Drive in the Knife - Recap

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The episode begins with Bay and Noah flirting with each other in the school hall. They kiss each other and then head to class. Travis has cooked a few things for Daphne. He says she cooks for him all the time and hence wanted to surprise her for a change. Daphne breaks his heart by telling him she doesn’t want to date him anymore and just wants to be friends. “I really like you but we’re just so different” she tells him. Travis is really hurt and walks away without saying much. Regina is at the bar spending time with Zane. They are flirting with each other and seem to be having a good time together. She suddenly remembers it’s the first day of her new job “tomorrow” and leaves in a hurry.

At home, Bay offers to help John with his election campaign. John suggests she paint and billboard for his campaign. Bay is really excited at the proposition. Toby also reluctantly agrees to come up with some way to support John’s campaign. Bay later asks Toby for some relationship advice. She basically asks him if she should tell Emmet about her relationship with Noah or if she should let him find out on his own. They both conclude that it’s better if she lets Emmet find out “on his own”. Kathryn in the meantime gets Daphne to be a part of the school play. She rehearses for her part and manages to impress Kathryn and Noah. Bay on the other hand tells Emmet that she is seeing Noah.

Actually, Emmet figures it out even before Bay can tell him about it and he seems fine with it. She tries explaining to Emmet that they are both ready to move on. Emmet kisses her and she is stunned. “Are you sure you are ready to move on?” he asks her and walks away. Regina in the meantime begins her first day at work. She has been employed by a bedroom furnishings store. The manager tells her it would be great if she can connect with the customers, because then they would remember her and would ask her to do their bedroom. Regina tells her how happy she is that she got this job. At school, Kathryn gets a call and then tells Daphne that she is required to go down to the police station to ID the guy who attacked her.

At home, Bay is really hassled about the billboard thing. She wants to come up with something really great so she could really impress John. “You are putting a little too much pressure on yourself” Noah tells her. Bay explains that she wants the billboard to tell a story. She feels people should want to vote for John when they see her billboard. She says that she knows Noah is trying to be helpful but “she needs someone with an artistic eye” that’s not her own. “Like Emmet” Noah says. Bay is stunned to hear him say that. He admits he is only slowing her down and therefore leaves. Bay really doesn’t know what to say and promises to call him when she is done. At the station, Daphne from a lineup picks out the guy who stole from her.

Travis is then brought in to identify the guy. The guy had come by earlier at their food truck to buy tacos, at that time Travis too had seen him. But, Travis sees the lineup and tells the cop he doesn’t see the guy. Daphne is shocked at what Travis is saying. She confronts Travis about it and he claims he knows what he saw. Daphne realizes Travis is lying only because she broke up with him, although he claims otherwise. Regina arrives at the club and tells Zane she had a great first day at work. A bottle of Champagne is opened to celebrate the occasion. Regina who is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for 11 years, reluctantly allows herself a glass. Next morning, Regina is shown waking up in her bed and realizing she is really late for work.

Toby meets a girl named Alyssa who is there to volunteer for his father’s campaign. Regina arrives at work and her boss is really pissed because she is an hour and a half late. Regina apologizes profusely, but to no avail. The manager has no patience for her excuses and fires her. At school Daphne suddenly realizes Travis did not identify the guy because he wanted to take care of the guy himself. Travis in the meantime is shown hiding with a baseball bat waiting for the guy, who works as a pizza delivery boy. Just as Travis is about to do his thing, Daphne comes along and stops him. The guy, oblivious to all of this, drives away for his pizza delivery. Travis and Daphne get into an argument about the whole issue.

Daphne tires to talk some sense into Travis, but to no avail. Travis says he will get to the guy eventually and Daphne can’t keep following him all the time. Bay comes up with the billboard design for John’s campaign. John and his campaign manager Ivan both aren’t too crazy about the design but, John puts his faith in Bay and decides to go with it. Alyssa and Toby in the meantime really get close. Alyssa even invites him over to her house and the two end up making out in a hot tub. While they are at it, Alyssa’s mom arrives and reprimands the two for what they are doing. Toby is shocked to find out that Alyssa’s mom is Patricia Sawyer, John’s political opponent.

Patricia too is shocked to find out that Toby is John’s son. John calls Travis and says Daphne has told him what he wants to do. John says he understands where Travis is coming from, but reminds him that if he beats up the guy, the guy will press charges against him and he will have to go to prison. “How much money you got for a lawyer?” John asks him. Travis has no answer for that. John in the end manages to talk some sense into Travis. Toby is really angry that Alyssa didn’t tell him, Patricia Sawyer is her mother. Toby feels Alyssa only hooked up with him so she could “piss off” her mother. Alyssa completely denies this allegation and says she volunteered for his dad because she doesn’t want her mother to win.

She says the things that her mother says when the cameras aren’t around makes her sick. She apologizes to Toby profusely and admits it was really dumb of her to bring him to her house. She says she really likes him and reminds him that they had a lot of fun hanging out. Toby is too disturbed with this recent revelation to think straight and says he wants to go home. Bay overhears Ivan making fun of the billboard she designed for John. Ivan even says that he made a mistake by supporting John’s campaign. Travis does the right thing by telling the cops about the guy. He and Daphne talk about it at school. Travis is still angry with Daphne for breaking up with him and doesn’t talk to her much.

Bay tells John what she overheard Ivan say. John says he already knows that Ivan doesn’t think he can win, but adds that “Ivan doesn’t know everything and I always play better when I am down”. “I wish I was old enough to vote for you” Bay says with a smile. “Me too” John says. Regina again ends up getting drunk. She somehow manages to drag herself home and runs into Bay. She doesn’t talk to Bay much and instead rushes in. The episode ends at this point.