Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger - Recap

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Jace kisses Daphne before she teaches him how to swim. They see Senator Chip flirt with some women by the pool. After the swim lesson, Daphne meets with Parker, who is crying. Parker is pregnant with Chip's baby.

Regina helps Angelo pick out clothes for when he meets his daughter and tries to get her back. He wants her to come with him but she thinks it would bring up too many questions about their relationship. She suggests that he take Bay instead. Meanwhile, Bay is lying in bed with Ty. They make plans to see a concert on Sunday. Bay leaves to get ready for work. Back home, Angelo asks Bay if she will come with him on Sunday to see her younger sister but she can't because she has already made plans with Ty.

Toby shows up to work and sees an old friend, Simone. She says it must be nice to be engaged and know exactly what you want in life. She asks why he hasn't uploaded any music lately but he doesn't really have an answer.

Jace asks when Daphne will tell him what is going on with Parker. He makes a few guesses and eventually gets it right. He wants to write a story about it but Daphne won't let him. She knows how Parker feels because she has also had a fling with a boss and knows the judgements that people make without being a par of the situation. Jace agrees not to write the story.

Regina takes photos for her friend Melody to use for online dating. Melody thinks that Regina is crazy for wanting to help raise Angelo's baby. They aren't together any more but Regina hopes this could be their second chance together.

Emmett uses Melody's laptop to look at movie times. He sees his mom's dating profile and hands the computer to Travis, who sets her up on a date. Melody comes home while they do this. At first she is mad they went on her profile but she changes her mind when she sees who they set the date up with.

Ty shows up at Bay's house and she tells him that no one is home. He asks why she didn't go see her sister because it might be her only chance if Angelo doesn't get her back. She feels bad and Ty offers to drive her to St. Louis. On the drive Ty opens up to Bay about his dad on the way.

Toby's fiancee Nikki surprises him at his house. She is back early from her trip. She reminds him that they will be married in a month. The next day at work he calls Simone. Nikki meets Toby at the gas station. While he is out of the room, Nikki reads his text from Simone that looks like it's about a date.

Daphne tells Parker that she found a support group for girls in her position. Parker says she was wrong about being pregnant but Daphne thinks that Cole is pressuring her to do something she doesn't want to.

Nikki visits Daphne at her office and asks about Simone. It turns out that Simone had cheated on Toby with Emmett when he was with Bay.

Bay and Angelo meet with the men who take care of his baby daughter, Abbey. Bay asks to see her and one of the men says no while the other allows her but warns against burps. The other man and Angelo make awkward eye contact when the other two leave the room. Bay realizes that Abbey belongs with her adoptive parents. Angelo won't be able to take Abbey without a lawyer because her parents love her too much.

Jace suggests to Daphne that they send Cole an anonymous message that they know what he did with Parker. They send him a text and he responds asking who it is and what they want. They send another that tells him to drop support for abstinence only sex education.

Melody's date went bad and she worries that there are no deaf people out there for her. She thinks Emmett is being mean to his father because of how she acts towards him. She goes to his place and apologizes and tells him that it's not his fault Emmett hasn't been seeing him.

Toby meets with Simone at the cafe. She apologizes for what she did to him when they dated. She is now six months sober. Nikki shows up at the cafe, expecting to find Toby on a date but she sees that he is actually just playing a show. Nikki asks what's going on and Toby explains that Simone's uncle owns the bar. Toby thinks that Nikki doesn't care about his music any more but she says she does. She also tells him that she got a call, and they found the guy who murdered her dad.

At supper, John tells his family that Cole has switched his stance on sex education. He attributes it all to Daphne. She worries that he found out about the texts but John says all that research she has been sending out must have worked. The next day at work, Daphne tells Jace that they actually made a difference this summer.

Angelo tells Bay that it will be hard to get Abbey back without having an expensive lawyer. She thinks that maybe they should let them keep Abbey since they love her so much and they deserve her.

Bay and Angelo return home. Angelo resolves to fight for his daughter even though Bay is against it. Ty skips dinner to get away from Angelo. Instead, Ty and Bay have a romantic picnic and he says that the trip wasn't that bad. She asks if he wants to go back to his place but he says it is nice right where they are.