Dressing for the Charade - Recap

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The episode begins and John and Kathryn are surprised to see a $400 prenatal ultrasound charge on it. They ask Toby about it and he tells them about how he met Lana and it was for her that he spent that money. John and Kathryn aren’t at all happy to hear this, but Toby is expecting them to be a bit more supportive. He also mentions to them that he has invited Lana to dinner. Angelo on his part tries patching things up with Bay, but she isn’t in a forgiving mood after what he has done. Kathryn and John from a distance see Bay telling off Angelo. “So if Bay is done with Angelo can we be too?” John asks Kathryn.

At school Daphne finds out Travis stayed at the car wash again and says John will let him stay in the house if he asks him. Travis doesn’t want to impose, as he feels John has already done enough. Daphne is worried how Travis will manage, but he says it’s not her problem and walks away. Toby tells Regina and Bay about Lana coming to dinner and they both aren’t too happy hear that. Toby convinces Bay to come for the dinner by lying to her that Lana wants to meet her baby’s big sister. Daphne on other hand finds out from Travis’s mother that it is Travis who is threatening to move out, and is having huge fights with his father and brother. At home, Bay tells Regina that she during the dinner will warn Lana about “exactly the kind of guy Angelo is”.

Later, Kathryn and Regina decide to have some fun and go to a club. At the club, Regina meets an old acquaintance named Zane, who used to hit on her every time she used to come at this very same club with Angelo. Zane is happy to hear that she and Angelo are no more together. Kathryn sees that the two are hitting it off and leaves the two alone and excuses herself. The two share things about their life with each other. Zane then proceeds to leave as he has some work, but asks Regina to come back the next night. Zane is a musician and shall be playing at the club with his “guys”, which is why he wants Regina to come. At home, Daphne tells Bay what she has found out from Travis’s mom.

Bay says that Travis wouldn’t take help from Daphne as he likes her. She is also pretty sure that Daphne likes him, although Daphne is claiming otherwise. Bay manages to get a “jealous reaction” out of Daphne by kidding with her that she (Bay) has been dating Travis for a month. She then tells Daphne what she was trying to do and adds “maybe you are more into him than you think”. Later, Lana arrives at the Kennish household for dinner. Bay invites Lana to the dinner table, after the introductions are done with. Travis and Daphne discuss about what Daphne found out from his mother. “They want me to stay in my room and not bother anyone. I can’t live like that anymore” Travis tells Daphne, after she tells him what his mother said.

After dinner the Kennishes discover during their conversation with Lana that the dinner plan was Toby’s doing. Basically, it was Toby who lied to both parties that they were keen to meet each other, so the dinner could happen. John confronts Toby about it, but he skirts the topic and gets Lana out of there on the excuse that he wants to give her a “tour of the rest of the house”. A little later an immigration officer arrives to confirm if Angelo and Regina are still living together. John and Kathryn lie to him that the two have moved out of the guest house. The immigration officer wants to confirm this, but John distracts him for a bit, while Kathryn texts Daphne to get Regina out of the guest house.

But, before Daphne can talk to Regina about it, she leaves to go to the club. She sees her car in the driveway is blocked by another car behind it and goes in to tell Kathryn about it. She as a result comes face to face with the immigration officer who says he was told she has moved out. Kathryn gathers her wit and says she is simply there visiting her daughters. Daphne and Travis in the meantime, clear the guest house of any trace of Regina’s stuff, so it looks like she has actually moved out. Angelo too arrives a little later after receiving a text about the immigration officer’s arrival.

The Kennishes with help from Travis and Daphne manage to convince the immigration officer that Regina and Angelo have moved out but are still together; just then Lana arrives with Toby. Lana recognizes Regina from the time she had met her in the elevator when she was visiting Angelo. The immigration officer is intrigued by the new arrivals. He asks Lana what her relationship with Angelo is. Lana left with no other option tells the officer “I am carrying his baby”. The officer is shocked to hear this. Regina asks to talk to the officer in private. Daphne on the other hand thanks Travis for helping save her mother. Angelo asks Lana how the baby is doing and is told by Bay that she is giving the baby up for adoption. “Why didn’t you tell me about this? Don’t you think that’s a decision we both should make?” he asks Lana.

Bay intervenes and says why, should Lana tell him anything, when he hasn’t been a father to Daphne and has barely been a father to her. Regina in the meantime tells the officer that Angelo had an affair with Lana just a few months before they got married. The officer warns Regina that if she is lying to him and there is any sort of immigration fraud that is happening, she would go to jail. He says he could get any criminal charges against her waived, if she tells him the truth right now. “Now is there anything else you would like to tell me?” the officer emphatically asks her. Bay tells Angelo how much of a disappointment he has been as a father. Angelo can take it no more and says that he has tried his best to be a good father to her and even stayed in detention for 4 months in the US just so he could be with her.

He says he could have gone back to Italy at any time but he did not. The immigration officer comes out with Regina and says “based on what Ms Vasquez has told me this marriage has so many problems it has to be real”. The officer tells Regina and Angelo that they seem like a good couple and adds that he hopes they work out their differences. Later, Regina arrives at the club and sees Zane playing there with his guys. Zane is happy to see Regina there and decides to take a 10 minute break, so he can spend time with her. At home, Daphne and Travis end up kissing each other. The episode ends at this point.