This Is the Color of My Dreams - Recap

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The episode begins with Regina getting married to Angelo. Adrianna though isn’t too happy about it. The priest then asks him “why are you doing this?” Just then she wakes up from her dream. Toby and Daphne on the other hand are having some fun. Bay comes in just then. Inside the house, Alex has a chat with John and Kathryn, about his trip. Just then Regina comes in with Adrianna. Bay then comes in and introduces her family to Alex. She then introduces Alex to everyone as her boyfriend. John in private later tells Kathryn that he isn’t crazy, about Bay having gotten herself, a new boyfriend. Daphne and Bay later discuss Alex, while setting the table.

Daphne then brings up the mention of Emmet, but Bay is in no mood to discuss about him. Later Emmet asks Daphne about Bay, and if she has given Bay the letter that he had asked her to give Bay. Daphne in turn tells Emmet, Bay now has a boyfriend. At home, Bay sees a letter addressed to her lying on her bed. She keeps the letter in her closet without reading it. Kathryn then asks her “are you still in contact with Emmet?” Regina comes in just then, and reveals to Bay during their conversation that, Angelo might just get to stay back. Later at Kathryn’s book launch, Toby tells Bay he is surprised that, she is in a relationship so soon. Bay though gets away by making light of it. Toby later tells Daphne to ask his mother to get her a job, as she has connections.

Daphne though wants to get a job on her own and not with someone’s help. Alex while reading through Kathryn’s book asks Bay about Emmet, who has been mentioned in the book. Bay who hasn’t really read the book is shocked at the question and excuses herself for a bit. She then asks Kathryn about it. Kathryn consequently discovers that Bay hasn’t really read the book and also explains that she hasn’t written anything in the book about her and Emmet. “If you didn’t read the book then you can’t complain about it” she adds. Later, Kathryn tells her family how her book has received a positive review and reads out the review to her family.

Later when they are alone, Daphne asks Kathryn if she can get her a job. Kathryn tells Daphne that, she would be more than happy to help. Regina on the other hand tells Angelo who is being kept in detention that, he really has a “really good shot” at winning the case. “We are all on your side” Regina assures him. Angelo though blames himself for everything and isn’t feeling too upbeat about his chances. At home, Kathryn informs John that her editor wants her to start a blog, in order to “beef up” her “online presence”. At school, Bay runs into Simone, who apologizes to her “for everything”. Bay in turn asks Simone to switch schools, if she wants to make things better. Daphne on the other hands gets a job, thanks to Kathryn.

At home, Bay opens Emmet’s letter and sees a map drawn on it. She then leaves for the destination on the map. At the designated location, she sees drawn on a wall the memorable things she and Emmet did together from the day they met, along with the exact dates. Bay is visibly moved by the gesture. At home, Daphne thanks Kathryn for getting her the job. She then happily leaves for work. Later at work, Daphne goofs up, is reprimanded by the chef and told to leave. At home, John isn’t too happy about Kathryn being so busy thanks to her book, but assures her that he shall slowly learn to live with it. At work in the kitchen, the chef reprimands Daphne for not being able to do her job properly and makes it clear to her that, he isn’t going to feel sorry for her just because she is deaf.

Later at home, Kathryn asks a visibly depressed Daphne if is something’s wrong. Daphne though tells her nothing and assures her that, everything is fine. At dinner in a restaurant, Bay seems completely distracted while having a meal with Alex. She eventually comes out and is about to tell him she is “hung up on someone else”, but Alex anticipates it before she can do so. “I could tell from your reaction at the book party” he then tells her. “I don’t want to be hung up on him” she says in reply. At home, Daphne tells Toby she got demoted to dishwasher, as the chef thinks she is unfit to work in the kitchen. Daphne is angry that the chef isn’t ready to adjust just a little bit, although she is deaf. She feels she is going to be stuck in menial jobs for the rest of her life.

Toby on his part doesn’t really know what to say, in order to make her feel better. Later at the restaurant while Daphne is working, Kathryn pays her a visit. She it turns out, has come to know from her friend that, Daphne as been demoted. She tells Daphne it’s illegal for her to be demoted just because she is deaf. Daphne though doesn’t want Kathryn to do anything about it. Just then the chef comes out and asks “is there a problem here?” Daphne though assures him that there isn’t any problem. Then after the chef goes back in, she asks Kathryn to not say a thing and tells her if she does anything “I will never forgive you”. Bay on the other hand meets up with Emmet. She tells him how he has ruined every other relationship she is ever going to have. “How am I suppose to fall for someone else, when you do things like that?” she asks him.

He in turn makes it clear to her that, he doesn’t want her falling for anyone else. She though isn’t in a mood to forgive him, and simply can’t get over the fact that he slept with someone else. Emmet apologizes to her for all that he has done, with tears in his eyes. “You ripped the fabric apart, you can’t just tape it back with words” she tells him. “Then I’ll wait until I figure out how I can” he in turn tells her. She then leaves in a hurry, without saying a word. At home, Daphne tells Kathryn she has had similar experiences all her life, she cries and pouts, but ultimately gets back up and handles it on her own. Kathryn tells her that she just wanted to protect her. The two, then share stories of Daphne’s childhood.

Daphne’s then tells her that, her plan is to make the chef realize she is good at her work. Later at work, Daphne resolves her issue of not being able to hear, by putting up a mirror, so she can substitute her ears with her eyes. At the hearing, the judge orders that, Angelo be removed from the country and be sent back to Italy within 48 hours. Bay, on seeing Angelo being taken away, rushes out of the courtroom in tears. Regina tries consoling her, but to no avail. Later, Regina is shown getting married to Angelo at the municipal court. The two are then pronounced husband and wife. The episode ends at this point.