The Declaration of Independence - Recap

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The episode begins with Bay and her new friend from the graffiti gang discovering that, someone called Smack has defaced it. Daphne discusses with Emmett, how much of a challenge she is finding it, juggling work and school all at the same time. Emmet then asks about the Chef and if he has shown any interest in her. She says he is giving her mixed signals. The Chef comes in just then and Emmett is surprised to see him, and recognizes him as the guy who he saw leave from his house a few days earlier, after kissing his mother. He doesn’t tell Daphne about it though. John and Kathryn ask Bay to handle the graffiti issue on her own and do the right thing, instead of punishing her.

Emmet’s mother tells Daphne that she has admirer in Travis, Daphne though tells her, she is interested in someone else, and the guy can hear. She then gives Daphne some relationship advice and asks her to tell the guy she likes, about her feelings. Regina on the other hand asks Kathryn and John to come along for Daphne’s open house. Bay discovers that they aren’t the only graffiti artist that Smack “has pissed off”. Daphne on the other hand, sort of asks the chef out, and he agrees. Regina at home, finds Kathryn helping Melody with the open house. John comes in and asks Melody about Travis. Melody tells him that Travis’s family isn’t too interested in his schooling or his life in general, also he is older than the other kids at school, as he had gotten held back.

John tells her he is asking because; Travis never seems to want to go home and is always at work. Melody says, there is no one who can use sign language at his house and that is why he probably feels lonely at home. Emmett meets up with Bay and tells her that Daphne has a thing for the Chef. He then reveals to Bay how the Chef is the same guy he saw, leaving his mother’s house in the morning. Daphne doesn’t know about the Chef and Melody hooking up, Emmett then tells Bay. Emmett wants her opinion on what he should do. Bay suggests that he keep it to himself, rather than embarrass Daphne. She feels Daphne probably just has a crush and would get over it. She borrows Emmett’s camera as she wants to take pictures at the bus-yard, but before leaving she makes it clear to him “nothing has changed with us”.

The Chef and Daphne seem to be warming up to each other, and the Chef is just about to kiss her, when she says “I should probably go”. Kathryn at home tells John that, Regina probably isn’t going to see the doctor recommend by her, for her hand, because her insurance doesn’t cover it. Kathryn therefore wants to help Regina out with it. John though, feels it’s a bad idea to lend money to friends. “It’s a slippery slope that ends with everyone feeling bad” John concludes. At home, Daphne tells Bay “Chef and I almost kissed”. “If I hadn’t gotten into my car it totally would have happened” she elaborates. Bay is visibly worried on hearing this and seeing no other option, tells Daphne what Emmett told her. Next day, she confronts Emmett about it and asks him why he didn’t tell her earlier about it.

He tells her, he didn’t know what to say, as the whole situation is weird. Emmett says that it might just be a sexual relationship between his mother and Jeff. Melody comes in just then and Daphne walks away in anger, Emmett too doesn’t tell Melody anything. Later at the open house, Jeff is surprised to see Daphne, and is told by Melody that she is a student at the school. Later, Daphne is visibly bothered to see Melody and Jeff chatting with each other and he making her, taste his creations. John on the other hand finds out that, Travis is interested in Daphne. Daphne then tries to make Jeff jealous by being overtly friendly with Travis, in front of him. Bay and her friend on the other hand are staking out at the bus yard to catch hold of the Smack, red-handed.

Bay has lied to her parents that, she is at the movies. At the open house, Melody finds out that Daphne is trying to consciously avoid her, and asks her what the matter is. “I don’t like that you are dating my boss” she tells Melody. Melody tells her she isn’t really dating him, but has been out with him only a few times. Regina comes in just then. She too says she knew Melody was dating Jeff, when asked by Daphne about it. “What happens when you guys break up and he takes it out on me?” she asks Melody; Melody on her part feels, Jeff wouldn’t do that. “Because you know him so well” says Daphne sarcastically. Regina asks Melody to leave, and then tells Daphne that maybe she is starting to have feelings for Jeff.

Daphne on her part denies it outright. Zara and Bay manage to catch hold of Smack red handed; Zara then threatens him with a knife and chases him away. She warns him to not spoil her piece ever again. At the open house, Travis tells John that, he and Daphne are going out bowling. Kathryn comes face to face with Emmett, but barely speaks to him. He by her behavior gauges that something is wrong. Daphne is seen rushing out of the open house. Later, Regina asks Kathryn if she has seen Daphne. “She went back to the restaurant to help” Kathryn tells Regina. Kathryn then brings up Regina’s not going to the doctor and her assumption that it’s because of financial reasons.

Regina though, tells Kathryn to stop and also tells her that she did see Kathryn’s doctor, but he too said the same thing to her that her own doctor had been saying for months. Basically her hand would take time to heal, is what all the doctors have been telling her. After the open house, John finds Travis waiting alone for Daphne to show up. “Daphne went to the restaurant to help” John tells Travis, awkwardly. John and Travis decide to go to the batting cage instead. Later at home, Regina tells Kathryn, “I feel like I am losing touch with Daphne and I took out on you and I am sorry”. “Maybe I have overstepped” Kathryn says, in return.

Kathryn then tells Regina that, Bay has been doing “street art for the past two years”. “Putting up illegal paintings on walls all over the city” Kathryn elaborates. Regina is shocked to hear about it. Bay comes in just then and tells the two that, she did not go to the movies. She tells Kathryn she doesn’t want to lie to them anymore, but also she isn’t going to stop doing street art.

Toby and Nikki have a chat, after he has practiced with her band. The two then decide to go out for some coffee. At work, Daphne confronts Jeff, and he tells her that he had assumed she was in college, and didn’t know she was only in high school. He then tries to think up of other excuses, but she pulls him close. “I want this to happen” she tells him, and two then end up kissing. The episode ends at this point.