Uprising - Recap

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The episode begins with Noah and Bay hanging out at school and discussing about Carlton shutting down. In class, Melody is addressing the grievances of the deaf kids and they are all angry that Carlton is shutting down. Melody agrees with each of them and says until people, who can hear don’t walk a day in their shoes they will never understand what a deaf person has to go through. The battery in Daphne’s hearing aid dies, so Noah hands her one and it also seems like they are becoming better friends with each passing day.

Melody is offered a position by the school board and if she takes it she would be able to help the transition of the deaf kids into other schools, but in return she would have to stop herself from showing displeasure about Carlton shutting down. Melody isn’t happy with this condition, but is reminded that most schools wouldn’t want a deaf guidance counselor, so it’s better if she takes up this position offered by the board. Kathryn is overseeing the rehearsal for the school play, when she suddenly has an idea and discusses it with Melody. Kathryn feels if reporters are called in to watch the school play they will get to see what deaf kids can do and they might help change the mind of the school board, but Melody says a lot of reporters were called for the board meeting and none came.

Kathryn says she and John have a few connections, which would help them get the reporters to the play and Melody doesn’t see any harm in that. The deaf kids are all sitting together and reliving the fun moments they had in school, but by the end of it they are once again reminded that they will be split up. The kids feel they have to do something to stop Carlton from shutting down and they can’t go down without a fight, so Daphne suggests they all occupy Carlton and don’t leave until the board changes its decision. They all agree that it’s a great idea and are ready to be a part of it. Next day, Emmet comes to know about the job Melody is being offered by the board and she tells him that she is considering it, which shocks Emmet because he feels Melody is selling out.

Melody tries to reason with him that she has responsibilities to think about, but that doesn’t convince him. Emmet asks Bay to make an art piece about the current situation, but he doesn’t tell her what he and the other deaf kids are planning. Bay begins creating the artwork. At home, Daphne sees Regina passed out on the couch and smells alcohol on her breath. Next day, right before the play Kathryn gives the kids a pep talk and also informs them it’s going to be a full house including two reporters and two board members, who are going to attend. Noah, who is going to play Romeo tells Daphne, who is going to play Juliet that they need to rehearse kissing at least once before the play begins, so they begin kissing and Emmet who is walking by sees them.

It seems as if they both liked kissing each other. Natalie and another deaf kid steal the school keys from the principal’s coat pocket, while pretending to be volunteers at the coat check counter. The play begins and outside Travis and another kid are bringing in food and other supplies for their stakeout and are about to enter the school building with the principal’s key, when they are stopped by a security guard. They lie that the supplies are for a party, but they still aren’t allowed in and are forced to leave. Travis comes to where the play is happening and gestures to Daphne, who is on the stage. They say that they couldn’t get into the school building.

Bay notices this and walks up to Travis and says that she knows they are up to something, so Travis tells her about their plan and also that the security guard needs to somehow be distracted. Bay says she has an idea that might help and she then pulls the fire alarm, which immediately distracts the guard, who rushes to the venue of the play, but this also ruins the play because everyone rushes out. Emmet and Travis enter the building and just as everyone is coming out of the play Emmet unfurls Bay’s artwork, a huge banner that says “TAKE BACK CARLTON” hanging by the side of the building. All the deaf kids are really excited on seeing this and begin tweeting about it.

They all then run into the building and Bay and Noah joins them. John and Kathryn ask Melody if she knew about this, but she says she had no idea and adds that the students probably won’t leave the building, till they get what they want. Inside, the students see on the internet that the whole nation is behind them and the social media is buzzing with support, but outside John and the other parents aren’t really happy about the whole situation and are thinking up ways to put an end to this. Emmet has a talk with Daphne about her and Noah’s kiss and she says it was just rehearsal, but Emmet believes there was more to it and reminds Daphne that Noah is dating Bay.

Daphne doesn’t appreciate Emmet’s interference and walks away in anger. Daphne later sees all the kids partying and drinking and then uploading their photos on the social media. She tells them they are sending the wrong message because they need to let the world know they are serious about this cause and about deaf education, so she asks them all to give up their gadgets which they can access the internet with. Everyone agrees with her and hands over their gadgets, except one guy who feels it’s not a dictatorship, so he walks out and then a woman walks out, but everyone else stays. The kids later discuss what their demands should be and there is a debate about whether Carlton should be a 100% deaf school, which is something Travis wants and this really angers Bay and Noah.

Regina texts Daphne to come out because the authorities might take action soon, but Daphne replies back taunting her about her drinking. Everyone outside, decides that Melody should go in and try to reason with the kids because they feel she is the only one, who will be allowed in. Melody goes in and tells the kids that the school board will meet to discuss about keeping Carlton open and if they all come out now there won’t be any action taken against them, but she also says she isn’t there to tell them what to do and the decision is completely theirs.

The kids decide to stay put till the board reaches a decision because they feel that if they come out they will lose their leverage. Melody tells the kids that she is really proud of them and leaves with a smile on her face. Daphne and Bay later get into an argument when Daphne says she isn’t sure if she wants hearing kids in Carlton and just then, Bay hears sirens and tells Daphne that the cops are here. The episode ends at this point.