Street Noises Invade the House - Recap

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The episode begins with Daphne receiving a funny text from Jeff. Bay is busy carving a pumpkin. Zara comes and says they will celebrate Halloween with hot dogs, chips and beer. Bay just then receives a call from Kathryn. Bay says she doesn’t know when she will be, back home. Kathryn suggests she can come back home so they can talk things through. “Ask her where the hell she is staying” John, who is standing near Kathryn yells. Bay gets the feeling that John doesn’t want her back home and therefore hangs up. Zara asks Bay to stick with her for a while. “You know I think I will” Bay says. At work, Daphne meets with Michele Madison the owner of the restaurant.

She tells Daphne she wants to speak with her about her relationship with Jeff. Smak and a few of his guys arrive near Zara’s trailer searching for her. Zara picks up a large knife to deal with them, and lays in wait while they search for her in the nearby trailers. Michele tells Daphne her lawyer is looking into the rumors of an inappropriate relationship that Jeff is having with one of the employees. “If you are being victimized, Jeff can’t hurt you, I promise” Michel tells Daphne. “Did Jeff promise you promotion in return for sexual favors?” Michele asks. Daphne assures Michele that, Jeff is simply her boss and also that they aren’t romantically involved.

Michele says she shall get to the bottom of the whole issue and when she does, she shall take appropriate action. Smak and gang do not manage to find Zara and therefore leave. Just then Toby pays Bay a visit at the trailer. Bay and Zara sneak out from the trailer with Toby, who has parked his car nearby. The three head for the car. Just then Smak and gang see them from a distance. The three rush to the car and manage to get away, just as Smak and gang make it to the vehicle. Outside their house, Bay asks Toby to not tell their mom and dad, about what just happened.

John tells Bay he can’t allow Zara to stay in his house. “You can’t stay and I have to” Bay tells Zara. Zara leaves to stay with one of her other friends. At work Jeff is worried what might happen to him, and how his career might go down the drain. “It’s gonna be fine, I promise” Daphne assures Jeff. Later while in court, Daphne sends a text to Jeff saying how she quit so that things would be fine. Jeff isn’t too happy with the news though. Daphne tells all of this to Regina. Regina is shocked that Daphne is dating Jeff who is much older. Regina feels Jeff pressured her to quit. Daphne assures her that he did no such thing, and gets agitated at the fact that Regina isn’t being supportive.

Later in court, when asked if she would want to undo the switch, Kathryn says a “no”. Bay tells Zara she wants to go with Zara to meet Zara’s father who is also an artist, and lives in Mexico. The two then simply pick up and leave. John with the help of the GPS on his phone and from Toby discovers that, Bay might be heading for Mexico. John and Emmet then leave to get Bay back home. Bay on her way with Zara to Mexico, realizes that their trip might be of a longer duration that she had anticipated, and therefore seems a bit apprehensive. “I didn’t say goodbye to Daphne feel kinda bad ditching her” Bay says.

Zara suggests Bay can send her a postcard or an email. Basically it seems as if Bay has changed her mind about going, but plays along as she doesn’t have the courage to tell Zara the truth. On the road Emmet gives John some sound advice on how to cope with Bay. Bay on the other hand finds out that, Zara doesn’t really have an idea as to where her father is in Mexico. They also discover that most of their money and passport has been stolen. Bay despite everything doesn’t want to back down and wants to continue on with the journey. Jeff is angry at the fact that Daphne quit, as it’s making him look really bad. Jeff then realizes that Daphne quit only because she wanted to be with him. He tells her he cares about her, but she in turn tells him she loves him. “You’re going to find someone so much better for you than me” he says.

Daphne with tears in her eyes tells Jeff she knows he means he doesn’t love her back. John and Emmet, finally catch up with Zara and Bay, who are sleeping in Bay’s car. “Bay what are you doing?” asks John. Bay tells him she is going to Mexico to paint with Zara’s dad. She then admits to John that she has no money and no passport. “I am not going to stop doing street art, I can’t stop. It’s who I am“says Bay. “It’s part of what makes me, me” she adds. “That is exactly how I would feel without you” John tells her with a smile on his face. The two then hug and make up. At home, Regina is worried and tells Angelo maybe she should have taken Bay’s side, and then she wouldn’t have left. She then exclaims how as an added bonus she managed to say all the wrong things to Daphne.

Angelo is then shocked to hear the age of the guy Daphne is dating. Angelo in a huff leaves to talk to Jeff. Regina tries stopping him, but he is too outraged at the fact that, a grown man would want to date a high school girl who is only 16. Later, Kathryn tells Regina that, Bay has been found and is being brought home. Regina then tells Kathryn about Daphne. The two then head out to stop Angelo who is on his way to talk to Jeff. Daphne is sitting alone in her car outside the restaurant. Angelo arrives and sees her. Angelo asks her as to what happened and what Jeff did to her. He then goes to talk to Jeff in anger, without waiting for Daphne to answer. He enters the restaurant and asks around for Jeff. He then enters the kitchen, asks for Jeff and on seeing him, punches him in the face.

He then warns Jeff to never touch his daughter again. “I can’t believe you cam all this way just to find me” Bay tells Emmet. “I will always come find you” Emmet replies. Daphne with tears in her eyes apologizes to Kathryn for messing up the job, Kathryn got for her, as a favor. Kathryn assures her that it’s all ok. Later in court, the jury rules in the favor of John and Kathryn, but only awards them $1, on the other hand the jury also rules in the favor of Angelo but awards him $5 million.

Everybody is visibly shocked with the verdict. John says its fine, as it was proven he and Kathryn were right and that’s all that matters. Bay and Daphne later sit alone in an empty courtroom and chat about the day, before they came to know about the switch. Just then a pregnant woman enters the courtroom and asks for Angelo. The episode ends at this point.