Human/Need/Desire - Recap

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The episode begins and Daphne tends to the injury she received during the food truck robbery. Kathryn sees her tending to it and Daphne lies and says that she fell off her bike and got the bruise. At school, Bay and Natalie are trying to raise money for the drama club by selling roses for Valentine’s Day. Natalie asks Bay if she will be giving Noah roses. Bay says she and Noah are “just friends”, although she looks apparently unsure. Travis and Daphne plan to go out for dinner and catch a movie for Valentine’s Day, because she says she isn’t really in the mood for anything else.

At home, Kathryn tells John about Daphne’s bruise and also that she doesn’t believe it’s from falling off her bike. She is worried about Daphne, but John eases her mind and says he is sure Daphne is fine. At school, Noah and Daphne have a chat and Noah mentions how Valentine’s Day is a waste of money. Noah then mentions that he has signed up for the school play and is doing it because Bay is a part of it. Noah then mentions that he is planning to stay at home and watch TV on Valentine’s Day. Bay apparently looks disappointed with his plan. Toby and Nikki are getting really close and she comes out and tells him that she loves him.

Toby is surprised to hear her say that and she immediately begins to feel awkward about the confession. “Let’s just pretend that never happened” she says awkwardly and heads for home. Lana and Angelo have a difference of opinion about giving up their baby. Angelo is mentally not ready to sign away his rights to be a father, but Lana is not mentally prepared to raise the kid. She feels the baby should be handed over to a deserving family. She asks Angelo to “do the right thing” and sign the papers to give the baby up for adoption. At home, a disappointed Bay tells Kathryn how Emmet just wants to be friends and Noah “would rather do anything than hang out” with her.

Kathryn suggests Bay invite her friends over for Valentine’s Day and they can all have fun together. Bay says she will be meeting Angelo. Kathryn isn’t too happy to hear that Bay will be meeting Angelo again. Daphne tries to start her food truck business once again, but doesn’t seem in the state of mind to do so. She is basically still terrified after the recent incident she had. She texts Melody and calls her over. She then tells her about it. Melody wants Daphne to report to the cops what happened with her, because a crime was committed. Daphne reluctantly agrees with her. Angelo and Bay catch a movie and later talk about Lana and the baby.

Bay suggests Angelo and Lana hang out and get to know each other, probably then they will stop fighting about the whole baby issue and come to an agreement. Bay tells Angelo about Kathryn’s idea for Valentine’s Day. She feels Kathryn would interfere too much if she organized a party and she (Bay) would end up losing friends rather than making them. Angelo suggests Bay have the party at his house. He says he will chaperone but she will barely realize he is there. Bay seems to like the idea. Daphne and Melody on the other hand are at the police station. Regina too arrives a little later. Regina is worried but Daphne assures her she is fine and the goons only managed to get her money.

They talk to a cop about what happened. The cop comments that two deaf kids shouldn’t have been out alone in the night. Regina is livid on hearing this and reprimands the officer and asks to talk to his supervisor. Daphne tells Regina to stop and says her reprimanding the officer isn’t going to change how he things about deaf people. She firmly tells Regina that she just want to file her report and leave. Regina tells Kathryn and John about it the next morning and they are really worried. They are angry that Regina didn’t tell them earlier. The two try to remind Regina that they are her parents too. Regina doesn’t take too kindly to the whole thing and walks out in a huff. John decides to not allow Daphne to restart her food truck business.

Angelo invites Lana to come over to his place for Bay’s party. At school, Bay invites all her friends for the party at Angelo’s place. Bay also asks Emmet to come, but he says he already has plans. Bay is not too happy to hear that, but pretends she is fine with it. Regina on the other hand is livid when she finds out John has sold Daphne’s food truck. John argues that it want safe for Daphne to be driving around and selling food from the truck and hence he did what he felt was right. Regina isn’t at all happy about what John has done and walks out of his office in a huff. Toby in the meantime tells Nikki that he loves her too. She is happy to hear that and says she was worried she had completely “freaked” him out. “You didn’t. I was thinking about saying it for a while” he says. Noah arrives for Bay’s party and she is pleasantly surprised to see he has come.

At home, Regina rants about how John and Kathryn are behaving. Adrianna asks Regina to stop competing with John and Kathryn to be a better parent and asks her to worry about Daphne, because she is the victim here. Daphne and Travis arrive at the party. Daphne tells Travis how the cop basically blamed her for her being robbed. She rants about how the world thinks a deaf person needs babysitting all the time. At home, Kathryn isn’t happy to hear that John has sold the food truck without consulting with her. John on his part can’t seem to understand why everyone is making a big deal out of this. Kathryn feels John is driving Daphne away by doing things like selling the food truck without even talking to Daphne about it.

She yells at him for what he has done and he in anger storms out of the house. At the party, Bay sees Noah struggling with his hearing. He in panic tells her that he can’t hear anything. Bay wants to help, but doesn’t know how. Noah shuts himself up in one of the rooms. A little later Emmet arrives and Bay is really glad to see him there. Angelo tells Lana in his heart he just knows that, he should be raising their kid. Noah comes back out and gets into a fight with Travis. Basically, Noah wants the music turned down because it’s too loud and Travis doesn’t want to turn it down, because it’s a party for the deaf. They trade insults, which leads to the fight.

Angelo intervenes and breaks up the fight. Nikki realizes that Toby doesn’t have the unflinching faith in God that she has. Toby says he respects the way she feels about God, although he doesn’t share her ideas. Nikki doesn’t feel that’s enough and decides to end their relationship before one of them ends up getting hurt. She kisses him and walks away with tears in her eyes. John, Kathryn and Regina on the other hand settle their differences and make up.

Bay and Noah have a chat and he admits it was wrong of him to vent his frustration on Travis, when he is actually angry about slowly going deaf. Bay and he then discuss about them possibly having a relationship and Bay in the middle of it suddenly kisses him. Noah kisses her back and the two begin making out. The episode ends at this point.