Mother and Daughter Divided - Recap

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This episode begins with Katherine and Daphne at the pool. They order smoothies and fries. Toby and Bay are talking in chairs poolside about Daphne’s change from girl from the wrong side of the tracks to upper class. Across the pool they watch John and Katherine with a family friend and go over what they think is being said. As Toby’s fiancé walks up, Bay slides into the pool. John comes to the edge and tells her as of Monday she will be working for him.

At rehab, Regina is getting ready to come home and her counselor is discussing the difficulties she will be facing. He tells her she is underestimating how difficult this transition is going to be for her. Regina says she will not miss the routine she and Daphne have every summer. Back at home, The Kennish family arrive and Katherine puts the girls to work. Daphne comments on Bay ignoring her. Toby informs his Mother she can either get on board with the engagement or fight with him all summer.

At work the next morning, John’s assistant gives out orders to both John and Daphne. When Bay arrives, Daphne tries to explain what they need to do, but Bay cops an attitude. Daphne solves the issue by giving the task in her hand to bay instead. At Emmett’s, his Mother leaves for classes involving her road to be a principal. Travis and Emmett are now on their own and Emmett quickly shoots down Travis’ idea for a party.

Back at The Kennish residence, Regina surprises Bay in her garage. Daphne and Katherine arrive. Everyone had expected her Sunday, but she’s early. Katherine says they were at the club but Bay had declined to go. Katherine invites her to join the roster for it, but Bay says that Regina is not interested. Regina heads to unpack and Daphne goes with. In their apartment, Regina begins to realize that Daphne spent all her time while she was away, living with the Kennishs. They try to make plans to spend time together and they cannot make it work.

At the car wash, two girls pull up in a little red convertible. Having already been there once before, Toby and Travis discuss the possibility that they have admirers. In the car, the two girls are talking about “The two hot deaf guys”. The driver mentions she’s had one conversation with Travis about learning to sign. Toby walks across and, thinking that he can’t hear them, the passenger calls out. Toby informs them that he is not deaf and can hear them. He adds that he is also not single but, he motions Travis over. They are introduced name to name as Colette and Evelyn.

Daphne and Regina are up and getting ready for the day in their apartment at the Kennish residence. Regina offers a packed lunch to Daphne. Daphne explains that she doesn’t need it because John and Katherine have given her a credit card. She adds that it’s only for lunches and school supplies but Regina demands she hand it over anyway. Regina calmly extends the packed lunch and Daphne, with a barely controlled temper, walks out. Regina throws away an old sponge and goes to grab another beneath the sink. When she opens the cabinet doors there is a bottle of Vodka there. She picks it up and takes it back to Katherine, who is sitting behind her computer. Regina apologizes for both her behavior before rehab and taking the alcohol. She then hands over the credit card she took from Daphne. She tells Katherine that she is not okay with her child having this. She explains having to struggle some is not a bad thing. Katherine and Regina disagree, but Katherine throws her hands up and the conversation ends.

At John’s office, Bay has been sent for coffee. She gives the order to the man at the counter and comments when he doesn’t write it down. She pauses and he explains he is a good listener. Daphne comes in and slaps down a box of envelopes. They were supposed to narrow it down to 50 and Bay made 300 up instead. As they begin to argue, she says she will fix it herself and that Bay should get the Gluten Free muffins for the meeting they are hosting.

Out on the road, Bay is on the phone and smoke it pouring out of her engine. She is told it’s going to be 45 minutes before someone can get to her. They ask her location because she turns to glance at a sign, uttering Maui into the phone. Maui, Kansas is an amusement park she realizes. Exploring while she waits, she happens on a gun game. One of those where the objective is to hit the moving sharks with a bullet, she nervously points the gun and pulls the trigger. She misses and from behind her she hears a voice direct her where and when to shoot. She complies and gets them right. When she puts the gun down finally and turns around, she is face to face with Ty. She throws her arms around him and asks when he got back. He replies that he’s been home a few months and she starts to question why Daphne didn’t tell her. Ty explains that he didn’t tell Daphne he was home either. They turn to the game Master and request their prize of a Monkey holding a banana. Bay gives it to, Ty and they walk off.

At the country club, Katherine, Toby, and Nikki discuss plans for the wedding. Katherine’s ideas go over like a lead balloon with the bride to be but she doesn’t notice. Back at Maui, Bay gets a call from AAA and has to head back to her car. Ty offers to talk to the manager about a job since she is so unhappy at her Dad’s. Once back home, Bay and her Father argue about her changing jobs. Regina chimes in and the argument switches to her and John in regards to which job is better. Dinner gets called by Katherine and they all head outside.

Dinner starts with John saying he’s had an eventful day. Toby mentions that with Bay quitting, there is an opening at John’s office. Toby suggests that Nikki take it part time and John reluctantly agrees. Regina asks if John and Katherine are going to have wine with dinner and they say no. Regina says they don’t need to change routine just because she is there. Nikki pipes up and offers a park with a barbecue for the wedding receptions instead of having it at the club. She and Katherine start to bicker about wasteful money, and a Mother’s only son getting married. When Regina sides with Nikki and mentions that she herself did it at a courthouse, John says it was only special because it was a fraud. Katherine, in an effort to quelch the argument says they can all think about it.

At Emmett’s, Travis lights candles and informs Emmett they have company coming over. Emmett reiterates they are not having a party. Travis tells him no party, but they are having girls over. Collette and Evelyn arrive and Evelyn notices the picture of Emmett and his Mother. The boys tell her that is Emmett and his ex. The girls, unskilled in sign language, don’t catch Travis telling Emmett to take down those pictures and that dating an older woman makes him a stud.

Back at the Kennish house, the argument picks up again when Katherine produces a cake without the rum ingredient. Regina tells them to quit babying her. John tries to say it was because of the candy but this only makes it worse. Regina and John argue over the semantics of alcoholism as a disease vs. alcoholism as will power. Regina storms off and Daphne follows. Regina comments on Daphne having become a mini-John and Katherine. Daphne tells her she should be thanking them. She tells her it was easier when she was gone because she wasn’t having to take care of Regina. She rounds out the argument by saying that Regina should thank them for being there for her. Bay gets a text from Ty and heads out to Maui. Toby and Nikki discuss her family and the country club arrangements. Toby says it will make his Mom happy. She says the spending does not reflect her values. He questions her, asking if she thinks all they are is country club people. She kisses him and says no.

At Emmett’s, his Mom arrives home early and the girls make a hasty exit. At Maui, Bay gets Ty’s attention and he’s surprised to see her. He didn’t send the text, his military friends did. Ty puts the one who did it up against a rail and tells him not to disrespect a woman again. Back at the Kennish residence, Regina packs up her things and tells Daphne she is going to Angelo’s. She says living there has always been rough on her self-esteem. Daphne tells her they need time to adjust to her too. Regina pleads with her, stating that this is best. Daphne tells her she isn’t going with. She turns around and heads back to the main house.

Upstairs, John and Katherine talk out the stress of the ruined dinner and the day. They agree they both had a hand in ruining the dinner. Katherine agrees to barbecue at a park for the reception. Bay comes in and Daphne informs her that Regina has left again. When Bay begins to get irritated, Daphne tells her she is sick of being yelled at for things that aren’t her fault. Bay grabs her keys and heads out again. Back at Emmett’s, his Mother laughs at them for the stunt with the girls, and agrees they learned their lesson and do not need to be punished further. Once out of the room, the boys discuss the night and Travis comments that this was his only shot. Emmett quickly asserts that he is Travis’ wingman now, and there will be all summer to try for girls again.

Bay arrives at Angelo’s and confronts Regina stating that she is always running away from her. Regina says she feels guilty for not coming to get her when she first found out about the switch. She adds that she’s wanted more time since they were reunited and it eat at her. Bay asks if she can spend the night and Regina says she can stay as long as she wants. The episode ends