To'hajiilee - Recap

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Chris Hardwick introduces his guests, Don Cheadle and Steven Michael Quezada. Steven Michael Quezada plays agent Steven Gomez on Breaking Bad. Also featured this week is special guest Bryan Cranston who of course plays Walter White.

Chris talks to Bryan through a video call. Bryan says that Walter White is the ultimate character to play for him. He has developed a close relationship with everyone in the show and it was sad to let it all go. They talk about the meaning of Jesse and Bryan meeting in the desert in the same spot as where they had first cooked meth. Bryan doesn't know how he feels about Walt because he would rather live the character than judge him. He figures that nowadays in TV the viewers don't have to like the main character. Walt has changed from being logical to more emotional and this is a result of all the trauma he has experienced. Bryan is surprised but happy that a show about a cancer-stricken teacher turned meth maker has made it this far. He guarantees that fans of the show will love how the series wraps up.

Steven describes Gomez's relationship with Hank as the whipping boy. He just kind of goes along without much of a say. Don points out that in Breaking Bad, if violence is suggested then violence will be used. In an earlier episode there is a flashforward of Walt at his house so he will for sure make it out of the gunfight but Don isn't so sure about the others in the fight. He was surprised that Walt yelled to Jack to not shoot anyone.

Elana calls in to the show and asks if they think that Walt feels sorry about poisoning Brock. They don't think that Walt is really sorry. Steven thinks Gomez is someone who goes by the books and right now he and Hank don't really have any physical evidence. Gomez is the only character who has not broken bad. Steven was excited that Gomez finally got to use his gun.

Chris talks about Todd acting creepy, fondling the coffee cup with Lydia's lipstick on it. They think that Todd has no emotions and is very strange. Don says that after seeing a picture of brains, anyone would break like Huell did. Steven doesn't think Walt's confession over the phone would be admissible in court. Gomez is stuck in this situation with Hank even if some of the things they do aren't completely legal.

Vince Gilligan reveals a small teaser about next week's episode. He says we will gaze upon Walt's works and despair. Chris asks how the show should end. Don wants Walt to win but you can never guess what is coming.