but Regina is adamant that they are over, and makes this fact absolutely clear to him. In fact, so adamant is she, that she makes a sex-date with Patrick while the girls are at prom. (Luckily Kathryn told her how they gave Toby condoms for his prom, so she knows where to get one for her lucky night.) On the day of prom, Kathryn and Craig pay a visit to a lactation nurse who used to work at the hospital. Colleen Vandernewt is a wealth of information about the hospital’s pre-computer methods, including overworked nurses and smudged name tags. Unfortunately, she’s also a whack job, thinking the hospital is now bar-coding the babies for the antichrist.

She’ll be of no help, but they plan to use her information for other leads. Meanwhile, Craig’s car breaks down after the visit, making Kathryn late for the prom. They talk road side, and share a moment where they find themselves face to face with a near-kiss; they clearly seem to have feelings for each other. They pull away before it goes any further though, and while Craig is all apologies, Kathryn admits it’s not just on him who felt the way he did, she too is as much to blame. Meanwhile, Daphne goes to surprise Wilke with a study treat, but he’s not home. Instead she meets his father who wonders what she sees in his underperforming son. He lets her know that Wilke is being shipped off to boarding school, so he can make something out of himself. Daphne is stunned by the news, as she wasn’t expecting it at all.

Meanwhile, Bay and Emmett head off to the prom, with his gift of a Bay-engraved motorcycle helmet. Since she’s distracted by Angelo’s incarceration and wondering if he even knows she misses him, Emmett offers a quick trip to visit him, in order to make her feel better. Angelo in the meanwhile comes off as less than charming when, he hits Bay up for money to make calls to his lawyer in Italy. Meanwhile, Daphne is prepping for prom when Travis shows up to go together, clad in a tuxedo T-shirt. And then Wilke shows up, in a real tux, with a limo and corsage, in a real romantic fashion. Daphne is not receptive to his romantic gesture, despite all of this, but agrees to go, inviting Travis to join them in the limousine. Travis makes himself comfy with the snacks and champagne, much to Wilke’s sulking chagrin, he from the looks of it, was expecting some privacy.

At the dance, Daphne confronts him about boarding school, and when he confirms it, she wishes he would have just disappeared; as she is visibly angry and hurt by the news, and is even angrier at the fact that he hid this news from her. Meanwhile, Bay is having fun with Emmett, despite her concerns about being hearing and mocked for her ASL skills. John catches Travis spiking some punch (a time honored tradition), and confiscates the booze; as he apparently doesn’t approve of such a thing. John takes a few secret swigs, but is busted by Melody who takes a much smoother swig of her own. She compliments his relationship with Kathryn and their devotion to one another. Kathryn arrives a little later, apologizes to her husband for being so cranky, and they take to the dance floor where Kathryn lays a (guilt-ridden) passionate kiss on him.

Meanwhile, Bay suggests to Daphne that instead of being angry with Wilke, they take him out for a last, wild night (of mini golf?) with Emmett, Toby, and Simone. But when Daphne tells Wilke, she’s surprised that he’s sour on the idea of spending time with Emmett. When she pushes him for a reason, she’s floored to hear his accusation of Emmett and Simone sleeping together. She thinks he’s lying, but goes off to confront Emmett anyway. Emmett weakly denies it, and Daphne heartbrokenly admits to Wilke that her best friend lied to her face. She wants to tell Toby and Bay, but Wilke suggests waiting until after prom. They discuss their future, or lack thereof when he goes off to boarding school, and she makes sure he knows he’s more than a pretty face; and that she really cares for him.

After his conversation with Daphne, Emmett realizes he’s busted; as he is really guilty after all. He pulls Bay outside, and with tears in his eyes, confesses his indiscretion, for which he is feeling really guilty on hindsight. Bay immediately thinks it was Daphne, but he corrects her and finger spells Simone’s name. Bay is shocked and repulsed, and despite Emmett’s declaration that it was a mistake, storms off, instructing him not to follow; she is clearly disturbed by this revelation. She goes to his bike, eyes her custom helmet, and angrily chucks it into the nearby lake. Meanwhile, post-prom, John pays Regina a visit.

He lets her know they got Angelo a lawyer, in order to help him fight his case, but his odds against deportation are not good, from the look of things. In fact, he suggests his best chance of staying in the country is to marry a U.S. citizen. The episode ends with that interesting piece of revelation.