Season 5

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Season 5

55 :05x01 - Touching Death

A dead body fills most people with fear, and touching one is considered taboo. But what if this was your job? Would you dig up a rotting corpse for $2 a day? Can you see yourself rushing to the scene of a fatal car crash to pick up the bodies? Or maybe dissect a woman to see why she died? Is it money, faith or the search for the truth which makes us break this taboo and touch a dead body?

56 :05x02 - Extreme Kids

Some may consider one way of raising kids is normal while another would not. See kids who help with the family income by boxing, a five year old who is still breast fed by his mother, and sons who attend a religious self-mutilation festival.

57 :05x03 - Supreme Devotion

An investigation of religions which measured physical pain as means of devotion.

58 :05x04 - Body Extremes

A look at the Philippines thriving black market for human organs. Also, a look at Papua New Guinea's intimate bond between humans and pigs. Plus, an Australian health therapist who uses urine as a topical medicine is profiled.

59 :05x05 - Extreme Healing

An exploration of cultures in which the people will entrust their health to faith in place of modern medicine in Arizona, Venezuela and Philippines.

60 :05x06 - Trial by Fire

A spotlight on dangerous initiation rituals, including a fire dance in Papua, New Guinea, and riding untamed bulls in India.

61 :05x07 - Extreme Eats

A look at the taboos concerning foods, including what is acceptable and what may disgust others. Whether it includes chewing on a spider, devouring duck embryo, chomping on an animal penis or even biting into horseflesh, it all depends on the tastes of the beholder.

62 :05x08 - Outsiders

A profile of individuals and societies which are considered outcasts. Among those included are rat catchers in India, Nepal leprosy sufferers, and Australian scavengers.

63 :05x09 - Drugs

A look at drug uses and how it's perceived in different cultures and societies. Also, the drug scene in Washington, DC and the Andes mountains in Peru.

64 :05x10 - The Third Sex

An exploration of the societies in India, Indonesia and Albania which recognize more than just two genders.

65 :05x11 - Extreme Punishment

An investigation of the lengths some societies go to in which to punish their criminals. Includes a look at kids in Tennessee who were forced to wear a sign around their neck after being caught shoplifting.

66 :05x12 - Bizarre Bodies

A profile of people who have gone to extreme lengths to change their looks. includes a man who has had surgery to attach horns on his head, an a woman was is believed to have the world's tiniest waist.

67 :05x13 - Extreme Rituals

An examination of rituals from around the world which deal in the passage of one phase of life to another. Included is a headfirst leap from a 70 foot high tower by boys on an island in the South Pacific. In Papua, New Guinea, a young woman gets her face tattooed before her marriage ceremony. A man in West Africa participates in a bloodletting ceremony which will ready him for the priesthood.

68 :05x14 - Spilling Blood

A look at traditions from around the world in animal bloodletting. Included is a ancient ritual in Nepal which ends in an animal sacrifice, Denmark's annual Whale slaughter, and the sport of cockfighting in Bali.

69 :05x15 - Sex

A look at how different societies express love and sex, including swingers in Australia, and a Chinese ethnic group which encourages sexual boldness.
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Discovery/Science
Status: Returning Series
Network: National Geographic Channel ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 2002
Episode Order: 13
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