Introducing the Miracle - Recap

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The episode begins with Daphne coming out and voicing their demands, but she is told by the principal that they are in no position to make demands. The principal says, if they don’t come out voluntarily, they will be removed by force. Daphne goes in and tells the kids they might be forcibly removed by the police, and even arrested. She suggests they let themselves be dragged out by the cops, without resisting, so the reporters can see the whole thing. All the kids agree with her plan, and then the police are allowed in. The students are then dragged out, and reporters cover the whole thing.

At home, John and Kathryn reprimand both Bay and Daphne for the whole thing and, just then, Daphne receives a text informing her that Bay is on the front page of a newspaper. She was quoted by a reporter, and Daphne says they didn’t protest so a hearing person could speak for them. Bay doesn’t feel she did anything wrong and, instead taunts Daphne, for wanting all hearing kids out of Carlton. Nikki tells Toby she has gotten a scholarship, to teach kids music, and will be away for 6 months. They both conclude it’s not a big deal, because they have the rest of their lives to be together. Toby brings Nikki home, and shocks Kathryn and John by telling them that they are engaged.

Daphne tells Regina she isn’t being expelled, and all the kids have been told to assemble in school tomorrow. They discuss her drinking and Regina lies, saying that she is sober. She says she was only passed out on the couch because she had a tiring day of job hunting. Kathryn and John know that Toby is too young to get engaged, although he is of legal age, and they decide that they have to do something about it. At school, Travis tells Daphne the school might be kept open after all, because they wouldn’t be called just to be informed it was closing. Bay tells Noah how Daphne lashed out at her last night, but he defends Daphne by saying he understands her point of view.

Daphne is told by the principal that the board has decided to keep Carlton open. There will be 50% hearing students inducted, or it won’t be financially sustainable. She is also informed the hearing kids won’t have to learn sign language. Daphne isn’t happy to hear this and says the deaf will become a ghetto in their own school. Melody, who is also there, explains to her that this is the only way Carlton can be saved. The principal wants Daphne’s support in convincing the other students. Daphne is in a quandary, because she doesn’t believe in the whole thing herself. Daphne talks to the other kids, and none of them are happy with the news. Travis even decides to leave the school.

Bay tells Emmet how Noah defended Daphne earlier, and he tells her Daphne and Noah are into each other. Bay doesn’t believe him and accuses him of simply being jealous. Regina finds out Zane is going on a tour and offers to tag along, but she notices he clearly isn’t comfortable with that. She realizes her alcoholism is the issue, and it’s something Zane doesn’t want to deal with. Bay talks to Noah, about him and Daphne, and he admits he does have a thing for her. Kathryn has a chat with Nikki about her and Toby’s decision. She tells Nikki to reconsider the whole thing, because Toby isn’t mentally ready for this kind of a commitment.

Regina arrives at Angelo’s apartment, completely drunk, and he offers to drop her home. She says can’t go home, because Daphne and Bay will find out she has been drinking, and goes to sleep on his couch. Bay lashes out at Daphne, for stealing her boyfriend, but Daphne says she and Noah are just good friends. Bay isn’t pacified and tells her off about all the other things that recently happened. Daphne, in anger, asks her if she gets tired of feeling like a victim all the time. Bay says that she never used to feel that way, until she showed up. Patricia Sawyer arrives at John’s office, and informs him she is withdrawing from the race. She says her daughter, Alyssa, is bi-polar and her condition has taken a turn for the worse, so she has to be with her. Nikki tells Toby about Kathryn’s visit, and asks him if he is sure he wants to get engaged.

He assures her he has thought this whole thing through, and there is nothing more he wants than to be with her. Bay tells Daphne that Angelo had called about Regina staying over at his place, after having a few drinks. They both decide to go and get her. At Angelo’s, he tells the girls he will take care of Regina for now and, when she is better, he will drop her back home. He then asks Bay to do something for him.

The next morning, Bay is shown picking up Lana for a doctor’s appointment. Lana asks Bay to take her directly to the hospital, because she is having contractions and might be having the baby. Regina wakes up and sees Adrianna there, and she tells her she doesn’t have to deal with her problems alone. She tells Regina that Angelo has arranged for her to go to a rehab, in Minnesota, and they will all visit her. Angelo returns with some lunch and, just then, he gets a text and rushes out. At his office, John and Kathryn celebrate his election win with his staff. At the hospital, Lana is having the baby, and asks Bay if Angelo has been a good father to her. Bay concludes that Lana wants to keep the baby, and is really excited. She tells her that Angelo has been trying his best to make things right, and then tells her about Regina. Lana looks worried on hearing that Regina is still in Angelo’s life.

Daphne and Regina bid each other a tearful goodbye, before she leaves for the rehab. Daphne tries talking Travis into coming back to school, but he is adamant about not going back to Carlton. Toby gets a call from Kathryn and John, while he is shopping for an engagement ring with Nikki, informing him he has been accepted into Washington University. He tells them he will call back later. He goes back to Nikki, but doesn’t tell her anything.

At the hospital, Angelo is with his baby. Bay, who is watching from a distance, is moved. At home, with tears in her eyes, Bay tells Kathryn about it. She says that, on seeing Angelo with the baby, she realized what she had missed out on. Kathryn says she understands, and they decide to go together and see the baby. They arrive at the hospital, and a flustered Angelo tells them Lana left with the baby without telling him. Travis returns to Carlton and everyone is happy to see him. Melody tells the students how proud she is, that they stood up for their rights. The episode ends at this point.