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Derek Reese struggles to survive his wounds, and dreams of the events that brought him to this place. Charley is brought in to help Derek, and earns an explanation of events from Sarah.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x6
Production Number: 3T6858
Airdate: Monday February 18th, 2008

Alternate Airdates:

UK (channel one) Mar 27, 2008
Finland Dec 15, 2008
NL (Veronica) Aug 27, 2009

Guest Stars
Andre RoyoAndre Royo
As Sumner
Brendan HinesBrendan Hines
As Andy Goode
Brian Austin GreenBrian Austin Green
As Derek Reese
Dean WintersDean Winters
As Charley Dixon
Edoardo BalleriniEdoardo Ballerini
As Timms
Jonathan JacksonJonathan Jackson
As Kyle Reese
Jonathan SadowskiJonathan Sadowski
As Sayles
Matt McColmMatt McColm
As Vick Chamberlain
Peter MensahPeter Mensah
As Perry
Main Cast
Lena HeadeyLena Headey
As Sarah Connor
Thomas DekkerThomas Dekker
As John Connor
Summer GlauSummer Glau
As Cameron Phillips
Richard T. JonesRichard T. Jones
As James Ellison


The episode begins with Charley working on Derek Reese, who has been shot in the chest. Charley gives Derek a sedative so he can remove the bullet, which causes him to dream of a memory of the past with his brother Kyle on patrol in the resistance. Derek, Kyle and their patrol have been captured by a Terminator and are being transported somewhere in a truck...

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Episode Notes
Derek Reese's full name and rank is: 1LT Derek Thomas Reese, 132nd S.O.C., Operational Specialty: Tech Comm.

Kyle Reese: Imprisoned at Century Sector Work Camp with John Connor, 2015. Escaped with John Connor, 2021. Officially declared MIA in 2027.

Thermite burns at 2500 degrees Celsius, and can be used to liquefy the endoskeleton of a Terminator.

Episode Quotes
Charley Dixon: So. Skynet. Robots. From the future. (indicates Cameron) And you're a...
Cameron: Yes, I'm a...
Sarah: You need a...
Charley Dixon: minute?
Sarah: I was going to say a drink.
Charley Dixon: Oh. Yeah. That too.

Charley Dixon: So who's Kyle? He from the future too? Hmm? He come back before? And... he's John's father.
Sarah: Yes. They're brothers. He doesn't know.
Charley Dixon: So when you used to say John's father was dead...
Sarah: He is.
Charley Dixon: It was because of all... all this? (Sarah looks away) Hey... we never had a chance.

Charley: You know, little girl? You freak me the hell out. On the outside, you're just as pretty as a picture. But on the inside, you're a...
Cameron: Hyper-alloy combat chassis.
Charley: Is that a complicated way of saying "robot"?
Cameron: Cybernetic organism. Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.
Charley: Okay. Scary robot. And here you are, carving up this guy into chum.
Cameron: He's not a guy. He's a scary robot.
Charley: Okay, he's a scary robot? You, are a very scary robot.

Sarah: What did you say to Charly?
Cameron: I freak him the hell out.
Sarah: I'll bet you do. I'll just bet. I know what you're thinking. I may not know how you think, but I know what you're thinking about. And what you're thinking about right now is exactly what you should not think about. I didn't leave Charley because he was a threat to me or John. We're a threat to him, do you understand?
Cameron: You were right to leave him.
Sarah: You don't go near him. You don't touch him. You swear to me you'll leave him alone, or so help me, I'll find a way of taking you apart piece by piece.
Cameron: I swear.
Sarah: So do I. (looks at the Thermite pit) That thing's done, right? It's vapor.
Cameron: One missing component. His left hand. I'll find it.
Sarah: Everything needs to be destroyed. Everything.
Cameron: Everything.
Sarah: Every last bolt. Get it done.
Cameron: I swear. (waits for Sarah to leave, then pockets Vick's chips)

Episode Goofs
John cannot be of blood type AB if his mother is O as stated in the episode, he can only be A, B or O depending on his fathers genotype. Also his mother should be able to donate since O is the universal donor and they are both Rh negative.

In another blood type related goof, why does Cameron know Sarah's blood type and not John's? Her mission was specifically to protect John, so she should have all his medical information.

Cultural References
Charley tells Sarah "There's a storm coming", the same line told to Sarah at the end of the first movie, The Terminator.

Episode References
At the end of the episode in Derek's flashback, we see that he is the one who killed Andy Goode, who dies in episode 1x05, Queen's Gambit.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerAndrew Vajna  |  Josh Friedman (1)  |  John Wirth  |  Joel Michaels  |  Mario Kassar
Co-Executive ProducerToni Graphia
ProducerJill Lopez Danton  |  John Enbom
Consulting ProducerNatalie Chaidez  |  James Middleton
Associate ProducerAaron Miller (1)
Production DesignerMichael Novotny
EditorPaul Karasick
CastingGayle Pillsbury  |  Bonnie Zane
Unit Production ManagerHilton Smith
First Assistant DirectorNina Jack
Second Assistant DirectorAdam Ben Frank
MusicBear McCreary
Music EditorMichael Baber
Costume DesignerAmanda Friedland
HairstylistJosée Normand
Set DecoratorBryan Thetford
Property MasterScott A. Buckwald
Re-Recording MixerPeter Sullivan (3)  |  Rick Norman
Director of PhotographyStephen Collins (2)
Stunt CoordinatorJoel Kramer
Sound MixerCharles Kelly
Executive Story EditorZack Stentz  |  Ashley Edward Miller
Special Makeup Effects ArtistRobert Hall (1)
Visual Effects SupervisorJames Lima
Transportation CaptainRod Bearden
Special Effects SupervisorSteve Galich
Original CastingLisa Beach  |  Sarah Katzman
Based On Characters Created ByGail Anne Hurd  |  James Cameron
Makeup ArtistHarriette Landau
DeveloperJosh Friedman (1)
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