Ecce Mono - Recap

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John enters the kitchen, sweaty and thirsty. He throws his arm around his wife just before she calls a young Toby and young Bay to breakfast. Kathryn puts Bay into her chair and sets the food down as the phone rings. John picks it up and a stunned look crosses his face. He silences the kids to keep them quiet so he can hear and Kathryn asks what’s wrong. He puts the phone down.

Later, John and Katherine sit with their attorney, Ms. Burke, as she tells them that their baby was switched at birth. The birth mother, Regina, found out six weeks ago when Daphne got sick. Ms. Burke goes on to tell the Kennishes that Regina has two DUIs, including one while Daphne was in the car. John doesn’t wait to hear anymore: he says they want custody of both girls.

In court, Ms. Burke questions Regina on the stand about the incident of DUI with Daphne in the car. Regina tries to explain that her daughter had fallen and she had to get her to the clinic before they close. Ms. Burke asserts that she should have been watching her daughter instead of drinking. Ms. Burke goes on to ask about Angelo and the fact that Regina’s mother is estranged. The judge awards custody of both girls to John and Katherine.

A few days later, a social worker waits outside of Regina’s house while she says goodbye to Daphne. The social worker tells Regina that the best thing she can do is get her life together and get clean so she can be a part of the girls life. Three-year-old Daphne arrives at the Kennish residence. Unable to understand anything that is being said to her, the Kennishes introduce Toby and Bay.

Years later, a teenage Daphne walks into the kitchen where Kathryn hands her the book cover to her new writing. She offers bacon to her daughter and asks her opinion because a hundred thousand of the covers are going to print. Daphne calls her Mother hot and then asks for an extra hour on her curfew. She explains she passed her chemistry test. Bay comes in and says if her barely passing grade gets her more time, than her acing the test should cover her for quite some time. Bay does agree that her mom looks good on the book cover. John and Toby enter as Toby asks for money. John hands him a smaller denomination than what was requested and the kids take off for school. John’s cell rings, he takes it as he tells her goodbye and leaves for the day.

At school, Daphne walks through the halls with her best friend Simone. They are talking about getting their story straight about the party. Simone has already told her parents the truth. Daphne asks about inviting Wilke and Simone informs her that he’s already dating someone else. Bay passes by, sees Daphne upset and says hello. Daphne ignores her and goes on to tell Simone they should ditch class. Bay heads to the counselor’s office to talk about extra classes and leaving home early. She tells the counselor about being the odd man out because she isn’t the biological child but the counselor disagrees.

At the Kennish residence, Kathryn catches Daphne sneaking in the house. John joins in and the two of them question her about why she wasn’t in school. Kathryn tells her she can’t go to the party. Behind the wall in the kitchen, Toby and Bay bet on whether she will get away with it or not. Daphne plays the cochlear implant card, something they gave her when she went deaf to make her more normal, and John caves. Kathryn tries to counter but fails. Instead she tells Daphne that she has to take Bay with her to the party. She explains, much to Daphne’s dismay, that it’s up to her to make sure Bay has fun.

At the party, Simone greets them and informs Daphne that her crush from two years ago is there. Daphne takes off quickly. Bay gets offered alcohol inside of five minutes. Meanwhile, Daphne approaches her crush, Graham, who doesn’t recognize her without visibly seeing her cochlear implant. She asks him about playing college basketball and he informs her he blew out his knee and went pre-med. He tries to have an intellectual conversation with her and she misses it. Bay interrupts and asks to go home. She says these guys are just like the high school ones, only drunk. Daphne blames her when she realizes that Graham just walked away. Bay walks out and runs into Emmett on his motorcycle. He explains this Is a bad area and she shouldn’t be walking alone. She can’t sign properly and uses the sign for crazy. He takes out his cell and types up that he isn’t. She laughs and tells him she’s had a horrible night. He offers her a ride home and she accepts. Still at the party, Daphne locates Graham again and asks if he wants to go to his room. She kisses him.

Kathryn is in a hotel room with the Senator Chip Coto. He asks if the character in her new book is based on him and she says maybe. He asks if John will start to question that and she replies that he doesn’t pay attention. They go back to being intimate.

Emmett drops Bay off at the Kennish house and notices the artwork. He asks if she paints and mentions that he does photography. She invites him back tomorrow to exchange artwork. The next morning, Daphne wakes up at the frat house next to Graham. She gets dressed and realizes that her coat is stained with beer from the previous night. Arriving back home, Bay tells her she covered for her. She asks Daphne what's wrong and gets an, “I’m fine” in reply. Up in her room, regretful and empty, Daphne starts to cry.

Later on, Emmett stops by. Daphne answers the door and he notices the cochlear implant. He starts to sign to her when she counters that she isn’t deaf. Bay comes down and gives a partial story about their bond as sisters. While showing him her artwork, she discusses the fact she’s missing her biological Mom. Emmett tries to help her figure out where any papers pertaining the custody battle might have been. Bay realizes that there is a safe at her Dad’s car wash and heads there. She and Emmett run into Toby who’s hosting a gambling night without their Dad knowing. Toby asks why she’s there and why Emmett can’t hear him. Bay explains that he’s deaf and that he’d better cough up what he knows about where their Father keeps his papers or she’s going to let their Dad know he’s hosting poker night. Toby informs her all documents pertaining to Bay and her Biological mother are in the guesthouse.

While looking, Emmett explains that when his parents got divorced everything was kept in an accordion folder. As it happens, there is one behind a bunch of boxes. In that folder are letters to Daphne, a restraining order, a letter to Bay, and a picture of a very pregnant Regina. Bay begins to read the letter and realizes that Regina wanted her, and that she wanted Daphne. Letters in hand she heads up to Daphne’s room. Daphne starts to refuse them saying Regina was only her mom for a small amount of time. Bay explains that she loved them and wanted them and shows Daphne a picture of her and Regina at a park when she was three. It dawns on Daphne that Regina might actually have cared.

Downstairs, Kathryn comes in from shopping to find John drinking at the table. He asks her about hotel reservations. She left her email up and an email from Chip Coto, the Senator, came through asking about hotel reservations. He asks her how long they have been having an affair. Kathryn replies it’s been seven months. Kathryn says Chip values her opinion and doesn’t steamroll her. John starts to argue the point and she begins to give him examples from when Daphne first came to live with them. Kathryn explains their daughters are both a mess.

Bay and Daphne pull up to the address on the letters. Bay asks if she remembers the house and Daphne says no, and she adds no one remembers things from when they were three. Bay says she does, she remembers when Daphne came to live with them. She tells Daphne she was crying all the time. Daphne asks why bay didn’t tell her before and is faced with the fact that the two girls aren’t exactly close enough to talk.

They ring the doorbell. Audrina answers and says she knows who they are, interrupting Bay. She hugs both girls and realizes that Daphne doesn’t remember her. Audrina tells Bay she looks like her Mother. When the girls ask where Regina is, Audrina takes them to the grave site.

Regina passed away on the girls’ birthday. Returning to the Kennish house, the girls tell John and Kathryn that they found Regina. They asked why they were never allowed to get to know her and John explains about the DUI’s. He offers to invite Regina for dinner and the girls explain she’s dead. The girls storm off and John says he hopes they know he was trying to make it better. Kathryn asks if he is trying to make it better for them or himself. He says he’s going to fix it and she said that’s not going to happen this time.

The next morning, Bay arrives at Emmett’s garage as he’s about to leave and asks him to go with. She doesn’t care where he’s going. Daphne goes back to Audrina’s and asks to learn more about her and Regina, and about their lives before she was taken. Mad and alone, John goes to grab a beer from the fridge. A sharp pain hits and he falls to the floor and dies.

Back in the real world, John wakes in the hospital to find Kathryn and Regina watching over him. He tells Kathryn he loves her. Turning he tells Regina, “Thank God you’re here.”