The Tree of Forgiveness - Recap

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The episode begins, and Angelo comes to have a chat with Daphne. He asks if they can spend some time together and get to know each other again. She reluctantly agrees and then leaves for work hurriedly. John is livid when he discovers graffiti on the front door of his carwash once again. Bay and he then get into an argument about graffiti. Kathryn tells Angelo that she has found out about Leeann, the nurse at the children’s hospital. “Why is she a secret?” Kathryn asks him. He tells Kathryn he didn’t want Regina to know, that is why he kept quite. At home, Kathryn and John discuss about graffiti. Later, Kathryn asks Toby “how’s school?” She wants Toby to play his music at the biker show being hosted at John’s carwash.

Toby though, doesn’t think it’s a great idea. He tells her that he did play a bunch of gigs “but it never goes anywhere”. Hence, he only plays for himself. At the biker show, Emmett and Daphne get introduced to another deaf girl named Robin, who is also there for the show. Later, Daphne tells Emmett that Robin is just perfect for her. Emmett though, isn’t interested in anyone except Bay. Later, at home, Angelo finds Daphne baking a vegan chocolate cake, and complements her, as it smells great. He then suggests that, they go out together sometime. Daphne though, tells him that she isn’t too sure if she wants to be friends with him. Angelo is visibly hurt and promises to stay out of her way. Kathryn on the other hand tells Regina about Leeann. Daphne tells Bay that Emmett would be coming to the biker show.

Bay tells her that she knows. Daphne then tells Bay that, Emmett is still waiting for her. Bay though still isn’t ready to forgive Emmett. Daphne tells Bay, she should tell Emmett everything between them is over, so he can move on, as that would be the right thing to do, if she really cares for him. Regina sees Simone, illegally buying liquor and reprimands her for it, she then asks her to come along with her. Bay is busy chatting with the graffiti gang, just then the cops arrive at the scene. The cop on discovering that Bay is John’s daughter, lets her off with a warning and tells her that he doesn’t want to see her anywhere near the graffiti gang anymore.

Kathryn tricks Toby into coming along with her, so he can play music for a party at a church. Toby isn’t amused at being tricked, and tells him mother that he can get a gig if he wants and therefore doesn’t need her help. She in the end begs him to do it for her. “I love hearing you play honey” she adds. Toby in the end gives in to his mother’s request. At the biker show, Bay walks up to Emmett and tells him how she got into a huge fight with her father about the graffiti on his wall. He asks her to tell John that, the graffiti was made by her, which he feels might make a difference in the way John looks at the graffiti. She on her part is worried that she telling John the truth might hurt him. Emmett feels otherwise and insists that, Bay be honest with her.

He asks Bay to give John a chance, rather than assume things. Regina asks Simone why she was “alone buying a bottle of vodka, on a Saturday afternoon”. She tells Regina “everyone in the school hates me”, for what she did to Bay. She also adds that she probably does deserve to be hated for her actions. Regina asks Simone to get over things and move on, also telling her the terrible things she has done when she was drunk. Simone tells Regina that, she needs a friend. While doing some housework, Angelo accidentally injures himself badly with a nail gun. Daphne, who is nearby, rushes him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Daphne asks Angelo to groan loudly, so the nurses hear him and attend to him more quickly. At the church, just before Toby is called onto the stage, he tells Kathryn how Simone had sex with Emmett. Toby though, has changed his mind and walks out instead of performing. Then while Toby is packing up, Kathryn steps onto the stage and begins singing. Toby on hearing her sing changes his mind and steps onto the stage with his guitar, and accompanies his mother in her song. At the end of it, their performance is received with loud cheers from the audience. At her father’s office, Bay tells John the truth about the graffiti. John is shocked to hear it, and is baffled at the fact that, Bay defaced his wall.

She in turn tells him that, she thought he would like it. She then admits to him that, she has indulged in painting graffiti in the past. She reasons with him that according to her graffiti is art, even though it might be destroying the city, from his perspective. “I was just trying to get you to see things differently” she tells him. John says “I feel like I don’t know you”. She apologizes to John and then quietly leaves. Later, Emmett asks Bay “how did it go with your dad?” She replies “terrible”. Robin comes in just then and begins talking to Emmett. The three then have a chat. Robin invites the two for her bike race. Bay then proceeds to leave, as she feels she is interrupting.

Emmett tries to stop her, but Bay leaves, much to Emmett’s dismay. At the church a girl walks up to Toby and introduces herself as Nikki. She asks Toby to come by and play with her and her band the next week. Toby tells her this was “a onetime thing”. At the hospital, Angelo can’t take it anymore and tells Daphne she will have to forgive him at some point. He then admits that, it was wrong of him to leave her and Regina “but I am here now”. He says he is doing his best to make up for his past mistakes. Just then, Angelo is called in to see the doctor. Later at home, Regina taunts Angelo about the nurse. Angelo tells Regina to move on and forget about the past, as there are many things even he could be angry at her for.

He reminds her that he is here now, and that is what matters. Regina thinks for a moment about what Angelo just said and agrees with him. She then apologizes to him for her behavior. John on the other hand tells Kathryn about all that Bay revealed to him earlier, in his office. Toby finds a note from Nikki in his guitar case, informing him about the time and date of the band practice, just in case he changes his mind.

Daphne gives Angelo a pair of gloves, so he can protect his hands while working. Bay patches up things with Zara, from the graffiti gang, and tells her how she gets a huge part of her life that no one else gets. The two, then discuss the initials that Bay should use for her graffiti. The episode ends at this point.