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Season 2

32 :02x01 - Tiger, Tiger

An engineer continues work on an irrigation project despite a warning from Tarzan that a deadly tiger is on the prowl in the area.
Special Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Cliff Stockwell |
Guest Stars: Michael Pate as Findley | Oscar Beregi, Jr. as Devereaux | Anne Jeffreys as Melody Stockwell | Howard Morton as The Commissioner
Director: Harmon Jones

33 :02x02 - Voice of the Elephant

Jai's pet elephant might have to be destroyed when the animal is blamed for the death of an official.
Guest Stars: Robert McDougal as John Hendricks | Frederick O'Neal as Spokesman | John Doucette as Arthur Brady | Percy Rodriguez as Matsui | Rockne Tarkington as Ramahit | Maurice Marsac as Majordomo | Murray Matheson as Judge
Director: Harmon Jones

34 :02x03 - Thief Catcher

Tarzan and Jai's lives are threatend by two escaped convicts.
Guest Stars: George Kennedy as Crandall | Yaphet Kotto as Kesho | Don Mitchell as N'Duma | Johnny Haymer as Dawkins | Virgil Richardson as Yaga | Chuck Wood as Foreman
Director: James Komack

35 :02x04 - The Blue Stone of Heaven (1)

Defying an ancient taboo, Tarzan leads an archaeological expedition to a burial ground deep in the jungle.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Haynes as Matto | Jason Evers as Ramon | Ulla Stromstedt as Mary | Sam Jaffe as Dr. Singleton | Chuck Wood as Sergeant | William Marshall as Tatakombi | Harry Lauter as Miller

36 :02x05 - The Blue Stone of Heaven (2)

Tarzan must prevent a crazed mercenary from dynamiting an ancient burial ground and stealing a jeweled idol.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Haynes as Matto | Jason Evers as Ramon | Ulla Stromstedt as Mary | Sam Jaffe as Dr. Singleton | Chuck Wood as Sergeant | William Marshall as Tatakombi | Harry Lauter as Miller

37 :02x06 - Curse of the Mugumba Tree

Tarzan battles a treacherous engineer to save a young woman from a death curse.
Guest Stars: Stim Seager as Pete McVeigh | Sydney Charles McCoy as Daniel Buto | Barbara Luna as Frankie McVeigh | Michael St. Clair as Mike Purdy | Simon Oakland as Burnett
Director: Alex Nicol
Writer: Carey Wilber

38 :02x07 - The Fanatics

A female reporter exposes a rigged tribal election with the assistance of Tarzan.
Guest Stars: William Smithers as Brooks | Don Marshall as Kimini | Diana Hyland as Diana Russell | George Murdock as Eric | Chuck Wood as Bombi
Writer: Lee Loeb

39 :02x08 - Last of the Supermen

A Nazi war criminal forces Tarzan to help him locate a fortune that was buried during World War II.
Guest Stars: Angelo Di Steffano as Commissioner | John Madison as Faris | Alf Kjellin as Von Wolvner | Antoinette Bower as Helga | Ben Wright as Arthur Stever | William Wintersole as Kurt | Michael Burns (1) as Helmut Stever | Virgil Richardson as Leader

40 :02x09 - Hotel Hurricane

A gang of fugitive mobsters tries to fool Tarzan and Jai into helping them recover stolen loot.
Guest Stars: Seamon Glass as Freddie | Donnelly Rhodes as Hank | Jean Hale as Lora | Bert Freed as Bonacci | Michael Tolan as John Turner
Director: Ron Ely

41 :02x10 - The Pride of a Lioness

A young doctor faces two opponents in trying to keep his late father's jungle clinic operating: a native witch doctor and his own mother who wants him to return to the United States.
Guest Stars: Davis Roberts as Kanzuma | John McLiam as Harrington | Helen Hayes as Mrs. Wilson | James MacArthur as Dr. Richard Wilson | Geoffrey Holder (1) as Zwengi
Director: Barry Shear

42 :02x11 - Mountains of the Moon (1)

Tarzan accompanies a widow and her band of religious pilgrims on a dangerous journey into forbidden land.
Guest Stars: Johnny Jensen as Hank | Kay Fernandez as Zuayva | Victor Eberj as Esau | Rockne Tarkington as Young Chief | Strother Martin as O'Keefe | Ethel Merman as Rosanna McCloud | Perry Lopez as Chigger | Harry Lauter as Whitehead | William Marshall as Likui | Jayne Massey as Flo | Jorge Hernandez as Sergeant | Harry Townes as Captain Bates
Director: Harmon Jones

43 :02x12 - Mountains of the Moon (2)

Rosanna McCloud and her followers continue into forbidden land but hostile natives are waiting in ambush.
Guest Stars: Jorge Hernandez as Sergeant | Kay Fernandez as Zuayva | Victor Eberj as Esau | Perry Lopez as Chigger | Jayne Massey as Flo | William Marshall as Likui | Harry Lauter as Whitehead | Ethel Merman as Rosanna McCloud
Director: Harmon Jones

44 :02x13 - Jai's Amnesia

Suffering from amnesia as a result of an accident, Jai gets involved in the attempted theft of a sacred ruby.
Guest Stars: John Anderson (1) as Molson | Hal Baylor as Lee | John Crawford as Captain | John Dehner as J.C. Crosby
Director: Harmon Jones

45 :02x14 - Creeping Giants

It's Tarzan to the rescue when a powerful land owner dupes an engineer into dynamiting a mountain range which will wipe out several native villages.
Guest Stars: Mario Valdez as Richard Parris | Raymond St. Jacques as Wilson | Robert J. Wilke as Colin Yaeger | Randolph Sealey as Native | Will Kuluva as Miguel Jimenez Brown | Joel Fluellen as Lwutumba
Director: Alex Nicol

46 :02x15 - The Professional

Tarzan does battle with yet another power mad colonel whose troops have overrun the land of a peaceful native tribe.
Guest Stars: Clarence Williams III as Sorda | Pat Conway (1) as Colonel Stone | Anthony Costello as Sergeant | Karl Swenson as Governor General | Jack Colvin as Military Governor
Director: Alex Nicol

47 :02x16 - The Convert

It's time to jump the shark when Diana Ross and the Supremes guest star as three nuns trying to set up a hospital.
Guest Stars: Cindy Birdsong as Sister Ann | Claude Casey as Bleeker | Leonard O. Smith as Batu | Mary Wilson as Sister Mary | Diana Ross as Sister Theresa | James Earl Jones as Nerlan | Malachi Throne as Larson
Director: Harmon Jones
Writer: Jo Pagano

48 :02x17 - King of the Dwasari

Tarzan tangles with a glib American expatriate who's made himself the monarch of a native tribe.
Guest Stars: Ernie Terrell as Zwaka | Robert Loggia as Brown | Roy Jenson as Hooper | Ken Renard as Umbura | Judy Pace as Abena | Morgan Woodward as Blaine

49 :02x18 - A Gun for Jai

While guiding a trigger happy safari, Tarzan must search for the wounded Cheetah the chimp.
Guest Stars: Geoffrey Holder (1) as Mayko | Robert DoQui as Charlie | Ed Bakey as Prince | Peter Whitney as Mulvaney

50 :02x19 - Trek to Terror

Tarzan unwittingly helps a corrupt police inspector set a death trap for a crusading doctor.
Guest Stars: Booker Bradshaw as Dr. Kenny | Michael Ansara as Regis | Albert Popwell as Lounga | Gregg Palmer as Haines | John Pickard (2) as Elson
Director: Barry Shear
Writer: Lee Erwin

51 :02x20 - End of a Challenge

Tarzan goes in pursuit of a thief who has kidnapped Jai and a native chief's son.
Guest Stars: Pedro Gonzales Gonzales as Sebastian | Woody Strode as Bangu | Henry Jones (1) as Leech | Pepe Brown as Ubi | Chill Wills as Montrose
Director: Barry Shear

52 :02x21 - Jungle Ransom

A woman gets Tarzan to help free her husband who's being held hostage in a bandit's camp.
Guest Stars: Fernando Lamas as Ramon Cortinez | Jacques Aubuchon as Captain | Jack Hogan (1) as Larry Fraser | Barbara Bouchet as Phyllis Fraser | Ted Cassidy as Sampson
Director: Barry Shear

53 :02x22 - Four O'Clock Army (1)

Tarzan and Sir Basil Bertram clash over how to best handle a forthcoming raid by a gang of slave traders.
Guest Stars: Phil Posner as Hassan | Ben Wright as Commissioner | Guy Edwards as Samuel | Bruce Gordon (1) as Moussa | Julie Harris as Charity Jones | Bernie Hamilton as Chaka | Maurice Evans as Sir Basil Bertram
Director: Alex Nicol
Writer: Carey Wilber

54 :02x23 - Four O'Clock Army (2)

Tarzan goes after a gang of slave traders whose prisoners include Jai.
Guest Stars: Phil Posner as Hassan | Guy Edwards as Samuel | Bruce Gordon (1) as Moussa | Julie Harris as Charity Jones | Bernie Hamilton as Chaka | Maurice Evans as Sir Basil Bertram
Director: Alex Nicol
Writer: Carey Wilber

55 :02x24 - Rendezvous for Revenge

Tarzan pursues a fugitive couple who have armed themselves with hand grenades.
Guest Stars: Maria Judelson as Doctor | Terry Wilson as Claude | Laraine Stephens as Doria Burton | Don Knight as Odgers | Booth Colman as Commissioner Lacing | John Vernon as Dan Burton

56 :02x25 - Alex the Great

When a village is threatened by a man eating lion, a man named Alex Spence arrives on the scene determined to prove himself superior to Tarzan--by killing him.
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Mr. Chin | Jim Shayne as Shamir | Neville Brand as Alex Spence | Dick Crockett as Yuseff | Diahn Williams as Stacy Wells | Read Morgan as Hamud
Director: Barry Shear

57 :02x26 - Trina

A girl gets Tarzan to help her locate her long lost uncle.
Guest Stars: Barbara Hancock as Minette | Barbara Moore (2) as Edith | Marianne Gordon (1) as Marguerite | Sharon Harvey as Noreen | Nehemiah Persoff as Chembe Kunja | Stacey Gregg as Trina McKenzie | Roy Glenn as Bokunetsi | Rob Monk (1) as Doggu | Susan Trustman as Maggie | Susan Howard as Gloria | Suzie Kaye as Maxine
Director: Harmon Jones
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 1966
Ended: September 06, 1968
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