Season 11 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 30/Sep/2002 Food
02 01x02 07/Oct/2002 Healers
03 01x03 14/Oct/2002 Tattoo
04 01x04 21/Oct/2002 Voodoo
05 01x05 28/Oct/2002 Witchcraft
06 01x06 04/Nov/2002 Marriage
07 01x07 11/Nov/2002 Drugs
08 01x08 18/Nov/2002 Evil Spirits
09 01x09 02/Dec/2002 Sexuality
10 01x10 09/Dec/2002 Death
11 01x11 23/Dec/2002 Tests of Faith
12 01x12 29/Dec/2002 Bloodsports

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
13 02x01 06/Oct/2003 Justice
14 02x02 13/Oct/2003 Delicacies
15 02x03 20/Oct/2003 Creature Cures
16 02x04 03/Nov/2003 After Death
18 02x06 02/Apr/2008 Sacred Pain
20 02x08 12/Jan/2004 Child Rearing
21 02x09 19/Jan/2004 Extreme Entertainers
22 02x10 26/Jan/2004 Blood Bonds
23 02x11 15/Mar/2004 Marks of Identity
24 02x12 02/Apr/2008 Initiation

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
27 03x03 07/Jul/2004 Spirit World
28 03x04 14/Jul/2004 Extreme Cuisine
29 03x05 21/Jul/2004 Extreme Childhood
30 03x06 28/Jul/2004 Body Cutters
31 03x07 04/Aug/2004 Body Art
32 03x08 13/Sep/2004 Gross Grub
33 03x09 20/Sep/2004 Rites of Manhood
34 03x10 04/Oct/2004 Possessed
35 03x11 04/Oct/2004 Altered States
36 03x12 18/Oct/2004 Gender Benders
37 03x13 08/Nov/2004 Blood Rites
38 03x14 27/Jan/2005 Crime Scene
39 03x15 27/Jan/2005 Gross Work

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
40 04x01 05/Aug/2007 Initiation Rituals
41 04x02 05/Aug/2007 Skin Deep
42 04x03 08/Aug/2007 Sexual Identity
44 04x05 22/Aug/2007 Proving Ground
46 04x07 05/Sep/2007 Nudity
47 04x08 03/Oct/2007 Trials Of Faith
48 04x09 10/Oct/2007 Pets
49 04x10 31/Oct/2007 Gross Food
50 04x11 11/Nov/2007 Extreme Performers
51 04x12 14/Nov/2007 Jobs
52 04x13 21/Nov/2007 Mating
53 04x14 02/Mar/2008 Marked for Life
54 04x15 26/Mar/2008 Quest for Acceptance

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
55 05x01 06/Aug/2008 Touching Death
56 05x02 06/Aug/2008 Extreme Kids
57 05x03 13/Aug/2008 Supreme Devotion
58 05x04 20/Aug/2008 Body Extremes
61 05x07 10/Sep/2008 Extreme Eats
62 05x08 17/Sep/2008 Outsiders
63 05x09 15/Oct/2008 Drugs
64 05x10 22/Oct/2008 The Third Sex
66 05x12 10/Nov/2008 Bizarre Bodies
67 05x13 24/Nov/2008 Extreme Rituals
68 05x14 01/Dec/2008 Spilling Blood
69 05x15 08/Dec/2008 Sex

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
70 06x01 17/Jan/2010 Prostitution
71 06x02 20/Jan/2010 Fat
72 06x03 27/Jan/2010 Misfits
73 06x04 03/Feb/2010 Narcotics
74 06x05 10/Feb/2010 Strange Love
75 06x06 17/Feb/2010 Beyond the Grave

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
32 07x01 02/May/2011 Beauty
33 07x02 02/May/2011 Fantasy Lives
36 07x05 23/May/2011 Prison Love
37 07x06 12/Jun/2011 Forbidden Love

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
39 08x02 10/Jan/2012 Odd Couples
40 08x03 17/Jan/2012 Extreme Fighting

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
42 09x01 17/Jun/2012 Living with the Dead
43 09x02 24/Jun/2012 Strange Behavior
44 09x03 01/Jul/2012 Booze
46 09x05 15/Jul/2012 Extreme Collectors
47 09x06 22/Jul/2012 Ugly
48 09x07 29/Jul/2012 Nasty Jobs
49 09x08 05/Aug/2012 Weird Weddings
50 09x09 26/Aug/2012 Strange Passions
51 09x10 02/Sep/2012 U.S. of Alcohol
53 09x12 30/Sep/2012 Changing Gender
54 09x13 02/Oct/2012 Weird Collections
55 09x14 09/Oct/2012 Private Passions
56 09x15 16/Oct/2012 Old Enough?
57 09x16 23/Oct/2012 Strange Syndromes
58 09x17 30/Oct/2012 Bizarre Burials
59 09x18 19/Nov/2012 Devils and Demons

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
00 10x00 Unaired USA - Home Strange Home
60 10x01 04/Jun/2013 USA - Secret Passions
61 10x02 11/Jun/2013 USA - Strange Bonds
62 10x03 18/Jun/2013 USA - Odd Jobs
63 10x04 25/Jun/2013 USA - Forever Young
64 10x05 02/Jul/2013 USA - Strange Obsessions
65 10x06 09/Jul/2013 USA - Inked, Pierced & Hooked
66 10x07 16/Jul/2013 USA - Extreme Obesity
67 10x08 23/Jul/2013 USA - Strange Medicine
68 10x09 30/Jul/2013 USA - Body Shock
69 10x10 05/Sep/2013 Strange Behavior
70 10x11 05/Dec/2014 Ritualized
71 10x12 05/Dec/2014 New Shades of Sex
72 10x13 05/Dec/2014 Express Your Body

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
73 11x01 24/Jul/2016 Bizarre Passions

Episode Air Date Episode Name
  Unknown Sex Swap

  Season 11 »
Type: Documentary
Genres: Discovery/Science
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 2002
Episodes Order: 13
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