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As The Shadows Deepen - Recap

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Ty tries to fix his car while Bay waits in the passenger seat. Mary Beth walks by and tells Bay that the park, Maui, will be closing the on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because there isn't enough business. Ty says that they can't close the park because some things are permanent and he smiles at Bay.

Jace and Daphne make out in the back of her car when a police car rolls up to them. The officer tells them they aren't allowed to park there but Jace talks his way out of any trouble by saying he has diplomatic immunity.

Kathryn asks John if he can talk to his dad to see if there's anyway that Toby could skip the waiting line for university. John refuses to ask his father for a favour so Kathryn says she will.

Toby suggests that Nikki talk to the man who killed her father but she isn't sure she wants to do that.

Bay asks Daphne and Jace on their thoughts about her theme day ideas for Maui. Daphne thinks having a 'Deaf Day' is an awesome idea. Daphne says she will talk to Emmett because it will be too awkward for Bay. She still hasn't told him about her dating Ty but Bay says she will talk to him herself.

John visits Regina at her interior design office to talk about having her redo his office and waiting room. She thinks that he is just trying to do a favour for her since she is still inexperienced but he says he knows how great she is at designing.

Bay meets with Emmett to get his help on buying a rare print of Deafenstein. He helps her to win the auction at the last second. She thanks him and hugs him. Although after their hug, she feels awkward that maybe she still has feelings for him.

Regina shows up at the car wash to take pictures of the car wash office. Toby tells her that Nikki's father's killer has been found and they need an adult over the age of 21 to take them. Regina agrees to think about it.

At Maui, Deaf Day is a huge hit. Bay worries that everyone will be disappointed though when the 16mm film of Deafenstein turns out to be the film Spankenstein. Emmett leaves to get the DVD of Deafenstein, which is still better than showing nothing.

Daphne meets Carrie, a friend of Jace's, who he says is his scone dealer and she also worked at a bakery in France for a year. She is engaged to Jeff who is Daphne's ex-boyfriend. They have been together for four years and Daphne makes an excuse to leave when it gets too awkward.

Emmett brings the Deafenstein DVD back to Bay. In the case there is a home video they made called Dawn of the Deaf. There is a kissing scene between her and Emmett playing just as Ty walks in. Ty thinks that Bay is playing either Ty or Emmett to make the other one jealous.

Kathryn meets with John's father, Bill, in his office. She asks if there is anything that he can do to help Toby get through the waiting line. Bill asks why John never asked and brings up other arguments they have had. Kathryn tells him that he and John both need to drop their grudges before it's too late.

Travis shows up drunk to Mary Beth's shooting range game. He is having a terrible day and just needs to win once. He loses and leaves feeling bad. He forgets his sweater at the game and Mary Beth holds onto it. Later in the night, Travis returns to Mary Beth and retrieves his sweater. He asks her out and she says yes.

A man bumps into Daphne and acts very ignorant towards deaf people. Later, Daphne and Jace find the man's jacket and wallet. Daphne says the man must have had a change of heart and takes the cash out to donate to charity. Jace wants to use the man's visa to donate even more to charities but Daphne thinks it's wrong and stops him.

Toby and Nikki go with Regina to the prison to see the murderer. Nikki can't take it and leaves before the man enters the visiting room. Toby asks the man why he killed Nikki's father and the man says that her father was the guy he bought drugs off of. Toby is shocked that Nikki's father was a drug dealer. The man is sorry about what he has done but that won't make it any easier to break the news to Nikki. Outside the prison, Toby only tells Nikki that the man said he was sorry.

Bay visits the military base to find Ty. She finds out from Aida that Ty's outfit is being redeployed to train new police officers. Bay finds Ty and asks if he was going to tell her that he is leaving for Afghanistan at the end of the month. He says he was going to tell her eventually. He felt that if he didn't tell her he didn't have to worry about leaving. Ty is afraid that if he leaves again, Bay will go back to Emmett just like she did last time.

Jeff accuses Daphne of saying horrible things about him to Carrie. Daphne denies it though and Jeff assumes that Jace is the one who told her. Daphne asks Jace if he fells bad about what he did to Carrie and Jeff. He says that the difference between himself and Daphne is that he doesn't lie to himself about how far he will go to do what is right.

Toby tells Regina what the prisoner said to him. Regina says that Nikki's mom probably already knows and secrets always have a way of coming out. She tells Toby that maybe it would be best if she hears it from Toby.

Kathryn brings Bill back home to talk John. Bill says he would like to meet Daphne sometime and John invites him to stay for dinner.

Nikki says that Toby is acting weird and wants to know what the prisoner said to him. Toby tells her everything that the man said to him. She doesn't believe him and is mad that Toby would believe a lie from a murderer.

The showing of Deafenstein has a great turn out but Bay still doesn't understand why people like it. Ty tells Bay that he will always come back and he should have told her. He's trying not to freak out. Bay says why not just go back to the way things were but Ty can't, he loves her. Before leaving Maui, they run into Daphne. She isn't sure how she feels about Jace after the way he has been acting.