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The Door to Freedom - Recap

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The episode begins at the Kennish household and Kathryn and John are impressed to see that Bay has turned a new leaf. She has made her bed and is now doing her school assignments. She tells her parents that she may not make valedictorian but is determined not to be in the bottom of her class. Daphne is back from a rigorous workout and tells Regina about it. Daphne is trying to get in shape. Daphne checks her phone and sees text messages from Jeff. Just then Angelo arrives home with a fancy new car. Everyone comes out to see the car and impressed with how cool it is. Angelo asks John to open the trunk of the car. In it are gifts Angelo has bought for everyone.

Everyone is happy with their gifts, as Angelo has gotten each one of them what they wanted. But, for Daphne, Angelo has bought a food truck. John and Kathryn aren’t too happy with it, but Angelo feels Daphne can use the food truck how she wants to and also she wouldn’t have to work in a restaurant after school. Daphne too isn’t sure about the whole idea of the food truck, but Angelo begs her to keep it for one week and give it a try. Daphne awkwardly agrees. Later, Kathryn and John discuss about Angelo’s gifts. John feels Angelo with his gifts is trying to rub the money in their faces. Bay and Emmet enter the room and overhear John saying this. In school a guy named Taylor comes looking to join a course. Daphne takes him to the school office. Angelo tells Regina the money is as much hers as it is his, as they are married.

She is reluctant to accept that and says their marriage is only on paper, but Angelo reasons with her and suggests they enjoy the money together. At school Bay is called to the principal’s office. Turns out, Bay scored really high on a test and the teacher feels she copied from a bright student sitting in front of her. The principal tells her that she will be presented in front of an “honor board” that shall look into this matter. Bay is outraged at the whole thing and maintains she got the high score thanks to her hard work. Daphne gets a text from Jeff, saying he wants to meet her in the night. She is visibly excited at the proposition. Toby enters Angelo’s house and sees a pregnant woman talking to Angelo. She is shown angrily telling Angelo that the kid she is having is his. Angelo realizes Toby is there.

Toby immediately apologizes and says he came there only to thank Angelo for the gift he gave him. “This is a bad time so I am gonna go” Toby says awkwardly. The woman asks Toby to stay and herself leaves. Later, Angelo tells Toby how she met the woman, Adrianna in Italy. He had a falling out with her and didn’t see her till now. Angelo comments on how Adrianna conveniently showed up on the day he won $5 million. He adds how he and Adrianna simply spent one night together and is therefore finding it difficult to believe Adriana’s claim. Angelo it turns out has asked Adrianna to take a DNA test, which is the reason why she was angry. Toby on his part doesn’t really know how to react to all that Angelo is telling him. Angelo asks Toby to keep the whole thing to himself, till he (Angelo) deals with the situation.

At home Kathryn and John are enraged at being told by Bay about the honor board hearing. Bay points out that if things don’t go in her favor, she could even be expelled. Bay decides to take Angelo to the hearing, so he can prove to the board that he speaks flawless French and therefore taught Bay the language really well, which is the reason why she scored so well in her French exam. Kathryn and John feel it’s a great idea and commend Bay for it. In the night, Daphne meets up with Jeff. Jeff says he wanted to talk to her because she had asked if she could put him as a reference for a new job. He tells her there could be an issue with that, as he has been put on probation. He mentions how it’s a small town, so a lot of chefs know what happened between them. “So when they call and ask, I have to be honest” he tells Daphne.

Jeff also tells her that she doesn’t have to text him about everything that she does. Daphne is on the verge of tears at the things Jeff is saying, but tries to keep her calm. “You and me, we can’t be friends” Jeff eventually says and walks away. Next day, Kathryn tells John she is interested in running for office. She feels she can do some good, if she is elected. John is supportive of Kathryn’s idea and tells her the whole family will be by her side, every step of the way. Toby can’t take it anymore, so he tells Angelo’s secret to Bay. Bay is disturbed on hearing it. She wonders if Regina and Daphne know. “I think you and I are the only people who know” Toby says. Next day after the hearing, Bay confronts Angelo about Adrianna. Angelo tells bay, he will give Adrianna anything that is required to raise the kid.

He also mentions how Adrianna doesn’t want to keep any contact with him. He assures Bay nothing with change between them. But, Bay isn’t convinced and can’t come to terms with the fact that Angelo will abandon the kid. “You are repeating history. It is the same thing all over again” Bay tells Angelo angrily. In class, Melody notices that Daphne is distracted and isn’t paying attention to the goings on. She questions Daphne about it, after class. She asks Daphne where Travis is. Daphne says she doesn’t know, but doesn’t tell Melody that she told off Travis the previous night and asked him to stay away. Melody then asks why Daphne was distracted in class. She asks if it’s about Jeff, but Daphne denies it. Melody then tells Daphne how she threw away a good job because she was in love.

She tells her that such opportunities rarely come to people with disabilities. Daphne agrees with what Melody is saying and apparently realizes her mistake. “It’s time to take charge of your life again” says Melody emphatically. She also tells Daphne to pay attention in her class from the next time. At home in the night, Kathryn tries to convince John to run for office, as she has been told by a family friend of theirs that John with his reputation and successful business acumen, would be the perfect candidate to run for office. John isn’t too crazy about the idea, but Kathryn is insistent and tells him she will help him every step of the way. She asks John to think about it. Daphne and Travis make up, after she apologizes to him for her behavior earlier. She and Travis then have some desert in her food truck.

Bay arrives and Daphne tells her that she has decided to keep the truck. Bay tells Daphne that she is interested in joining Carlton, which is Daphne’s school. Travis and Daphne are surprised to hear this, but Bay says it’s not unusual as Carlton has begun a “pilot program” for kids who can hear. Bay feels she would fit in better at Carlton than in Buckner which is her current school. The episode ends at this point.