Distorted House - Recap

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Bay wakes up at Angelo’s to cold pizza and Regina typing away on the laptop. She asks how long Angelo is going to be gone. Regina tells her however long it takes to get his baby back. Regina reiterates that Bay is welcome to stay there with her.

Once back home and discussing it with Kathryn, Bay explains that she isn’t moving out, it’s temporary. Daphne enters the kitchen and offers Belgian waffles. Bay tells her she has already eaten while Kathryn nags that they still need to discuss this with her Father. Bay chimes that they both know what he’ll say and Kathryn caves. She gives permission for Bay to go to Angelo’s and stay with Regina.

Upstairs in Bay’s room, Daphne tries to apologize for crowding bay out. For the first time in awhile it’s a smooth conversation and Bay says this is not up to her to fix. She even invites Daphne to Maui Kansas, where she works. Daphne watches her leave the room with a worried look on her face.

In Atlanta, Angelo gets off the plane only to find out he doesn’t need to be there. Meanwhile at John’s office, he chews out someone on the phone over coupons and notices that the line for the wash isn’t moving. When he asks Travis about it, he is told the foamer is down again. He contemplates closing but Travis explains it isn’t necessary and that they can wash the cars by hand for now. John gives him permission to try it. Farther in line, a car door opens and another senator pops out. He asks John why he missed a meeting and John tells him that his assistant quit unexpectedly. The senator makes a comment about day jobs and the business of the state not waiting. He extends an invitation for next week’s meeting.

Kathryn and Daphne are practicing a horrible match of doubles tennis. They aren’t watching each other and they aren’t communicating. When Katherine almost takes Daphne’s head off, their coach calls time on their training. Kathryn asks where her head is but another Mother-daughter team, Lisa and Shawna, mention the Mother-Daughter tournament. The duo run off in sync to the net with Kathryn and Daphne watching from the sidelines.

At Maui Kansas, Bay is getting lectured on the use of the “talking stick”, microphone, and how it overcomes indifference. When her trainer walks away and leaves her with Mary Beth, she mentions he is intense. Back at the Kennish residence, Nikki surprises Toby with a raspberry filled Devil’s food cake. She asks about the budget and as she goes to check how much they have, he tells her not to and that he will deal with it. He says they only get to talk about fun stuff. Bay is hawking her soul on the microphone when Ty decides to rescue her. She tells him no because her shift is about over. Meekly, he apologizes for his outburst the last time they were together and says he handled it badly. He asks her out for Taco’s. Mary Beth, having overheard, says this is a good sign for him.

Back at the Kennish resident for the night, Kathryn and John discuss Bay spending time with Regina. Kathryn tells him that it’s fair, they have had Daphne for weeks. John says he isn’t happy about it. Katherine counters if they put their foot down it will only drive a further wedge between them and Bay.

At Angelo’s, Daphne stops by to see her Mother. Thrilled at seeing her, Regina accepts her lunch proposal. Daphne glances around and Regina notices her eyes fall on the mess in the apartment. She says without her or her Mother she falls back into old habits of Laziness. Daphne offers to help and Regina explains that she is a guest.

At the car wash, John talks to Travis about the foamer. Travis explains that by the time the repairman got there, he had already fixed it. John tells him thank you for saving him money and Travis asks to be the new manager. John is about to discuss it when he gets a message to call the office. He tells Travis he will discuss it with him later.

In Virginia, Angelo is on a phone call while he watches a couple with a baby. He believes it to be his and tells the person on the other end of the phone as much. At Maui, Mary Beth asks Bay how it’s going and she replies that she is getting the hang of it. During the course of conversation, it shifts to how they each know Ty and Mary Beth says he was a friend of her now deceased Brother’s. She says that they served together in Kabul, Afghanistan. Bay gives her condolences when she hears that he had killed himself.

Daphne arrives back home to Kathryn looking at catering menus for Toby’s rehearsal dinner BBQ. They answer a question in sync and Kathryn brings up the Mother Daughter tournament. She tells Daphne that she has signed them up and asks about an outfit for it. Daphne says they aren’t ready for it and Katherine presses that it will be fun!

At the taco stand, Bay and Ty start to pick a film when she asks about Justin, Mary Beth’s Brother. Ty gets quiet and heads off to get napkins. At home, Toby asks about the managerial job at the car wash. He hands John a spreadsheet showing where he can cut cost. John explains that the manager slot is a full time position. Toby answers that he is aware of that. He adds that he and Nikki want to be able to pay for things on their own and this would help them accomplish that. He tells John that he doesn’t need an answer tonight. Instead, he offers to show him some of his ideas and let him think about it.

Bay and Ty are out of the movie. Stoically, Ty sits in the driver’s seat for much longer than a stop sign requires and Bay asks if he’s okay. He says yes but that he really doesn’t want to talk right now. Bay drops the issue. She shivers and he takes his coat off to put around her shoulders. That’s when she notices the tattoo on his shoulder of her artwork. She starts to ask about it but the car behind them honks.

John and Kathryn discuss who is better for the managerial job. John thinks it might be best for Travis and Kathryn feels it would be best for Toby. They debate communication skills and the possible future of each boy. John states he is always in Toby’s corner but Travis really doesn’t have anyone in his.

At Angelo’s, Bay let’s Regina in on what is going on. She says that she’s worried but Angelo calls. While on the phone, he asks how Regina managed not to grab Bay and run with her when she was little. Regina says sometimes she wished she would have. Just then, the father of the family he’s been following asks him what he’s doing.

On the courts, Daphne and Kathryn lose their match in the tournament. Daphne snaps at Kathryn and gets told she needs to start taking responsibility for things instead of blaming her. Regina stops by the base to see Ty. She brings him a care package and takes a look at the tattoo. She asks if he’s okay and he says he is fine. He mentions he wants them to relax but she says shutting them out is not the answer. She lets him in on the reason that she went to rehab. She says that she thought she could deal with things all on her own.

At the car wash, John announces Toby as the new manager. He apologizes to Travis. At Maui, Ty is waiting for Bay to get off shift and confronts her about her feeling like he’s going to erupt at any moment. She says he has been unpredictable lately and he says he’s trying. He admits that he won’t always be up for talking. She asks about Justin when he gives her permission and he tells her a story about a little girl he tossed a soccer ball too. He explains that when they let the little girl play her uncle interfered. That’s when he got the tattoo, to remind him of the little girl.

Angelo arrives home and tells Regina that he was wrong about the baby. When she tells him they will be gone that night, he asks her to stay. At the Kennish house, Daphne sees Kathryn in the kitchen and offers to help with the lasagna recipe. It’s one Daphne created. Kathryn asks if Daphne thinks Regina and bay are ready for real food. Instead of them finding the two girls lonely, they find them dancing with Angelo and having a great time. Angelo thanks them for the food and they exit with a look of uncertainty.