Duel of Two Women - Recap

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The episode begins in school with Bay telling Emmet that she read the “Scarlet Letter” and describes to him what the book is about. She also tells him how she has not slowed down the class in the last one week. But, Bay realizes she still hasn’t been accepted by Emmet’s friends who have written the words “Hearie Bitch” on her locker. Later, while she is trying to black out the words on her locker a guy named Noah who is in her pilot program, chats up with her. At home in the night Daphne tells Regina and Adrianna how Bay is being bullied at school. Regina a little later quite apprehensively tells Daphne and Adrianna about the fact that Angelo is soon going to be a father again.

Regina them gives them all the details. Daphne isn’t too happy to hear this news. Adrianna on her part begins a verbal tirade against Angelo, as she anyway doesn’t like him or trust him. Daphne says it really doesn’t affect her and asks her mother is she is “ok”. “I really thought he had changed” says a disappointed looking Regina. Daphne suggests just she and Regina go to a day spa this weekend to get away from things. “That sounds fantastic” Regina says. John and Katherine in the meantime are preparing for his election campaign. At school Bay tells Emmet how much Natalie hates her and why. Later, Emmet and Melody discuss about the pilot program and turns out, Melody too isn’t very happy about it. He also tells Melody how Bay and the other hearing kids are being picked on.

The kids later see that Melody has organized a weekend retreat for all the kids. It’s a “tolerance retreat” and attendance is compulsory. Natalie isn’t too happy to see this and accuses Bay of being a “cry baby”. Emmet intervenes and says it was he who talked to his mother and not Bay, but Natalie doesn’t care. Daphne is mad that she has to go to the retreat because of which her weekend plans with Regina are foiled. She suggests that Regina come with her to the retreat. Daphne tells her that Melody will be there and she will also be able to avoid Adrianna taunting her about Angelo. Regina likes the idea and agrees to meet Daphne and the others at the retreat after a doctor’s appointment. Toby is at the car mechanic inquiring about his car he has given for repair.

He sees Lana there arguing about her car which is still in repair. He offers to drive her home and she reluctantly agrees. At the retreat Bay sees Noah suddenly lose control of himself and collapse to the ground. He sits himself down and tells her he has Meniere's disease, because which he has erratic dizzy spells and lost 60% of his hearing. “Eventually I could lose it all” he tells her. That is the reason he is in Carlton. Bay is moved by his story and offers to tell him hers. From a distance Emmet sees the two of them getting friendly and isn’t very happy about it. Later Melody tells the kids at the retreat that they are going to partake in games which will help them bond. Bay, Noah, Natalie, Emmet and Daphne are put in the same team for the games.

Katherine brings up the issue of immigration during a food show on radio, on which she is only suppose to talk about the recipe of a particular dish. John has been told he is so popular he doesn’t need to address any serious issues to win, but Katherine feels otherwise. At the doctor’s Regina is told, he wrist won’t really get better so all she can do for now is not make it worse. She is suffering from something called “Osteonecrosis” The doctor suggests Regina accept what she has, rather than trying to run away from it. At the retreat the teams begin their tasks. Emmet isn’t, liking the fact that Bay is paying more attention to Noah than him. She is basically, having to do that as Noah is new to sign language and she is, having to interpret things for him.

Emmet asks Bay if she would like to spend some time with him alone later on. She looks at Noah and reluctantly says a yes, but also says she isn’t sure as she has to keep a lookout for Noah as he isn’t well. Emmet asks her the reason but she tells him it’s hard to explain. Just then Noah and Natalie return and they have to cut short the conversation. Toby on the way to dropping Lana home has an accident. Afterwards, she tells him she is perfectly fine but suddenly she begins experiencing pains in her stomach and Toby decides to rush her to the hospital. At the retreat the games haven’t really worked as there is still friction between the kids who can hear and the kids who can’t.

Melody then asks everyone to make a list of all the things they know about their partner and asks them to explain the things on the list using sign language. For this game she breaks up kids into pairs. Bay and Natalie are pinned together as partners. Toby is in the hospital with Lana. He offers to call her family but she tells him her family lives in Boston and they don’t know she is pregnant. Toby also figures that calling Angelo wouldn’t really be a good idea. Then while Toby is in the room the doc puts Lana through an ultrasound and Toby is moved to see the unborn child in womb. Lana says she tries not to look, as it makes things harder for her, as she is planning to give her baby up for adoption. At the retreat the exercise seems to work as Bay and Natalie say a few positive things about each other.

Just then, a worried looking Regina arrives. She tells Daphne the bad news the doctor gave her and says she shall never be able to again use sign language. Daphne is distraught on hearing this. Melody suggests that Regina is faking it to gain sympathy. Regina is enraged at the suggestion and walks away in anger. At home, John confronts Katherine about what she did on the radio show and reminds her that she was just, suppose to talk about recipes. John adds how his opponent is spinning it against him by saying John encourages illegal immigrants. John feels he can make a difference if he is elected, so he wants to play it the way his election adviser Ivan wants him to.

Katherine feels John should talk about issues he believes in, but John disagrees and says Ivan is right and he is in a stronger position so he doesn’t need to get “aggressive”. “No more talking politics” he tells her. Katherine isn’t happy with this directive and makes her displeasure known. Next day at school Bay and Natalie call a truce. Toby asks Lana to meet his family before she puts her baby up for adoption. Emmet tells Bay he was jealous on seeing her and Noah together although he believes her, when she says she and Noah are just friends.

He asks Bay why they can’t be together once again. She tells him she already has too much on her plate and for now just wants to be friends. But, Emmet says he isn’t interested in being her friend. He says he thought he did “but it hurts too much”. Bay with tears in her eyes says being friends is all that she can handle for now. “Then I’ll see you around” he says and walks away. The episode ends at this point.