The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living - Recap

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Daphne returns home from her jog to find the door wide open, chairs knocked over and a broken beer bottle shattered across the floor.

Ty and Bay make out when she asks if he has a condom. Bay receives a phone call and has to leave. She promises to call Ty. She meets Daphne outside her father's hospital room.

John returns home to be greeted by his family, who worry about his health. He downplays his heart attack as a minor stomach flu and doesn't want to make any changes to his lifestyle.

Regina talks to Whitney about her job. Whitney says she is doing great but will need to bring in some clients of her own when she starts being paid commission.

The next morning, John still acts as if nothing serious happened to him. Daphne insists on driving him and suggests that he eat more bananas.

Regina, running late, can not find her shoe. Regina asks Angelo to join her at the country club for dinner. He suggests that he might be able to convince his restaurant partner to hire Regina to do their interior design.

Toby holds a meeting at the car wash, but he has some resistance to being the manager. Travis is on his phone and doesn't pay any attention during the meeting.

Ty visits Bay at work and asks how her dad is holding up. He invites her to a cook out at the military base and to join him in his room afterwards, if she is allowed out late. She says yes.

At a mixer, John runs into Senator Chip, who invites him to join a softball game in a few weeks. John accepts the invitation even though he shouldn't be doing that kind of activity. Chip says being a senator will really run you down if you aren't careful. Daphne drags her dad away from the conversation. Daphne buys a cup of coffee and turns down a date invite from Jace. She wants to stay with her dad but he takes it as her not being interested.

Whitney congratulates Regina on her first client when Angelo enters the building. Regina is surprised to see him because this isn't how they discussed doing this. He is excited to work with Regina and Whitney leads him into her office.

Bay visits Daphne in her room to talk about sex. Daphne is excited for her but Bay stresses out. Bay suggests that if Daphne likes Jace, she should make time for him. She texts Jace after Bay leaves the room.

Bay shows up to the army cook out with food for Ty and his friends. He doesn't let her drink because of her dad. A girl, Aida, is going around giving out drinks. Bay declines and feels a little jealous of Aida.

At the Kennish home, Kathryn and John watch television together. She has to rush to work though and leaves Daphne to ensure that John takes it easy. Jace comes over to hang out with Daphne. Jace gets into an argument about politics. Daphne breaks it up because John should be relaxing. She reveals to Jace that her father has kept his heat attack secret.

Over at the car wash Toby still has trouble with Travis listening to him. An old friend shows up and tells Toby how excited he is to be starting university and free of his parents. Toby says he feels the same way but in reality feels the exact opposite.

At the cook out Aida and Ty get a little flirty and one of Ty's friends mentions how he hooked up with Aida. Bay feels betrayed.

In the kitchen, Jace demonstrates CPR on Daphne. John walks in and asks what's going on. Daphne tells him that she accidentally told Jace about the heart attack. He promises not to write about it on his blog.

Toby calls Travis into his office to talk to him. He asks why he has been late and less than cordial to him. Travis wanted the job that Toby had and Toby doesn't even want it. Travis says he didn't want to work at a car wash his whole life anyway and quits.

Whitney tells Regina that she had another meeting with Angelo to see the restaurant. Regina will still get the commission but since it's her first client, Whitney will assist her. Whitney likes Angelo and thinks they have a spark. She asks Regina to find out if he's single.

Daphne walks in on John running on the treadmill. He doesn't want to sacrifice everything he loves to be healthy. She asks him if being with family is worth it though and storms out.

Bay leaves the cook out because of Aida. Ty explains that they hooked up once and never dated. He didn't even know she would be at the cook out. She admits to being a virgin and he asks why she never told him. She just wants to leave though and gets a ride from Regina. Bay explains everything that has upset her today. Regina knows what it feels like to be with someone who is from a different world.

Toby calls the university and asks if he can still enrol. He joins the waiting list.

Regina confronts Angelo about him visiting her office. He was just trying to help but it has put Regina in an awkward situation. Regina thinks it's time for her to move out.

In bed, Kathryn confronts John about his heart attack. She worries that he's risking his life for his job. She points out that every life change he has made so far has made him a better man. She doesn't want him to die and leave her alone. The next day John decides to take it easy. He gives Kathryn a press release about his heart attack. Daphne hugs her dad when he says a tofu scramble would be perfect.

Regina tells Whitney that she checked with Angelo, but he is married.

Toby talks to his father about the car wash. Toby thinks about quitting but can't bring himself to do it after John says how thankful he is to have Toby working there.

Daphne reunites with Jace and apologizes for their first date. She gives Jace guest passes to the country club and promises to teach him how to swim.

Ty meets Bay to apologize about the cook out. He asks her for another chance and she would love to. They go back to his room and proceed to make out and take their clothes off.