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Season 5

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (Movie)

When the Titan Tower gets attacked by a high-tech ninja from Toyko. Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Robin , and Starfire spring back into action. They go to Toyko to find the ninja's leader, Brushogun. Beastboy has his own fan club. Cyborg eats all the food he wants. Robin and Starfire are trying to figure out if they can do "normal" teenage things like date.
Writer: David Slack

53 :05x01 - Homecoming (1)

Beast Boy gets a call that the Doom Patrol is in trouble, so he and the Titans must take action and free Beast boy's "parents."
Guest Stars: Glenn Shadix as Brain/Monsieur Mallah | Tara Strong as Elastigirl | Judge Reinhold as Negative Man | Xander Berkeley as Mento | Peter Onorati as Robotman
Writer: Rob Hoegee

54 :05x02 - Homecoming (2)

Beast Boy is back with his team to try to stop the Brotherhood of Evil, once and for all.
Guest Stars: Xander Berkeley as Mento/General Immortus | Peter Onorati as Robotman | Judge Reinhold as Negative Man | Tara Strong as Elastigirl | Hynden Walch as Madame Rouge | Glenn Shadix as Brain/Monsieur Mallah
Director: Ben Jones (2)

55 :05x03 - Trust

Robin has a plan to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil, but is he endangering every Titan around the world?
Guest Stars: Glenn Shadix as Brain/Monsieur Mallah | Hynden Walch as Madame Rouge | Dee Bradley Baker as Wildebeest | Bumper Robinson as Hotspot
Director: Matt Youngberg
Writer: Amy Wolfram

56 :05x04 - For Real

Control Freak has the Ultimate Test for the Teen Titans, but it doesn't work against Titans East. So he comes up with challenges that Titans East can't beat. Have Titans East met their match?
Guest Stars: Alexander Polinsky as Control Freak, Computer Geek | Dee Bradley Baker as Silkie, LeBlanc | Freddy Rodriguez as Mas Y Menos | Mike Erwin as Speedy/Computer Geek | Wil Wheaton as Aqualad/Computer Geek | T'Keyah Keymáh as Bumblebee/Old Lady/Young Boy/Computer Geek
Writer: Melody Fox

57 :05x05 - Snowblind

In Russia there is a monster crazed for energy destroying parts of towns. All the blame is pinned on Red Star but is he really the one doing all the horrible things?
Guest Stars: Jason Marsden as Red Star | Ed O'Ross as Raskov
Director: Ben Jones (2)
Writer: Rob Hoegee

58 :05x06 - Kole

The Titans meet a girl name Kole and her friend, Gnarck. When Dr. Light kidnaps Kole to use her as a crystal to become more powerful, can the Titans now stop a very powerful Dr. Light?
Guest Stars: Tara Strong as Kole | Dee Bradley Baker as Gnark | Rodger Bumpass as Dr. Light
Director: Matt Youngberg
Writer: Amy Wolfram

59 :05x07 - Hide and Seek

Raven is stuck watching over 3 young heroes. She has to take them to a place where they would be safe. But what's with Mr. Mallah following them?
Guest Stars: Tara Strong as Teether | Glenn Shadix as Monsieur Mallah | Russi Taylor as Melvin/Timmy
Writer: Amy Wolfram

60 :05x08 - Lightspeed

HIVE Five are now taking over the city, with the Titans all over the globe. So what happens when a new hero ruins the fun?
Guest Stars: Michael Rosenbaum as Kid Flash | Jason Marsden as Billy Numerous | Lauren Tom as Gizmo/Jinx | Kevin Michael Richardson as Mammoth/Seemore | Hynden Walch as Madame Rouge
Director: Ben Jones (2)
Writer: Rob Hoegee

61 :05x09 - Revved Up

Ding Dong Daddy has stole Robin's most prized possession. So what happens when other villains decide to try and get it?
Guest Stars: David Johansen as Ding Dong Daddy | Scott Menville as Red X | Tara Strong as Gizmo
Director: Matt Youngberg

62 :05x10 - Go

Returning to the origin of how the Teen Titans first met. Starfire, after being chased to Earth, meets up with the other future Titans to deal with her pursuers.
Guest Stars: Gary Sturgis as Trogaar
Writer: David Slack

63 :05x11 - Calling All Titans

The Titans traveled around the world one by one, to deliver T-walkie talkies to other members so they can defeat the Brotherhood of Evil. But I think this went the other way around.
Guest Stars: Dee Bradley Baker as Gnarrk/Tramm | Diane Delano as Pantha | Glenn Shadix as Brain/Monsieur Mallah | Khary Payton as Herald | Hynden Walch as Argent | Freddy Rodriguez as Mas/Menos | Tara Strong as Kole/Kitten
Director: Ben Jones (2)
Writer: Amy Wolfram

64 :05x12 - Titans Together

The Brotherhood of Evil has captured every hero around the globe. Except one....
Guest Stars: Michael Rosenbaum as Kid Flash | Diane Delano as Pantha | Dee Bradley Baker as Le Blanc/Gnarrk/Cinderblock | Tara Strong as Gizmo, Jinx | Greg Cipes as Private H.I.V.E. | Freddy Rodriguez as Mas Y Menos | Glenn Shadix as Brain/Monsier Mallah | Hynden Walch as Madame Rouge | Khary Payton as Herald
Director: Matt Youngberg
Writer: Rob Hoegee

65 :05x13 - Things Change

The Titans are finally home, but a lot of things have changed. When Beast Boy sees Terra, he tries everything to make her remember. After hearing the words "thing change" from her, Beast Boy now has to face the fact that they change.
Guest Stars: Ron Perlman as Slade | Ashley Johnson as Terra | Khary Payton as Thelma
Writer: Amy Wolfram
Warning: Teen Titans guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Animation
Genre: Children Cartoons | Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Super Heroes
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Airs: 06:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 19, 2003
Ended: January, 2006
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