The Awakening Conscience - Recap

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The episode begins with Bay telling Kathryn and John about her decision of wanting to go to Carlton. Kathryn doesn’t seem to think too highly of the idea and feels it doesn’t make any sense. Daphne talks about the pilot program that Carlton has for regular kids. Daphne also mentions that the teachers at Carlton are pretty good. Bay tells her parents that she never felt home at Buckner and therefore feels going to Carlton would be a sensible move. Bay and Daphne leave and allow John and Kathryn to process what they have just told them. Kathryn seems to be sold to the idea, but John is still reluctant.

Angelo in the meantime confesses to Regina that he is “going to be a father again”. Regina is visibly shocked to hear this. Angelo presents all the facts to Regina and promises her that he will do anything to “make this right” with her. Regina though, is shattered and on the verge of tears. She tells Angelo how he threw everything away, just when things were getting better between them. Kathryn has managed to convince John to send Bay to Carlton. “You guys are not going to regret this” Bay tells Kathryn. John later calls a family meeting and tells them that he is planning to run for state senator. Kathryn mentions that she will be helping with the fundraisers and press releases.

The family is cool with it, but John is disappointed as he was expecting them to be more excited about the news. Next day, Bay meets Emmet on her first day at Carlton. Emmet tells her he still can’t believe the fact that she has joined Carlton. Bay assures him it’s for real and “I have the crappy student ID to prove it” she jokingly tells him. Bay later runs into Taylor, the other “hearing person” who has joined Carlton just recently. Taylor is still struggling with his sign language, but is slowly trying to learn. At home, a visibly agitated Regina tells Kathryn about how Angelo has gotten a girl pregnant. They are both worried that they have to tell Bay about it. At school, both Bay and Taylor are unable to follow the sign language the teacher is using, as she is going too fast.

The teacher slows things down so the two can follow, but this irritates the other students in the class. At school, Bay joins Emmet and his gang for lunch at their table. Emmet introduces her to everyone and tells them that she has joined the pilot program. Emmet leaves her alone with the group for a minute and she tries her best to fit in, but they don’t seem interested. Bay in the process also figures out that she is a “bad signer” and asks Emmet why he has never told her that. Emmet in turn tells her that he understands her, so he never felt that way. Daphne on the other hand has parked her food truck outside John’s garage and is selling tacos. Toby is also helping her out. She gets her first customer and it’s John. He feels she is charging too less for the tacos and changes the price list.

Daphne doesn’t seem convinced but plays along. Regina asks Bay as to how she is coping at Carlton. Bay honestly tells her that things aren’t going too well, but urges Regina to not tell her parents. Regina asks Bay to “give it time” and says things will eventually look up. Regina then begins telling Bay about Angelo, but she cuts her off saying “I know”. She tells Regina about how Toby told her and then how she and Angelo got into a big fight about the issue. “Now I know why he told me. He was caught” Regina concludes. Toby tells Daphne after counting the cash that, she has earned $253 on her first day. Daphne is pleasantly surprised to hear this. Later, Toby, Nikki and Emmet practice some music together for their band.

After Nikki leaves Emmet tells Toby he has read something about Nikki that someone had posted on their website. He elaborates that it was a picture of Nikki at a party, with no shirt on. Emmet then shows Toby the picture on his laptop and Toby is visibly shocked. At school, Bay and Taylor bond over the fact that they both feel like outsiders. The two arrive to play some volleyball and are told to be in the team which has the girl from their class, who doesn’t like them. During the game the girl pushes and shoves Bay a number of times. Eventually Bay gets her own by hitting her with the ball. The coach sees this and asks Bay to leave his class. At the garage, Daphne offers her Taco to Travis, but he makes it clear to her that he can’t afford it, and it’s too expensive for him.

At school, Bay tells Emmet about her spat with Natalie, the girl who doesn’t like her. Emmet says Natalie isn’t that bad, but Bay retorts that Natalie hates her for no reason at all. “She just needs to know you. I promise” Emmet argues. At the garage Daphne voices her opinion to John that, poor people can’t afford to have food from her food truck, as its too expensive, and a just a year ago she too was poor, so she understands their predicament. She wants to take the food truck to her old neighborhood, but John isn’t too crazy about the idea. “Let me do it my way” says a persistent Daphne. “I want to do something that makes sense” she adds. “If you are going to do this then I am coming with you and that’s non-negotiable” John says with a smile.

At home, Toby behaves weirdly with Nikki and she asks him as to what is going on. He then comes out and tells her what the issue is. She is told about the picture and begins explaining. She says that it was in her freshman year and around the time when her dad died. She says things were out of control and she was drunk that is when someone took that picture. Toby asks her if it was her ex-boyfriend Jed who posted that picture. Nikki says it wasn’t. “Then who was it?” he retorts. Nikki argues that it doesn’t matter as it was in the past, and someone did a stupid thing.

Toby won’t let it go and suggests that the whole thing is a bit confusing, as she won’t sleep with him but doesn’t mind her semi-nude picture being taken. Nikki is visibly agitated and tells him the whole thing happened two years ago. She gauges that Toby is angry because she won’t sleep with him, although he hasn’t literally said that. Nikki then begins to leave and Toby tries stopping her. She makes it clear to Toby that she isn’t going to apologize for her past to him or anyone else, as she was going through a hard time at that point, and dealt with it, the best way she knew how. She then storms out. Daphne and John in the meantime start their business in her old neighborhood. At home, Toby tells Kathryn about his issue with Nikki.

Kathryn talks some sense into Toby and makes him realize that even he has done crazy and embarrassing things in the past. She feels Kathryn is a nice girl and he should stick with her. Daphne’s food truck is sabotaged by a local guy, whose business is getting affected because of her giving away food that is virtually free. Later, at home John tries to make a disappointed Daphne feel better and succeeds to a certain extent. Toby and Nikki on the other hand make up. At school, Natalie tells Bay she has an issue with regular kids begin inducted into their school and also tells Bay that she will never belong in Carlton. The episode ends at this point.