The Shock of Being Seen - Recap

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The episode begins with Bay running into a group of guys and girls doing graffiti on the walls of the abandoned garage. The guys and girls get introduced to Bay, and she introduces herself to them. She then expresses her wish to work with them, and they agree to give her a chance. At work, Daphne has an accident, and just then the chef comes in. Daphne apologizes to the chef, but he is fine and tells Daphne to not worry about it. She then offers to help the chef in redoing the pastry that has gotten spoiled. At home, Emmett and his mother have a chat. At work, Daphne and the chef while working have a debate about vegetarianism.

The chef then reveals to her that he has an engineering degree from MIT. The chef always wanted to cook; hence he did not pursue engineering. The two seem to apparently bond, over a cup of coffee. At home, John and Kathryn confront Bay about her playing truant at school. The two remind her that she has to concentrate on her grades, as colleges look at them for admission. John then grounds Bay until she finishes her assignments. Angelo offers to help Bay with her French assignment. At work, Daphne is dismayed to see a girl named Vivian attract all of the Chef’s attention. Later at home, Daphne helps Bay with her assignments. Daphne then borrows a few of Bay’s clothes, and reveals that she is interested in a new guy, at work.

She then tries on the top she has borrowed from Bay. Regina comes in and isn’t comfortable with Daphne wearing the top, as its a little revealing. Daphne though doesn’t want Regina smothering her. She tells Regina she simply wants to look nice for herself. Regina though apparently isn’t too sure; Daphne is doing it only for herself. Later, Kathryn and Regina are interviewed by a TV reporter. Both of them are asked questions about Daphne and Bay that make the both of them uncomfortable. The reporter than makes Regina look good, by saying how much more difficult it must have been for her to bring up her daughter because of the issues she was facing.

The reporter then shifts her complete focus to Regina, much to Kathryn’s dismay. Later, Regina tells Kathryn that she had a lot of fun, but Kathryn clearly isn’t happy with how the whole interview turned out. At home, Angelo is trying to help Bay with her French assignment by making her watch French films. John isn’t too happy to see this. At work, Daphne introduces Kathryn and Regina to Chef Jeff. While working on her assignment at home with Angelo, Bay receives a text from Zara, one of the graffiti girls. The text is basically about where the whole graffiti gang would be meeting. Bay requests Angelo to cover for her, so she can meet the gang.

Angelo is reluctant, but Bay tells him that he is her father too and should therefore have a say in her life. The two then lie to John that they want to go to a French café to study, and he allows it. At the restaurant, Kathryn after downing a few drinks makes it amply clear that she isn’t very happy with the reporter, as she made only Regina look like a hero. Bay meets Zara, and she asks Bay to do a solo piece of graffiti, so she can prove to the rest of the gang how good she is. Angelo on the other hand is worried that Bay hasn’t returned home yet. He asks Toby if he has seen Bay. He says he hasn’t. Toby figures out that Angelo is her new cover, and it earlier used to be him. Angelo is worried that Bay has neither texted nor called, and it’s been long.

John comes in just then asks “where’s Bay?” Angelo tells John he doesn’t know. Toby on seeing the situation becoming awkward; makes himself scarce. Angelo then tells a visibly agitated John that, Bay had some place she wanted to go and he allowed it. John though isn’t in a forgiving mood, and reprimands Angelo for letting Bay go, without even finding out who Bay has gone to meet. He then in anger reminds Angelo that, he isn’t Bay’s friend but her father, which means he has to say no to her sometimes. “Your job is to protect her” John tells him. Angelo agrees with every word of John’s. John then tells Angelo that, the only thing left for them to do right now is to sit, worry and wait.

Kathryn on the other hand is still mad about the fact that, the reported showered all her attention on Regina. Regina reminds her about all the good reviews she got for the book she wrote. Kathryn tells Regina she is being made into a bad guy although she has done nothing wrong. Regina consoles Kathryn by telling her that, she can’t blame herself. At home, Angelo and John confront Bay for coming home late. John reprimands Bay for treating Angelo “like a convenient alibi”. “He deserves more than that” John adds, and then leaves. Bay apologizes to Angelo and admits that she really messed up. Regina and Kathryn stand outside the children’s ward of a hospital, and reminisce about the time they had their babies, while watching other babies.

Regina then points out that, all the babies nearly look alike, and therefore Kathryn shouldn’t beat herself up for making a mistake and taking the wrong baby home. At work, Daphne is helping out the Chef after hours. He offers her some salmon that he has just cooked. Daphne is then overjoyed, when the chef offers to take her off dishwashing and entrusts her a cooking job. The Chef then leaves to go and get a bottle of wine, and when he returns he sees Daphne standing with two wine glasses at the ready. He is visibly uncomfortable with what the whole thing means, and Daphne latches on to his apparent discomfort. The two hardly exchange any words, as a result; with the Chef leaving the kitchen awkwardly.

Later, Daphne meets up with Emmet. She tells him about the chemistry she shares with the Chef, and how he behaves erratically with her sometimes. Daphne asks Emmet, if she is too geeky and unsexy to be liked. She then asks Emmet, if he thinks she is attractive. Emmet hints that he does, but also tells her “you have really bad timing”. Angelo pays Regina a visit in the morning and tells her, how he feels like he is “in the way”. He also admits that he is probably making mistakes with Bay. Kathryn at home figures out as to who Angelo’s source at the hospital might be. She is shown seeing Angelo’s photographs with a woman, who she saw at the children’s hospital earlier.

The woman from the looks of it seemed like a doctor. Jeff on the other hand is seen leaving Emmet’s house in the morning after kissing his mother. Emmett arrives just then and sees him leave. Bay helps John clean up the graffiti she made at the car wash, but keeps mum about the fact that she is the one who made it. As it turns out, the graffiti of hers gets her accepted into the graffiti gang. The episode ends at this point.