What Goes Up Must Come Down - Recap

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Bay visits Ty at the military base to tell him about ways that he could get out of going to Afghanistan. H doesn't want to try any of her ideas and asks if they can just enjoy the time they have left until he leaves. He invites her on a camping trip.

Jace asks Daphne why she hasn't returned his calls but she says she was busy. She's still upset about how has been acting. Parker confides in Daphne that she thinks someone knows about her and Senator Coto. Daphne just attributes his anger towards gossip.

Regina inspects the office at the car wash to see what she will need to change. After she is done John surprises her with new tires and hubcaps. She thinks a free car wash is okay but the tires may be too much but he tells her not to worry about it.

Daphne meets with Emmett for lunch but has a hard time paying attention to what he says. She doesn't want to explain her problems with Jace though so she returns to work. She finds out that she is in the running for Senator Coto's intern of the year award.

Bay brings up the topic of camping with Regina While Regina isn't too comfortable with her camping alone with Ty she tells Bay to ask to camp with friends. That way if John asks where Bay is, Regina won't have to lie or tell them Bay is alone with Ty.

Nikki asks her mother if her dad was shot because he sold drugs. Nikki is upset that her father sold drugs and her mother never said anything. He did it because their family needed the money.

Daphne tells her mom she isn't going into work and her mom can tell right away that she is faking. She thinks Daphne deserves a day off though and says she will call in for her and they can go to the spa.

Nikki skips work to visit Toby in his garage. She says she doesn't want to wait and he asks if he is sure. She thinks that she doesn't need to save it for marriage because God isn't there for her. She feels like she was abandoned by God. As Kathryn walks by the garage, she hears them talk about postponing the marriage.

Bay finds it difficult to keep up with Ty. He surprises her with a trip to a rope walking course. She isn't interested but he pressures her into pushing herself.

At the spa, Kathryn and Daphne talk about Jace. They meet Diana, Coto's wife, who says she won't tell him about Daphne skipping work. She says Coto has been pretty busy himself and she thinks something is brewing there. Daphne excuses herself. While she is gone, Diana asks if Kathryn about Coto. Diana thinks that he is cheating on her again.

John visits the interior decorating office to tell Whitney he wants to hire Regina again. Now he wants her to redecorate his senate office. While he is there he lets slip that Regina is married to Angelo.

Bay is ready to do her rope walk but she is still scared. She manages to make it to the top but panics again when she sees how high up she is. Ty tells her the only way down is to relax and jump. He tells her to relax and he will lower her. She starts to panic and flail though and falls to the ground hard. Bay thinks it was a test and that he doesn't trust her. She asks if it is about Emmett and he says that maybe it is.

Daphne calls Jace to tell him about Diana. She skipped work to miss her interview with Coto but Jace tells her she needs to get better at lying. Jace says they know why they did what they did but they don't want to have to explain themselves. Kathryn asks Daphne if she is uncomfortable at work and if she is the one having an affair with Coto. Daphne is disgusted by the suggestion and leaves the spa.

Emmett and Melody meet with Cameron and Debbie at the audiologist's office. They are there to support him during his cochlear transplant. The testing goes well and Cameron and Debbie are overjoyed. Emmett and Melody don't look that excited though.

Whitney confronts Regina about the lie she told about Angelo. Whitney forgives her though and gives Regina full time hours.

Daphne finally meets with Senator Coto. He asks if she feels she has made a difference this summer. Senator Coto makes it sound like he knows that Daphne was the one who sent the text message.

Daphne tells Jace that Coto knows everything and will retaliate but Jace says he's bluffing. Jace thinks they can't get in any trouble but Coto faces a lot of trouble. Daphne is sick of lying and breaks up with Jace. Jace sends the text to Coto and says he doesn't have to listen to Daphne since they aren't dating.

Toby talks to Kathryn about Nikki. He asks if it's too late to have the wedding at the house instead of the church. She says it's lovely and she is sure John will be fine with it.

Bay wanders back to Ty after being gone for two hours in the woods. He worries that she had died and Bay says that's how she felt when he was gone to Afghanistan last time. Ty carries her out of the woods to the hospital. Ty wants to talk with John in the hopes that maybe he can get stationed closer or not have to go to Afghanistan.

Regina tells John the she is now a full time design associate. She says they are even and asks him to stop helping her. He tells her that if she wanted to move back it would be fine.

Emmett visits his dad and asks how the cochlear transplant is. It will take some getting used to but Cameron thinks it is amazing. He wants to listen to Emmett play the drums. Now he can tell for sure that Emmett is a good drummer. Cameron gives Melody Dr. Gabe's phone number that he wanted her to have. She is embarrassed to have her ex-husband set her up on a date but she takes it anyway.