The Trial - Recap

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The episode begins and Bay receives a call from Zara telling her she doesn’t have the money yet. She tells Bay, she is trying to arrange for the money. Bay then gives Travis $270 and tells him, she is “working on the rest”. Travis reminds her he would get fired if John finds out the money is short. “I can’t lose this job” he adds. Melody and Regina discuss about how Jeff has broken off with Melody. Regina tells Melody it’s a good thing, as Daphne has a crush on Jeff. Regina feels Daphne “is over it anyway”. Jeff and Daphne are sharing a meal, and seem to be having great time together.

Angelo comes back and Regina tells him about Patrick. “He got tired of dating a married woman” Regina says. Angelo asks Regina if she would come to the trial. Regina says she can’t come to the trial unless she is specifically summoned. Emmett, Nikki and Toby form a new band. Nikki is a bit skeptical, and had assumed Toby was kidding when he said Emmett was a deaf drummer. Toby asks her to give Emmett a listen before she makes up her mind. They begin rehearsing and by the end of it Nikki is impressed with Emmett’s skill as a drummer. Jeff invites Daphne over for some gelato, at his home. Once inside they get cozy, then suddenly Daphne begins to feel nauseous and rushes to the loo. She then ends up puking the food, which was basically, fired grasshoppers that Jeff had urged her to have.

Just then, Jeff hears the doorbell ring and sees Melody at the door. She is there to collect her sunglasses, which she had forgotten at Jeff’s earlier. Melody while waiting for Jeff to get the sunglasses sees Daphne’s car parked outside his house and puts two and two together. At home, Bay receives a text from Zara saying she has only managed to scrap together $78. She then sees Daphne standing in the kitchen. Daphne tells Bay how she almost slept with Jeff “last night”. She also reveals how they didn’t, as she ended up puking. Daphne is worried she might have ruined everything with Jeff, but Bay assures her that it isn’t so. John and Kathryn are informed by their lawyers, about how the court proceedings would go.

Daphne pays Travis a visit at work and apologizes to him for bailing out on him at the open house earlier. She sees Travis is too preoccupied and distracted and asks him about it. He tells Daphne about Bay and the money. At school, Simone offers to give Bay money, when she figures out that Bay needs it desperately. Bay turns her down and says she shall “figure it out”. Just then she receives a text from Travis asking about the money. Seeing no other option she asks Simone for the money. Nikki tells Toby, she can’t play with him anymore as her boyfriend isn’t comfortable with it. She has decided to respect her boyfriend’s wishes. Toby is visibly shocked to hear this, but walks away quietly.

Bay on the other hand manages to get Travis the money, just moments before John can find out. Later, John tells Kathryn about how there were $100 bills in his safe earlier, and now there are $20 bills instead. He says there isn’t any money missing, but feels one of his employees is using his safe as an ATM. Just before entering the courtroom, John asks Daphne if Travis is having any money problems. Daphne says, that he doesn’t, as far as she knows. “I’m going to have to deal with this sooner than later” John says. Emmett suggests to Toby that they try to get Nikki back. Toby is initially reluctant, but Emmett in the end manages to convince him. In the courtroom, Daphne tells Bay how John is blaming Travis for the money.

Daphne tells Bay, she won’t allow Travis to take the fall for it. “Either you tell John, or I will” Daphne adds. Later, Bay tells Kathryn about it. Kathryn isn’t too happy to hear this. Bay justifies herself by saying, she was only trying to help her friend who was in jail. “I don’t like who you are becoming” Kathryn tells Bay. At the school, Melody and Daphne have a chat. Melody brings up the topic of Daphne dating Jeff, who is much older than her. She feels it isn’t a good idea. She tells Daphne the problems the age difference will create between the two of them. Daphne feels Melody is simply jealous that Jeff chose her. Melody reminds her that, she and Daphne have been family for ages and she is saying all of this only because she cares for her.

Daphne is visibly disturbed by what Melody has said, and leaves in a hurry. At home, Kathryn tells Bay she shall make sure Travis doesn’t get fired and that she gets the money to pay back whoever she took the money from. Bay shall then get a job to earn that money back. At work, Daphne tells Jeff “Melody talked to me about us”. Jeff tells Daphne how Melody had stopped by at his place for her sunglasses, when she was puking in the loo. Daphne is visibly worried on hearing this, as she feels Melody will tell her mom about it. The two then discuss about their age difference, and Jeff tells Daphne how it would be the right thing for them to part ways. Daphne is in tears on hearing Jeff’s suggestion, but reluctantly agrees to it. At home, John and Kathryn discuss how their case has fallen apart.

Just then Craig arrives and tells the two, just two months before Bay and Daphne were switched, two other girls both named Tiffany were also switched. He has dug this out from the hospital records, and confirmed it with the parents of both the Tiffanys. “I contacted one of the mothers and she is willing to testify” Craig tells them. Later outside the courtroom, John and Kathryn are introduced to Linda, the other mother whose baby was switched. Toby on the other hand tries convincing Nikki to change her mind. Toby says what Nikki’s boyfriend is asking of her is just not right.

He adds that the band could end up being really great and therefore they should give it a shot. “Toby what time is rehearsal” Nikki in the end asks, with a smile on her face. In the night, Daphne pays Jeff a visit at his home, and tells him she doesn’t want to give up on their relationship. She doesn’t want to keep wandering what could have been, by not even giving their relationship a chance. Jeff smiles, holds her hand and takes her in. In court, the defense asks to call Kathryn as a witness. The judge allows it, but given that its Friday afternoon holds off the proceedings until Monday.

At home in the night, Kathryn is baffled as to what the defense wants from her. John talks to Craig who also doesn’t know why Kathryn is being called as a witness. John later calls Bay and gives her a sounding for all that she has done. Bay is then shown knocking on Zara’s trailer. Zara opens the door and Bay asks her if she could stay with her for a while. Zara invites her in. The episode ends at this point.