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Season 2

5 :02x01 - Sellout

When Beth Kittridge is employed by Marty Dollar to find a way to make Tek not addictive, she finds out that Marty is planning to lace the music players so he can sell them to customers. This would mean there will be millions of people addicted to Tek and he would then be the only supplier of the drug.
Guest Stars: Cynthia Belliveau as Trudy | Michael Caruana as Lyle Kribs | Barry Flatman as Marty Dollar | Belinda Metz as Sharmayne | Sean Roberge as Tommy | Torri Higginson as Beth Kittridge

6 :02x02 - Unknown Soldier

Jake gets help in a fight from Electra, an enhanced "X-Class" solider, and offers to get her a job at Cosmo. However, what Jake doesn't know, is that Electra is also an assassin who has Walter Bascom as her primary target.
Guest Stars: Joel Rinzler as Matthew | Brett Halsey as Frederick Braymar | Ernie Grunwald as Spaz | Dana Brooks as Shelley Grout | Peter Blais as Jonas | Jennifer Griffin as Electra Dutton

7 :02x03 - Tek Posse

When Jake joins up with John Grant and a group called the "Tek Posse", he finds out that their tactics are not entirely legal. Despite having the best tools, including a prototype of a mind prober, Jake begins to regret ever thinking of leaving Cosmos.
Guest Stars: Daniel Levinson as Carr | Ron Lea as John Grant | Rino Romano as Drieger | Alexander Innes as Bernheim | Kyrin Hall as Heller | Christopher Britton as Janus | Patrick McKenna as Falcon | Torri Higginson as Beth Kittridge | Michael Cram as Haldane

8 :02x04 - Promises to Keep

Tom Weston returns from the dead to reclaim his lost lover after going into hiding for making progress in the cure for the Tek addiction. Jake must make the ultimate sacrifice that could change everything.
Guest Stars: Richard Sali as Deekum | David Cubitt as Tom Weston | Patricia Gage as Eleanor LaFeare | Michael Fawkes as George Fennel | William B. Davis as Haskell | Torri Higginson as Beth Kittridge

9 :02x05 - Stay of Execution

Alec Seeger manages to take control of Weathercon by making threats and other demands. Jake is recruited to help Lianna, a former partner. As per her agreement, if Lianna does well, she will be able to have her sentence reduced. However, Jake wonders if her help is genuine or if she is hurting the search.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Dale as Lianna Cruz | William MacDonald as Alec Seeger | Gene Mack as Garth | Paul De La Rosa as Customs Man | Lawrence Nakamura as Hyoguchi | Bill Tarling as Dmitri | Damon D'Oliveira as Jackson Magrieve | Dana Brooks as Shelley Grout | Damir Andrei as Unknown

10 :02x06 - Alter Ego

After being arrested and imprisoned in a cryogenic state for years, Miles Connor, a former Tek Lord, has appeared. He wants revenge on those who put him away. This include Jake and Sid. When his body is found, Jake and Sid find disturbing answers to the many questions they have.
Guest Stars: Frank Crudele as Dallas Del Marco | Rob Wilson (3) as Mike Odessa | Tom McCamus as Miles Connor | Alan Jordan as Lane Tyler | Noam Jenkins as Temple Austin | Angela Fusco as Warden | Jill Frappier as Helen Sloan

11 :02x07 - Killer Instinct

A cop is killed by a teenage boy, who seems to be innocent and Jake and Sid help find the reason behind it. A new game the boy has been playing has been hacked into and they find out it is the reason for his behavior. The game motivates people to commit violent crimes. The virus is spreading and Jake must race to find the hacker before any more damage is done.
Guest Stars: Alan Murley as Rock Murphey | Camille James as Reporter | Sandy Crawley as Carl Eubank | Anita Laselva as Tanya Martin | Christian Campbell as Danny | James Millington as Harris Booth | Graham McPherson as Quinn | Colin McLean as Maroney | Hamish McEwan as Pilatti | James Bulliard as Luke Grey | Greg Morris as Hacker

12 :02x08 - Chill Factor

Before being taken for cryogenic freezing, Lowell injects himself with a virus which forces the system to halt the process. Because of the virus, the system begins to unfreeze the other prisoners as well. Lowell and the others manage to take control of the facility and take Jake hostage. However, due to the update, the system plans to kill those not frozen as part of a sterilization process. Jake must find a way to stop the system.
Guest Stars: Jovanni Sy as Fenton | Ralph Small as Ivan 'Iceman' Chang | Chris Owens (1) as Roy Henry | Jane Moffat as Protector | Jefferson Mappin as Alex 'Atlas' Maxwell | Julie Khaner as Warden Caruso | Angela Fusco as Warden | Gene Dinovi as Senator Murphy | Nicole de Boer as Tara James

13 :02x09 - Deadline

Lieutenant Winger, an android, is attacked and has his Cortical Relay Unit (CRU) stolen. Jake, his biggest adversary, is called in to help. He is told he has 18 hours to find it, otherwise he will shut down. Jake encounters numerous road blocks along the way to save Winger before the time runs out.
Guest Stars: Ronn Sarosiak as Denison | Donald Burda as Norris | Bob Zidel as Karl Zeidler | Robbie Rox as Redneck | Carl Marotte as Gerrald Rhodes | Brooke Johnson as Lucinda | Tim Burd as Holman | Bonnie Brooks as Brewster

14 :02x10 - Carlotta's Room

David Lane, a politician who falls in love with a computer generated prostitute named Carlotta, buys the program Carlotta is programmed by. However, it is a blackmail scheme. David is killed and Jake needs to find what happened to his friend to get to the bottom of everything.
Guest Stars: Ian White as Judge Harrison | Conrad Coates as Dr. Reingold | Bob Clout as Lloyd Parker | Greg Campbell as Lissete | Cheryl MacInnis as Honey Duran | Gary Krawford as David Lane | David Calderisi as Alessandro Rossi | Cali Timmins as Carlotta

15 :02x11 - Deep Cover

Sam Houston joins Jake as his new partner. Their first assignment is to gain access to the Del Amo organization. They find out that Cassandra and her brothers are now running the business and they have a mind reading device. After going through Mind Sculpting, a process where a new personality is placed in the old one, Sam is asked to break Michael out of jail and she becomes Cassandra's right hand woman. Sam's life is put into danger when the truth of her identity comes to light and Jake needs to come up with a plan to save them quickly.
Guest Stars: Vincent Corazza as Michael Del Amo | Michael Ray Rhodes as Ian Del Amo

16 :02x12 - Cyberhunt

Nika feels she is under-appreciated at Cosmos. When Nika hacks into cyberspace to find hidden bullion, she finds herself in trouble. Jake steps in to help her despite her legal issues and saves her from the bullion.
Guest Stars: Mung-Ling Tsui as Anya | Kay Tremblay as Mrs. Hastings | Fab Filippo as Fab | Richard Chevolleau as Wildside | Dana Brooks as Shelley Grout | Jeremy Ratchford as Logan | David Calderisi as Alessandro Rossi

17 :02x13 - Zero Tolerance

When Peter and Rachel, his sister, discover a potion which kills whoever has taken Tek, they team up with Jake to help their cause. He joins Peter and Rachel only to stop them from killing anyone with the potion.
Guest Stars: Deborah Rennard as Rachel | Peter Spence (2) as Peter

18 :02x14 - Forget Me Not

After Jake is beaten up in an alley, he suffers memory loss. However, he finds out his memories were taken, not forgotten. He races to collect his memories before he dies. Jake and Sam discover memories of prisoners were shared during the cryogenic state. It is later discovered that Lobo, an inmate, has Jake's memories to help him steal rock fuel.
Guest Stars: John Bourgeois as Hermano Lobo | Maurice Godin as Artie | Wendy Lyon as Jenny | Suzanne Coy as Dr. Kelly

19 :02x15 - The Gate

Danny and Peter, his friend, meet Tina who leads them to a party. However at the party, Peter uses a head set and disappears. Danny tries to find him, but is trapped in an alternate reality instead. Danny and Peter are unconscious in the real world. Jake finds out that the system is draining the minds of those trapped in the alternate world and races to find his friend and save him by getting them all out safely.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Max Nicholls as Frears | Hal Eisen as Eddie | Peter Millard (1) as Martin | Michael Gabriel as Peter | Kate Trotter as Dr. Golden | Christian Campbell as Danny | Tanya Allen as Tina

20 :02x16 - Skin Deep

Jake's former girlfriend, Sharon, comes to help solve a murder. However, it is revealed that Sharon is a double and that her husband killed the real Sharon. Jake is told Sharon's husband is a major distributor for Tek. Jake finds Sharon's body and finds out that her husband is the Police Commissioner. Jake asks for Sam's help when he is framed for Sharon's murder and they work to prove Jake is innocent.
Guest Stars: Ernie Grunwald as Spaz | Starr Andreeff as Sharon Neville | Geordie Johnson as Police Commissioner Bob Neville

21 :02x17 - Redemption

Jake is told to give Frank Avery, a candidate running for Mayor, security. Brackett, one of the Tek lords, is the biggest threat because of the fact that he hired Trask to destroy Avery''s campaign. Jake calls in Sam to help him protect the reputation Avery has built before voting ends.
Guest Stars: Lee Taylor (2) as Rebecca Swipe | Maryann Stevens as Clarissa Welles | Peter Blais as Jonas | Janet Bailey as Vivian Rogers | Derek Aasland as Greg | Tara Rosling as Gwen Avery | Peter Krantz as Kyle Brackett | Wayne Best as Adam Trask | Richard Comar as Frank Avery

22 :02x18 - Betrayal

There is a leak in Cosmos and Bascom hires some outside help to find who is behind it all. After the help is found murdered, Jake is branded the number one suspect in the murder.
Guest Stars: Philip Akin as Jeffrey Spader | Karl Pruner as Julian Lambert | Ernie Grunwald as Spaz | Melanie Shatner as Dr. Janet Blake
Warning: Tek War guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January, 1994
Ended: February, 1996
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