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Confessions - Recap

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The host of Talking Bad, Chris Hardwick, introduces his two guests, Bob Odenkirk and Samuel L. Jackson. Bob Odenkirk plays Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad. Chris talks about how Bob's character was beaten up. Bob loves acting in fight scenes and Samuel wishes there had been some pistol whipping. Chris thinks Saul Goodman is one of the most honest characters. He doesn't lie about doing everything for money. Samuel has loved the show since the beginning. He's watched Walt evolve from a guy who has no clue what he is doing to someone who is always one step ahead. They discuss that Walt's character switched to bad when he let Jane die.

Chris asks Bob where the character of Saul Goodman came from. Bob says that he was hired because Vince Gilligan liked his work on Mr. Show. A clip plays of Gennifer Hutchison, she says that one of her favorite moments is when Gus goes to Mexico and exacts revenge on Don Eladio.

Vince Gilligan says that Bob deserves the role of Saul because while he is funny, he has also become a great dramatic actor. Chris says that Saul started off more comedic but is now more dramatic. They discuss the character of Saul and how he deals with life.

Chris asks if they think Walt is working Jesse. Samuel says that Walt is working everyone except Skyler. They talk about Jesse's revelation about the ricin cigarette. Bob says that Huell took his weed and it is then that Jesse realizes that his ricin cigarette was taken in the same manner. Chris loves how Vince puts characters into corners and then has them escape in interesting ways. Samuel says that he predicted that Walt would accuse Hank of being the drug lord.

A man named Brain calls into the show and asks who Samuel would play if he was on the show. He would have played Tuco if he could choose anyone. He thought about just having a cameo where he buys food at Los Pollos but he never had a free day to do that.

Vince Gilligan delivers an exclusive tease about the next episode. He says that the Whites will have a stay-cation. Bob says there is nothing that Walt could do that would make Saul turn him in. Chris asks if Sam is still rooting for Walt. Samuel wants Walt to go out on his own terms. Samuel says he would definitely hire Saul Goodman as a lawyer.