The Intruder - Recap

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The episode begins with Bay climbing over the fence of a garage. She then sees an old school bus and is visibly pleased. She then takes a photo of it on her cell phone. Just then she receives a text from Regina, saying she wants to urgently meet. Daphne and Emmet have a chat while strolling through a park. Just then Daphne receives a message from her mother “Need you at home. Now” Bay and Daphne return home and inform Kathryn and the rest about the texts they received from Regina. Regina then arrives with Angelo. “We got the necessary documentation for Angelo to stay in the country” she informs everyone.

She then reveals much to everyone’s shock that, she has married Angelo, as that was the only way left, for him to stay back. “This marriage is strictly on paper, nothing is going to change” she tells everyone. Later, Regina explains herself to Adrianna and Daphne. Now they have to find an apartment, have an immigration interview “and that’s it”. At home Kathryn tells John that Regina and Angelo are lying to the government and if they support them, they too would be doing the same. John feels they should accept the whole thing for Bay’s sake. Later Daphne and Emmet discuss about entering a movie-making competition. Daphne tells him the movie making software is on the Kennishes computer. Daphne tells him she shall talk to Bay about him coming over.

She then reveals that she isn’t too happy with her mother getting married to Angelo. At home, Bay thanks Regina and tells her she is going apartment hunting with Angelo “this afternoon”. Later, Regina tells her boyfriend about the marriage, and he isn’t at all happy about it. Regina explains it doesn’t mean anything, but Patrick makes it amply clear that he isn’t comfortable with the whole arrangement. At work, Daphne bonds with a coworker. At the immigration office, Regina is called in by the immigration officer first, for an interview. At school, Simone tries to talk to Toby, but he apparently isn’t interested and walks away. At the immigration office, the officer interviews both Regina and Angelo separately and asks them various questions regarding each other.

At home, Daphne tells Bay about the movie and how she and Emmet need to use the computer at home. “It’s ok he can come over” Bay tells Daphne. Bay then thanks Daphne for being ok with Regina’s marriage. At the immigration office the two have managed to convince the office that they are a couple “with a deep shared history”. The officer then asks the two the reason for their separate living arrangements, but the two are unable to give a convincing reply. He as a result decides to refer their case to the fraud investigation department. He then elaborates that there will be surprise investigations, in order to confirm that the two live together. Later, Bay receives a message from Regina asking her to come home as Regina needs to talk to her.

Regina on the other hand is busy telling Daphne and Adrianna about the surprise checks, and how periodic credit checks would also be run, in order to make sure that Regina and Angelo do not rent separate apartments. Later, Regina and Daphne arrive at the Kennishes to inform them about it. Bay later arrives and is informed about the whole thing. Daphne puts her foot down and says she wants Angelo to move into the guest house, so they all live together. Later, Bay tells Adrianna, all that is happening is her fault, as she is the one who called the authorities on Angelo. She in turn tells her “I am sorry you have such a jerk for a dad, and one day you will realize it”.

Bay believes Angelo has changed, but Adrianna feels otherwise. In the morning, Kathryn and John argue over the fact that, Angelo is moving in. John is worried they are ones who would be lying, every time an immigration officer shows up at their house. Kathryn though tells him she had no other option but to let Angelo stay, as she doesn’t want Daphne to move out, which would have happened if Angelo wasn’t allowed to stay. Daphne and Emmet on the other hand are busy making their movie. The two while they are at it, end up discussing about Emmet and Simone. Later, Regina asks to spend some time with Daphne, but she tells Regina she has to work and leaves.

Regina realizes Daphne isn’t too happy with the whole Angelo issue. “I just wanted to do what is best for everyone” Regina tells Adrianna. Adrianna though, feels Regina married Angelo only because she has wanted it all along. Adrianna feels Angelo is an addiction for Regina. Regina on her part doesn’t dispute Adrianna’s argument and instead looks visibly worried. At work while washing dishes, Daphne breaks a few. She then overcome with emotions goes and cries alone in the storage room. The Chef comes and asks her “are you ok?” She tells him she is fine, but the Chef is convinced that she isn’t. He then tells her “you can call me Jeff”. He then tells her to slow down, as “it’s not an Olympic sport” he jokes. Angelo moves into the Kennishes garage. A worried Regina tells Angelo how she tried to fix one problem but created a hundred others.

Angelo assures her things will get better with time. Later in the night, Daphne asks to talk to Bay. She then confesses to Bay that, she isn’t really comfortable with Angelo moving in, although she tried her best to be. Bay is visibly worried to hear this and says “thought you guys were getting along”. Daphne agrees that they are, but it’s “too much too soon”. Bay agrees with Daphne that she too didn’t want the whole thing to happen like the way it did. Bay then says “wish there was another way”. On the other hand Regina tells Kathryn and John that, clearly the whole arrangement won’t work, so she has decided to tell the judge the truth along with confessing to the fact that she made a mistake.

Bay and Daphne come in just then and instead offer a different solution. They suggest that Angelo move into the house instead of living in the garage. That way Daphne can have her distance from Angelo and Bay can get to know her dad better. John and Kathryn along with Regina are left speechless on hearing this proposition and don’t really know what to say. Later Regina tells Daphne “he is all moved in”. She then apologizes to Daphne saying “I am sorry I didn’t come to you sooner”. Daphne on her part assures Regina she is ok with “all of it” and this time she means it. John and Kathryn on the other hand somehow manage to make peace with the fact that Angelo shall be moving in.

Toby tells Bay he is not ok with Emmet coming over. He then tells Bay he isn’t happy that his girlfriend had sex with her boyfriend, although it might appear he is fine with it now. Later, while taking out the garbage, Daphne sees Angelo standing in the kitchen inside the house and waves to him. The episode ends at this point.