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Teen Titans: Things Change

The Titans are finally home, but a lot of things have changed. When Beast Boy sees Terra, he tries everything to make her remember. After hearing the words "thing change" from her, Beast Boy now has to face the fact that they change.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x13
Production Number: 513
Airdate: Monday January 16th, 2006

Director: Michael Chang
Writer: Amy Wolfram

Guest Stars
Ashley JohnsonAshley Johnson
voiced Terra
Khary PaytonKhary Payton
voiced Thelma
Ron PerlmanRon Perlman
voiced Slade
Episode Notes
According to Cartoon Network, this episode may very well be the end of the Teen Titans series.

This episode was originally discussed during the third season, but was held back until this when the writers realised this could be the final season

This episode is the first to feature Terra since the end of season two. (Excluding flash backs)

The high school Terra attends is "Murakami School," an obvious reference to producer Glen Murakami.

This is Slade's first appearance since "The End, Part 3.".

The use of "sliding frames" during Beast Boy: and Terra's: conversations seems inspired by the comedy/drama "Kareshi Kanouji no Jijou" ("His And Her Circumstances").

Episode Quotes
Terra: (To Beast Boy) Okay, you've got two minutes.
Beast Boy: Maybe you don't remember, but I do. You're my friend. You're a Teen Titan.
Terra: You're wrong.
Beast Boy: You don't belong here, Terra.
Terra: Stop calling me that.
Beast Boy: It's who you are.
Terra: What do you want from me?
Beast Boy: Why can't things just go back to the way they were? You were so happy then.
Terra: Things were never the way you remember. Leave me alone.
Beast Boy: (Hands her his communicator)Here. Take this. In case you're in trouble, in case you need me, you can call me any time.
Terra: I don't need it.
Beast Boy: But...
Terra: Time's up.
Beast Boy: Terra...
Terra: Things change, Beast Boy. The girl you want me to be is just a memory.
Robin: (Over communicator) Come in, Beast Boy. We need your help!
Beast Boy: Come with me.
Terra: You go. You're the Teen Titan. That's who you are. That's not me. I'm not a hero. I'm not out to save the world. I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period and I haven't studied.
(Bell rings; students come out in between the two; Terra walks away)
Beast Boy: Beast Boy to Robin. I'm on my way. Over.

Cultural References
In one fo the school scenes, one of the students can be seen carrying a "Vote For Pedro" sign, a reference to Napoleon Dynamite. Another referemce to the movie is a student who resembles Napoleon.

Episode References
There are several references to Irineo Maramba, who storyboarded the episode. The most notible is seen when he is arm-in-arm with a girl Beast Boy mistakes for Terra at the Pizza Place.

Another reference to Irineo Maramba is a sign in the hallway of the school that says "Irineo4Prez"

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