Tight Rope Walker - Recap

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The episode begins and Daphne is at home rehearsing for the school play. Bay arrives to talk to her. She asks Daphne if she has noticed anything different about her mother. “What do you mean?” Daphne asks. Bay reluctantly mentions that it’s possible Regina has started drinking again. Bay explains that the “other night” she saw Regina come back home in a cab and it seemed like she was drunk. Bay feels it’s probably all the stress she is under and that has taken its toll. This would explain why Regina has taken to drinking. Daphne defends Regina saying she would never resort to drinking even if she is under stress because she has been under a lot more stress in the past, but has never resorted to drinking.

Bay still isn’t ready to give up and thinks its possible Regina’s friendship with Zane could have something to do with her drinking. “If my mom was drinking I would know about it” Daphne says cutting off Bay angrily. In school, Melody tells Travis to think about college. He can then become a teacher because she feels he has the qualities to be one. Travis seems intrigued by the proposition. At home, Bay tells Regina that she is planning to come with Noah to the club where Zane plays. Regina is worried to hear this and immediately says she will bring Zane home for dinner and suggests Bay too invite Noah over. Alyssa and Toby are in his room.

She tells him that in a few months she is planning to take a trip to Greece. She invites Toby to join her. The two then begin making out. At school, Natalie informs Daphne that the school board is planning to induct fifty more hearing kids into the program next year. Natalie says the play is a way of propagating that hearing kids and deaf kids are now getting along so that the board can push for the upgrade next year. None of the deaf kids are happy about this upgrade and Natalie expects Daphne to show solidarity and quit the play. Daphne doesn’t want to quit on Kathryn, but Natalie tells her to pick a side. Daphne is in a quandary about what she should do. Bay invites Noah for dinner at her home. Later at home, Zane arrives and Regina introduces him to everyone. Zane has brought with him a bottle of wine.

Bay notices Regina awkwardly grabbing the bottle from his hand and placing it on a nearby table before Zane can say anything more about it. Patricia Sawyer pays John a visit at his campaign office and tells him about Alyssa and Toby. John is surprised to hear about it. During dinner, Bay tries to get Zane to spill the beans about Regina’s drinking but isn’t successful. A little later Zane mentions he has to be at the club to play and tells Regina to come along. Bay feels this is a good opportunity to confirm her doubt and suggests they should all go. Regina says they can’t because they have school tomorrow. She goes in to get her jacket. Daphne and Noah leave to rehearse for the play. Bay and Zane are the only ones left at the table. Bay suggests Zane take the bottle of wine with him while leaving. “No it’s ok, I’ll just leave it here, it’s your mom’s favorite” he says.

Bay is shocked to hear this. Next day, she talks to Emmet about it. Emmet says Bay shouldn’t jump to conclusions because it could be possible what Zane meant was that the wine is Regina’s favorite from the time he knew her years ago. “Yeah maybe” Bay says hoping that’s the truth. Melody and the deaf kids are planning to meet the school board to protest the board’s plan to bring in more hearing kids next year. Kathryn can’t understand why Melody is doing this because she feels its good thing that deaf kids and hearing kids are bonding. Melody explains that if there are more hearing kids in the school they would end up making the deaf kids feel like outsiders just like it happens in the outside world. Melody asks Daphne if she is coming with her but Daphne chooses to stick by Kathryn’s side and rehearse for the play.

But once Melody and the other deaf kids leave Daphne tells Kathryn “I can’t. I have to be there. I am sorry”. Daphne then runs out of the rehearsals. Bay arrives at the club to talk to Zane. She comes straight out and asks him if Regina drinks when they are together. Zane confirms Bay’s doubts by answering in the affirmative. “Regina is an alcoholic” Bay tells him. Zane is shocked to hear this and concedes Regina didn’t tell him about it. Zane is visibly upset with this revelation. Melody on the other hand puts forth the case of the deaf kids in front of the school board. Daphne intervenes and makes a compelling case for the deaf students. She says Carlton is like home to the deaf kids and by allowing more hearing kids the board is invading on the space of the deaf kids. She puts forth a lot of valid arguments to support her case. Regina arrives at the club and meets Zane.

She orders for some wine. Zane isn’t very happy to see that. He tells her about Bay’s visit. Zane tells her he loves hanging out with her but he doesn’t want to be a bad influence. “You are not messing anything up. This is just a misunderstanding” she says and leaves. Regina returns home and angrily confronts Bay. She reprimands Bay for what she did. “Stay out of my business” Regina warns Bay and leaves. At school, a really upset Daphne tells Kathryn that the school board has decided to close Carlton. All the deaf students will be separated and sent to other schools. Kathryn is shocked to hear this. At home, Regina apologizes to Bay for what she said earlier. “I am so sorry and I am so touched that you wanted to help me” Regina says.

Regina concedes that the fact she is drinking again is embarrassing and humiliating hence she was reluctant to admit it. Regina says she is under a lot of stress and drinking is making things a little easier for her at the moment. Regina tells Bay she is planning to go back to AA and is also planning to get back in touch with her sponsor. “Is there any way we can keep this between us?” Regina asks. “I won’t say anything” Bay assures her. Regina promises Bay that she is done with alcohol for good.

Toby meets Nikki and tells her that he has faith their relationship can work despite them having different point of views. His argument apparently convinces her and they hug. At home, Regina doesn’t go through with her promise of getting in touch with her sponsor because she still seems to be in two minds. The episode ends at this point.