The Acquired Inability to Escape - Recap

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The episode begins and Daphne runs into Travis at school. She looks a bit awkward around him, possibly because they just recently had kissed. Travis senses Daphne’s apparent awkwardness. At home Kathryn apparently isn’t too happy to find out that, Bay would rather bond with Regina than her. At school Daphne tells Emmet about her and Travis’s kiss. Emmet comments on how Daphne only prefers dating guys who can hear, although she disputes that. Emmet cites her examples of all the guys she has dated to date and points out that all them could hear. Daphne realizes what Emmet is saying is true. At home, John is rehearsing for his election debate, with Kathryn’s assistance.

Toby comes and asks John if he can ask his grandpa Bill for a recommendation. Basically, Toby wants to join Washington University and a family connection would help him get in. Bill was a student of WU which is why Toby wants a recommendation from him. John is clearly not happy with Toby wanting Bill’s recommendation, but says it’s Toby’s wish. Regina on the other hand is at the club spending some time with Zane. At school, Daphne and Noah run into each other. Noah asks her to join him and a few other guys for a game of basketball after school, as he has heard she is good. The two then share a few laughs.

Emmet sees the two together and taunts Daphne about once again showing interest in a hearing guy. Daphne immediately blows off Noah by telling him she will be spending time with Travis, after school. Bay in the meantime goes to the school drama, where she has been invited by Natalie. Natalie asks Bay to help decorate the set for their play. Bay gives a few suggestions that Natalie and her friends like. Just then everyone participating in the play is informed that, as a cost cutting measure the play has been cancelled this year. Turns out, the director moved on, as there was no money to pay his salary. At home, a disappointed Bay tells Kathryn about how the drama program was cut.

Bay is disappointed as she finally felt she was fitting in and just then the drama program was killed off, because of the new program for the hearing kids. Kathryn is outraged and decides to do something about it. Toby meets Grandpa Bill for the recommendation. Bill looks through Toby’s application and says it isn’t very impressive, as he hasn’t done anything of note that would make him stand out. Toby agrees with Bill and says that is exactly why he wants his help with the application. At home, Kathryn tells Regina about her plan of talking to the principal of Carlton about the cancelled art program. She wants Regina to come along, but Regina has a job interview. Regina also tells her about the time she spent with Zane.

Regina isn’t too sure about what she is doing with Zane, when she should be looking for a job and a husband and basically a stable life. Kathryn feels Regina is going through a lot right now and hence needs a distraction like Zane. Kathryn later tries speaking to the principal, but she explains there is nothing she can do, as the school simply doesn’t have the budget for art programs. Kathryn suggests the principal allow the parents to take over the play. But, she tells Kathryn there is no money for a director or props or anything else. “I think the ship has sailed on this one” she in the end tells Kathryn. Later at home, Kathryn gives Bay the good news that the “play is back on”. Kathryn says she volunteered to be the director, as a stop gap arrangement.

Bay isn’t too excited to hear this. Toby in the meantime tells John what Bill told him about the application. John is visibly angry and assures Toby his music and his band will set him apart. John mentions how his father Bill, tried to break his spirit when he did not take a football scholarship but instead opted for major league baseball. Toby isn’t too sure about sending the applications after what Bill has told him, but John is adamant that Toby send the applications. Zane asks Regina to come out for a drink, but she says she can’t and lists him all her responsibilities. She says she really likes hanging out with him, but has to deal with the issues in her life first.

The two then kiss each other and part ways. Daphne in the meantime has money stolen from her food truck by a couple of guys. She tries to stop them but to no avail. Travis who was with her, had gone out of the truck for a few minutes when this happened. Travis returns and is shocked to find out what happened. Next day at school, Kathryn tells the students participating in the play that she is their new director. Bay is too embarrassed to admit that she is her mother, especially since Kathryn is struggling with her sign language. Turns out, she has gotten her own interpreter to help her out. But, somehow the students don’t respond too well to Kathryn’s methods. John confronts Bill about what he did with Toby.

Bill says he told Toby he would make the call for a recommendation, after Toby beefed up his resume. “You weren’t suppose to critique him, he wasn’t asking for your opinion” John tells Bill angrily. Bill takes credit for how John turned out, but John retorts “you can’t take credit for me, what I have done; I have done in spite of you”. John eventually tells Bill he did the right thing by keeping Bill out of his kid’s lives. Regina in the meantime is frustrated as she isn’t getting a job. At school, Kathryn overhears Bay telling Natalie that her mom “doesn’t really have a life of her own, so she is always putting herself into mine”. Bay realizes Kathryn has overheard her. Kathryn is in tears on hearing this.

She later asks Bay “is that what you think of me? That I don’t have a life? That I am someone you need to apologize for?” Bay apologizes to Kathryn for what she said. Kathryn says she only decided to be a part of the drama club for Bay. Daphne and Travis on the other hand have a chat about the robbery. She feels they were targeted because they are deaf and the robbers felt they were easy prey. At home, Bay again apologizes to Kathryn about what she said to Natalie. Kathryn promises Bay that she will step down as soon as she can find a replacement. “That’s not what I want” Bay says. Kathryn sees how sorry Bay is feeling and consoles her by jokingly saying “you are not the first daughter to torment her mother”.

The two shed a few tears and then end up sharing a few laughs. Toby shocks John by telling him he has made up his mind that, he doesn’t want to go to college. At school, Kathryn manages to break the ice with the students and Bay is happy about it. Regina meets up with Zane at the club once again. She even shares a bottle of wine with him, despite being 11 years sober. The episode ends at this point.