We Are the Kraken of Our Own Sinking Ships - Recap

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The episode begins with Daphne arriving at work. Jeff tells her “about the other night, that can’t happen again”. She reluctantly agrees, and asks about Melody. Jeff tells her he has “ended that”. The two, then end up kissing once again. Bay and Zara are busy doing graffiti on Bay’s car. John and Kathryn arrive, but aren’t too thrilled to see what Bay is doing. Kathryn later tells Regina about Bay and her new friend. Kathryn feels they don’t matter to Bay anymore. Regina though, assures Kathryn that isn’t true. Regina and Adrianna suggest that Kathryn get Bay to channelize her focus somewhere else. At work, Scuba asks Daphne out, but she tells him she is seeing someone else.

Kathryn tells Bay, she has invited Alex and her parents to dinner “Saturday night”. Bay reminds Kathryn that she and Alex have broken up therefore it’s going to be really awkward. Kathryn says “your dad and I could do with new friends and you could reconnect with Alex; that’s it”. Bay is onto Kathryn and assures her that her ploy isn’t going to work. Toby and Nikki have are having a jamming session, and seem to be really hitting it off. Scuba sees Daphne and Jeff flirting around at work and puts two and two together. Kathryn tells John about her whole idea of trying to distract Bay by attempting to shift her focus on Alex, from Zara. Kathryn asks John to trust her instincts, about the whole issue.

At work, Scuba makes a mistake and worries about getting fired. He asks Daphne to take the bullet for him, as he is sure Jeff wouldn’t fire her. Patrick and Regina get back together and Regina invites Patrick to dinner at the Kennishes. “I’m there” he kisses and tells her. At work, Jeff calls Scuba and blasts him for his mistake, but Daphne intervenes and says “he didn’t do it; I did”. Jeff isn’t too happy to hear that, but doesn’t tell her anything much. Alex and his family arrive for dinner at the Kennishes. Bay comes in, and Alex takes her aside, so they can spend some time together. She apologizes to Alex who had assumed the dinner was Bay’s idea, so she could see him. “Trust me this wasn’t my idea” she clarifies.

Alex isn’t too happy to hear this, and excuses himself saying “I’ll see what my folks are up to”. Toby comes to know that, Nikki has a boyfriend, and is visibly surprised. She apologizes to Toby for not mentioning it earlier. At dinner, Regina lies to Alex’s parents that, she and Patrick are married, just then Bay receives a call from Zara informing her that, she is in the county jail. “I got jumped by Smack and some of his boys” Zara says. Bay asks her the details but, she says she will give those later. She, basically wants Bay to “come and bail” her out. Bay is shocked to hear that, the bail amount is $1500. She tells Zara, she doesn’t know if she can pull together that kind of an amount but adds: “I’ll be there as soon as I can”. Bay then asks Alex to come out with her for some “gelato”.

At work, Jeff tells Daphne he has to treat her like every other employee there, although he totally wants to kiss her “now”. Daphne with a smile says that, she completely understands. Nikki sings a song for Toby, so they can get over the “awkwardness”. Toby is visibly disturbed to know that she has a boyfriend. After she is done, Nikki tells Toby the song was about the man who shot her dad. “He was parked at the mall and some guy walked up to him and shot him” she elaborates. As it turns out, “the police never found the guy”. She then admits to Toby, she had a lot of anger in her because of what had happened and therefore she started doing drugs.

She then eventually got tired of letting “this horrible thing that had happened” consume her whole life, as a result she decided to “let it go”. Bay on the other hand, tells Alex as to why she asked him to come out with her for gelato. Just then, she receives a call from one of guys in the graffiti gang, who tells her she simply has to figure out a way to get Zara out, as she is hurt and there are people who want to hurt her more. Alex seeing Bay’s situation, agrees to help her, but isn’t very happy about it. After dinner, Alex’s mother teaches everyone a few moves of Salsa. They all seem to be having a good time trying to do it.

While dancing Angelo’s name comes up, when Regina tells him, how she had a few dance lessons when she was with him. “Why is it that his name comes up whenever we are doing something?” he asks, visibly unhappy. He tells her he can never compete with Angelo and proceeds to leave. “I can handle being with a woman in a fake marriage, but I just can’t handle being with a woman in a real one” he says and leaves. Jeff tells Scuba that he knows it he, who made the mistake and not Daphne. Scuba taunts Jeff about his relationship with Daphne, and he is livid. “Get out of my kitchen…now” Jeff yells. Daphne asks Scuba what happened, and Scuba tells her “you boyfriend just fired me”.

Everyone in the kitchen as a result, gives her a stare. Bay enters her dad’s office in order to “borrow money” from his safe. She finds Travis sleeping there on the couch. She tells him she wants to borrow the money for a friend who is in trouble. She tells Travis that it’s really important, or she wouldn’t be there. She on her part assures Travis, she wouldn’t tell her dad that he sleeps in his office sometimes, even if he doesn’t open the safe. Travis then opens the safe and gives her the money. Travis also reminds her that he would be in the line of fire if John finds out. “Me too” she says. Alex isn’t happy with all that he is seeing happen in front of him, but doesn’t say anything.

After work, Daphne tells Jeff “they all think I am here because of us”. “Do you think that’s why you are here?” he asks her. She replies in the negative. “You proved yourself to me, you will prove yourself to them” he tells her. He also tells her that “people gossip” and there is nothing she or anyone else can do about it, as that’s the way of the world. Bay pays the bail money, and sits outside the precinct with Alex and waits for Zara. She thanks Alex and also apologizes to him for getting him involved in “all of this”. Zara comes out and Bay tells her that, she needs back the bail money she paid for her “by tomorrow”.

Zara though, tells Bay she can’t arrange for the money so soon. Toby pays Emmett a visit, and tells him that he wants to start over. He also tells him that, he wants to start a band again, and Emmett says “I’m in” with a smile on his face. The two then discuss what name the band should have. The episode ends at this point.