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Sarah now in police custody, still looks to protect her son. John, however, has other ideas and with Cameron and some old allies makes plans to free his mother. Weaver wants to meet John to understand his significance but Skynet has one last move to make that will change everybody's destiny.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x22
Production Number: 3T7322
Airdate: Friday April 10th, 2009

Special Guest Stars
Joshua MalinaJoshua Malina
As Agent Auldridge

Guest Stars
Jonathan JacksonJonathan Jackson
As Kyle Reese
Jonathan JacksonJonathan Jackson
As Kyle Reese
Carlos SanzCarlos Sanz
As Father Armando Bonilla
Shane EdelmanShane Edelman
As Matt Murch
Sabrina PerezSabrina Perez
As Chola
Sabrina PerezSabrina Perez
As Chola
Jeffrey PierceJeffrey Pierce
As Water Delivery Guy (T-888 Terminator)

Co-Guest Stars
Cooper HuckabeeCooper Huckabee
As Salesman
Cooper HuckabeeCooper Huckabee
As Salesman
Linden GohLinden Goh
As Fuller
Main Cast
Lena HeadeyLena Headey
As Sarah Connor
Lena HeadeyLena Headey
As Sarah Connor
Thomas DekkerThomas Dekker
As John Connor
Summer GlauSummer Glau
As Cameron Phillips
Brian Austin GreenBrian Austin Green
As Derek Reese
Brian Austin GreenBrian Austin Green
As Derek Reese
Garret DillahuntGarret Dillahunt
As Cromartie / John Henry
Garret DillahuntGarret Dillahunt
As Cromartie / John Henry
Shirley MansonShirley Manson
As Catherine Weaver
Richard T. JonesRichard T. Jones
As James Ellison
Richard T. JonesRichard T. Jones
As James Ellison


Sarah is in custody and being interrogated by Agent Auldridge. He knows about Miles Dyson and the explosion in the bank vault, as well as the incident at the Weaver estate. He wants Sarah's help to take John into custody safely, but Sarah insists John died in the bank...

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Episode Notes
Cameron has a shielded nuclear power source, with built in sensors to detect radiation leakage.

The drone that crashed into ZeiraCorp was last seen in episode 2x15, Desert Cantos.

Derek Reese, Kyle Reese, and Allison Young all died in the reality John came from, but are alive in the future he traveled to with Catherine Weaver.

The eel that Catherine kept in the aquarium was in fact part of her mimetic polyalloy and merged back into her after the drone attack. The DVD commentary mentioned this piece was kept separated as it was the "key" to the time travel device. It is unclear how John Henry was able to use the time travel device.

Episode Quotes
Agent Auldridge: I know you've been told this already, but as I am a measure twice, cut once kind of carpenter, I do want to re-iterate that you have the right to an attorney if you are so inclined, and if you are not so inclined, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. (Sarah sits silently) Not inclined. Fair enough and noted. So, here's where we come down on all this. Ten years ago, you murdered one Miles Dyson, employee of Cyberdyne. Long time gone, but the man's still dead, so we've got that. Eight years ago, you and your son and a high school friend of his blow up a bank vault and die in the explosion. Now, of course you're still alive, which is inconvenient for many, but the bank's still blown, so we've got that. More recently, and by that I mean Monday, you participated in a fire-fight, leaving five dead and kidnapping one Savannah Weaver, daughter of Catherine Weaver, and citizen of Scotland, making this an incident both federal and international. Two of the dead were off-duty law enforcement officers, and that usually gets you the needle. But, in that, I do digress.
Sarah: Agent Auldridge.
Agent Auldridge: Yeah.
Sarah: You're a funny boy.
Agent Auldridge: Well, that's what mom says.
Sarah: I never liked funny boys.
Agent Auldridge: I doubt they like you either, Ms. Connor. So there's two ways I can bring your son into custody. With your help or dead. Which do you think it should be?
Sarah: My son?
Agent Auldridge: Your son, John Connor.
Sarah: John is dead.
Agent Auldridge: I don't think so.
Sarah: He died in the bank.
Agent Auldridge: Oh, I don't think so. I don't think anyone died in the bank.
Sarah: Well, you're wrong.
Agent Auldridge: Sometimes, but not today. Not yet. Think about it.

James: They followed me to the movie theater. I didn't know, I swear. I just spent the last four hours convincing them that we weren't in this together.
Sarah: Maybe I should tell them we were. (to the security camera) Maybe we were in this together!
James: I just wanted the girl to be safe.
Sarah: So did I.
James: From whom?
Sarah: I don't know.
James: You don't know, or you can't say?
Sarah: I don't know, but if I did, I probably couldn't say.
James: They wanna know what you've been doing for the last ten years.
Sarah: What did you tell them?
James: I told them I have no idea what you've been doing. What else could I tell them? You could tell them. You can tell them everything you've been doing. You can draw them a picture of everything they know and everything you know. If you're innocent, you could do that.
Sarah: Last time I drew a picture, I ended up in a psych ward.
James: Everything's going to be different now. Maybe, you got nothing to lose.
Sarah: There's always something to lose.
James: I am sorry for this.
Sarah: Yeah, sure you are. (Ellison stands) Where's the girl?
James: Back with her mother. Where else would a child be?
Sarah: She's not safe. (to the security camera) She's not safe!

Sarah: Buenos dias, Father.
Father Armando Bonilla: Buenos dias.
Sarah: Do you remember me?
Father Armando Bonilla: You and your hid in my church. There was a problem with your daughter. At least, that is what you told me.
Sarah: Yeah. She's better now.
Father Armando Bonilla: Where is she?
Sarah: She's in hiding with my son. I don't know where.
Father Armando Bonilla: And they are wanted? You have included them in your crimes.
Sarah: Do you believe in the devil, Father?
Father Armando Bonilla: The devil?
Sarah: Do you believe in the actual devil?
Father Armando Bonilla: Something opposes God. Something tempts man into sin.
Sarah: I don't know about God or heaven, but I do believe that someone or something wants this world to burn. The devil, demons. I believe. And that day in the church, my saw things, didn't you?
Father Armando Bonilla: I pray, everyday, to understand what happened that day.
Sarah: I can explain it to you. I don't know if you'll believe me, but I can explain it to you. And after I'm done, I'm gonna ask you to do something for me. Will you do something for me?

James: It's a bad idea. I don't know what you think John knows.
Catherine: I know he was at my house when the attacker showed up. I want to know why. His mother thinks he's a messiah. I want to know why. And despite your reluctance to tell me, I surmise that he and his cyborg companion are connected to the John Henry body. And I want to know why. Yes, she's a cyborg. Don't pretend you didn't know.
James: She's dangerous.
Catherine: And you think I need protecting. That's sweet. But, don't ever lie to me again. Now, about John Connor.
James: I don't know how to find him.
Catherine: Well I do.

John: How much weight has she (Sarah) lost? You think she has cancer because she lost weight. So, how much weight has she lost?
Cameron: Eleven percent of her mass in the last six weeks.
John: She was healthy before you showed up. That's all I know. She was healthy.
Cameron: If my power source was leaking radiation, I would know. I have sensors for that.
John: Where are they?
Cameron: You can't see them.
John: No, of course not. I just have to trust you on it. Stuff does go wrong with you, doesn't it? Stuff breaks, you kill birds, you try to murder me. You're not perfect. You're a machine.

visual: John scrutinizes the fake passports closely.
Cameron: What's wrong? The ID's are flawless. (to Chola) They're flawless.
Chola: There's nothing else there. There's nothing hidden there. No secret message there for her escape. I am to tell you this from your mother. Leave this place. As soon as it is safe, leave this place. Do not think of her. Do not come for her. Leave. (to Cameron) You are to make sure that he does. (Chola stands) We lose everybody we love.
John: She said that?
Chola: No.

James: Let me repeat. I had nothing to do with your mother's arrest. If I had, there'd be a SWAT team outside your door right now.
John: Well, the same thing would happen to the SWAT team as happened to your last one.
James: Catherine Weaver would like to meet you.
John: Why?
James: She wants to thank you for saving Savannah.
John: Well, she just did.
James: Your mother wanted to meet her.
John: Well, when my mother gets out, trust me, she will.
James: I told Ms. Weaver you'll never come without your mom. She said, if that was the case, I'm supposed to ask one question. She says I supposed to ask you, (to Cameron) will you join us? She says she hopes you'll know what that means.
John: Do you know what that means?
Cameron: No, I don't. Please leave now, Mr. Ellison. I think you've said enough.
James: John...
Cameron: You've said enough, Mr. Ellison. I won't ask you again. (Ellison leaves) He upset you.
John: Me? I think he upset you.
Cameron: You know that's impossible.
John: Is it?
Cameron: You said it yourself, John. I'm just a machine.

Agent Auldridge: I believe you.
Sarah: You believe me what?
Agent Auldridge: I believe there are machines. I believe they've come back from the future to first kill you and then your son. I believe in time travel, I believe in cyborgs, I believe there's a world I've not yet seen, but you have. And John. In the last eight hours, I have received 37 calls from people who have met a young man named John Baum, or his sister Cameron, or Sarah Baum the mother. They now know her to be Sarah Connor. By all accounts, your son looks 16 and not 24, just as you look 35 and not 43. I believe you have participated in the miraculous and the terrible, and through it all, you have maintained a moral and good soul. I want to help you. I want to help your son. Help me do that.
Sarah: My son is dead.
Agent Auldridge: Do you know who Danny Dyson is?
Sarah: Miles Dyson's son.
Agent Auldridge: Do you know where he is?
Sarah: No. Why?
Agent Auldridge: He's been missing three months.

Sarah: You did what I asked?
Father Armando Bonilla: I did.
Sarah: And? Why are you here?
Father Armando Bonilla: They have a message for you. She's coming.
visual: Sirens start going off.
Father Armando Bonilla: I don't know what to do.
Sarah: You're a priest, pray.

John: I really wish we weren't here (Zeira Corp.) right now.
Sarah: Savannah could tell them we know about Cromartie.
John: John Henry now.
Sarah: Metal. If she tells them, they'll move it. Maybe they already have.
John: Well, we'll know soon enough. Mom, are you sick? Cameron thinks you're sick.
Sarah: She does?
John: You've lost weight.

John Henry: Hello.
Cameron: Hello.
John Henry: I know you.
Cameron: And I know you.
John Henry: Will you join us?
visual: Cameron pulls out her knife.

Catherine: So, why are we here?
Sarah: We need...
Catherine: Let me restate. We are here, first and foremost, so that I can thank you for your heroism regarding my daughter Savannah. She's the light of my life, and I'd be lost without her.
Sarah: And where is she?
Catherine: Let's assume school. We have a common enemy. One we cannot fight with conventional weapons or by conventional means.
Sarah: Kaliba? Don't presume to know Kaliba.
Catherine: I'm sorry. I wasn't speaking to you. (Looks at John) I was speaking to you. About Skynet. Savannah's told you about John Henry, I assume. Which is why your cyborg is skulking around my basement.

Catherine: The basement, Mr. Ellison. John Henry.
Sarah: We need to get out. They're trying to kill my son.
Catherine: No. They're trying to kill my son. Just like you are.
Sarah: I'm sure she's done it.
Catherine: You better hope not. Your John may save the world, but he can't do it without mine.

Derek: Stand down. Look in his eyes. He's got about as much metal in it as you do.
John: Derek...
Derek: Yeah?
John: John...John Connor.
Derek: I know a lot of people, kid. Don't know you. Anybody heard the name John Connor? Well...we know one. I think you're going to be famous. My brother's back and you're wearing his coat.
visual: John turns around to see Kyle Reese and Allison Young.

Cultural References
Mr. Murch and John Henry are playing a fantasy board game when John Henry kills the Umber Hulk.

The Umber Hulk is part of Dungeons & Dragons, a popular board game.

Episode References
Agent Auldridge: Eight years ago, you and your son and a high school friend of his blow up a bank vault and die in the explosion.

In episode 1x01, Pilot, Sarah, John and Cameron escape Terminator Cromartie by building a time travel device from parts hidden inside safe deposit boxes in a bank vault.

Sarah: Do you remember me?
Father Armando Bonilla: You and your hid in my church. There was a problem with your daughter. At least, that is what you told me.

In episode 2x01, Samson & Delilah, Sarah and John hide from a malfunctioning Cameron in Father Bonilla's church.

John: (to James Ellison) Well, the same thing would happen to the SWAT team as happened to your last one.

In episode 1x09, What He Beheld, then FBI agent Ellison led a team to capture Terminator Cromartie in the identity of George Laszlo, but Cromartie slaughtered the entire team except for Ellison.

It is possible that Catherine Weaver is the same T1001 that was aboard the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter. Catherine asked the same question of Cameron that John Connor asked the T1001 in the future.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerAndrew Vajna  |  Mario Kassar  |  James Middleton  |  Josh Friedman (1)
Co-Executive ProducerToni Graphia  |  Natalie Chaidez
Co-ProducerJessie Ward Dugan  |  Zack Stentz  |  Hilton Smith
Production DesignerMarek Dobrowolski
EditorHeather MacDougall
CastingGayle Pillsbury  |  Bonnie Zane
Unit Production ManagerHilton Smith
Second Assistant DirectorDan Lazarovits
MusicBear McCreary
Music EditorMichael Baber
Costume DesignerAmanda Friedland
HairstylistKetty Gonzalez
Set DecoratorRyan Welsch
Property MasterScott A. Buckwald
Post Production SupervisorChristopher J. Ray
Supervising Sound EditorJon Mete
Re-Recording MixerDan Hiland  |  Gary D. Rogers
Director of PhotographyStephen Collins (2)
Stunt CoordinatorJoel Kramer
Art DirectorMatthew C. Jacobs
Sound MixerRichard Mercado
Special Makeup Effects ArtistRobert Hall (1)
Visual Effects SupervisorJames Lima
Special Effects SupervisorSteve Galich
Original CastingLisa Beach
Visual EffectsEntity Fx
Second Unit DirectorJoel Kramer
Based On Characters Created ByJames Cameron  |  Gail Anne Hurd
Makeup ArtistHarriette Landau
DeveloperJosh Friedman (1)
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