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Season 2

14 :02x01 - The Ultimate Thrill

A criminal thrillseeker named Roxy Rocket gets Batman stuck in her wild goose chase.
Guest Stars: Paul Williams (1) as Penguin | Mel Winkler as Lucius Fox | Rebecca Gilchrist as Young Woman | Robert Clotworthy as Pilot | Charity James as Roxy Rocket/Roxanne Sutton
Director: Dan Riba

15 :02x02 - Cult of the Cat

When in trouble from stealing a statue from a cat cult lead by Thomas Blake, Catwoman turns to Batman for help.
Guest Stars: Jim Piddock as Martin | Scott Cleverdon as Thomas Blake | Tasia Valenza as Female Cultist | Adrienne Barbeau as Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Director: Butch Lukic

16 :02x03 - Critters

After a failed demonstration of his animal growth hormones, that make animals larger than humanly imagined, he is forced to seize his activities, and get rid of his animals. Angered by his wasted money spent to create them, and his lack of money, he finds a way to solve both problems.
Guest Stars: Peter Breck as Farmer Brown | Jane Singer as Old Woman | Dorian Harewood as Judge | Phil Hayes as Sergeant | Dina Sherman as Emmylou
Director: Dan Riba

17 :02x04 - Animal Act

A series of crimes have been going on, that have been commited by animals. Nightwing has an encounter with one of these animals who he remembers from his old circus. But who really is behind it all?
Guest Stars: Jane Wiedlin as Miranda Kane | Corey Burton as Strongman | Roddy McDowall as Mad Hatter | Lauri Johnson as Knife-Thrower's Wife
Director: Curt Geda

18 :02x05 - Old Wounds

Dick tells Tim the story of what led to his decision to leave Batman and the Robin mantle behind to go on his own.
Guest Stars: Pamela Hayden as Geena | Ian Buchanan (1) as Connor | Neil Ross as Henshaw | Townsend Coleman as Rocco | Mark Hamill as The Joker
Director: Curt Geda
Writer: Rich Fogel

19 :02x06 - Legends of the Dark Knight

Three young friends tell of their interpretation of Batman and his various adventures.
Guest Stars: Brianne Siddall as 50's Robin | Michael Ironside as 80's Batman | Anndi McAfee as Carrie (80's Robin) | Ryan O'Donohue as Matt | Phillip Van Dyke as Joel | Michael McKean as 50's Joker | Charles Rocket as Security Guard | Kevin Michael Richardson as Mutant Leader | Jeremy Foley (1) as Nick | Mark Rolston as Firefly/Don | Gary Owens as 50's Batman
Director: Dan Riba

20 :02x07 - Girl's Night Out

Livewire has escaped from Metropolis and is on the loose in Gotham. Batgirl teams up with Supergirl to stop Livewire as well as her two new friends, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, from making a quick buck.
Guest Stars: Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn | Nicholle Tom as Supergirl/Kara | Hal Rayle as Driver Cop | Diane Pershing as Poison Ivy | Paul Williams (1) as The Penguin | Lori Petty as Livewire
Director: Curt Geda

21 :02x08 - Chemistry

Bruce meets a woman of which he believes to be perfect, so he marries her, and gives up being Batman, but he begins to wonder about her perfection...
Guest Stars: Bruce Locke as Mr. Liu | Diane Pershing as Poison Ivy | Linda Hamilton (1) as Susan Maguire | Ed Gilbert as Photographer | Marilu Henner as Veronica Vreeland | Tim Matheson as Michael Vreeland | Mel Winkler as Lucius Fox
Director: Butch Lukic

22 :02x09 - Judgment Day

A new "hero", dressed as a judge, reaks havoc in Gotham, nearly killing every villian.
Guest Stars: Loren Lester as Mo | Peter Jason as Manny | Steven Weber as J. Carroll Corcoran | Jodi Baskerville as Anchorwoman | Brooks Gardner as Killer Croc | John Glover as The Riddler | Richard Moll as Two-Face | Paul Williams (1) as The Penguin | Malachi Throne as The Judge
Director: Curt Geda

23 :02x10 - Beware the Creeper

While filming a documentary about the origins of the Joker at the very same chemical plant in which the criminal madman was created, Jack Ryder takes a similar swim, but his exposure to Joker's laughing gas creates a whole different creature. As Batman tries to find and restore the news reporter, the Joker gets jealous that his attention is getting stolen.
Guest Stars: Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn | Mark Hamill as The Joker | Jeff Bennett as The Creeper/Jack Ryder | Elizabeth Daily as Thrift Store Manager | Billy West as Cur, Lar, Mo
Director: Dan Riba
Writer: Steve Gerber
Story: Rich Fogel

24 :02x11 - Mad Love

The Joker and Harley have always been an odd pair, but when Batman causes the Joker too much grief, Harley takes matters into her own hands.
Guest Stars: Suzanne Stone as Dr. Joan Leland | Mark Hamill as The Joker | Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn
Director: Butch Lukic
Writer: Paul Dini
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1997
Ended: January 16, 1999
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